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Tang You You ignored her unpleasant words, squatted down, and carefully opened the bag.

"What about the gold jade? You took it? " Tang You You checked once again and found that there was one thing missing, it was something that she had seen before. Her mother would often place the jade around her neck, saying that it was meant to be given to her when she grew up.

Tang Xue Rou actually knew where the jade was going, but she didn't say it out loud, as she wanted to make Tang You You feel sad and miserable.

"You want me to go abroad? Return me money? How could you be so kind? " Tang You You did not believe that this woman had discovered his kindness and wanted to treat her as though she was his little sister.

"Don't ask, just say if you agree or not. If you agree, I'll immediately go look for it and have someone send you some money right away …" Tang Xue Rou's face changed, and her tone became anxious as she asked.

Tang You You laughed coldly: "And if I don't agree?"

If you don't agree, then you will never be able to get back that piece of jade. Furthermore, I can tell you this for sure, as long as I stop you, you won't even be able to get a decent job in the country. Tang Xue Rou threatened in an extremely cruel and merciless manner.

Tang You You froze, she did not expect Tang Xue Rou to be so vicious, to actually want to force her into such a state.

Actually, Tang You You had already guessed a little of what Tang Xue Rou was planning.

"Is it related to Ji Xiao Han?" Tang You You had to ask clearly.

Tang Xue Rou's scalp went numb, and she looked like she had been beaten up. She was unhappy in every place, and she said coldly: "What does it have to do with him? I just don't want to see you. I hate you. "

"Tang Xue Rou, why do you have such achievements today? Or … Who did you rely on? He was the one who brought you to your current position. " Tang You You laughed sarcastically.

Every word she said, was like a knife, slicing through Tang Xue Rou's weak nerves.

Her hands and feet were cold, her heart was pounding, her eyes were staring straight at Tang You You, she could not believe that she had actually guessed the relationship between the two of them.

Seeing that she did not speak, Tang You You's face swelled green and white, he knew that his guess was right.

The rumors said that you are Ji Xiao Han's girlfriend, and that he contributed a lot to make you his Big Star. Just now in the dining hall, Ji Xiao Han said that he wanted me to go to his private room to drink with him, so you turned anxious and said that he wanted to return my mother's things to me. Tang Xue Rou, are you afraid? Tang You You crossed his arms in front of his chest, looking calm and composed, but every one of her words caused Tang Xue Rou's face to turn even paler.

"Tang You You, who do you think you are? Do you really think that the Quarterly would take a fancy to your ordinary posture? What am I afraid of? Right now, I am the most popular Female Celebrity, my ability to earn money can already compare to a money printing machine. I have money and am beautiful, what kind of man do I want? That's right, Ji Xiao Han is indeed a very perfect man, but I believe that the moment I use my fingers, he will still look at me in a new light. " When Tang Xue Rou spoke, she deliberately lifted her chin, proving that every word she said was very confident.

Tang You You frowned, and then sneered: "Really? When Ji Xiao Han went downstairs just now, if I didn't see wrongly, he seemed to … He didn't even look at you. Isn't he your financial backer? Why is he so cold to you? "

Tang You You was simply sprinkling salt on Tang Xue Rou's wound, it was so painful that her face was twisted. She roared furiously, "Tang You You, what exactly do you want to say?

However, Tang You You's aura was even more imposing than hers, and she said coldly: "If you don't return what belongs to me, I won't let you live an easy life."

When Tang Xue Rou heard these words, her aura immediately dissipated, and she immediately pretended to be wronged and helpless: "You Long, we are at least half sisters now, can't you help me?"

"Tang Xue Rou, I am not your sister, and you have never treated me as your sister either. At this point, stop putting on an act, your pitiful and wronged face will only make me want to puke in front of the fans who are praising you. I don't understand why you did not return the gold-inlaid jade that my mother left me. Tang You You really couldn't understand, she felt that Tang Xue Rou was purposely not giving it to her, her thoughts were too vicious.

"I'll be honest with you. I'll give you the jade pendant!" Tang Xue Rou suddenly said.

"Who did you give it to?" Tang You You was instantly enraged.

"I'm not telling you, but anyway …" That jade pendant might not be able to be retrieved in the future, so I'll compensate you with money. How much is it? Tang Xue Rou said righteously.

"Do you think it's amazing that you're rich? That's something my mother left for me, how can you just give it away like that?" Tang You You was about to explode.

"You left the country five years ago. I thought you didn't want these trash anymore, but now my friend likes them. So what if he gives them away?" It's not worth a lot of money. " Tang Xue Rou said with disdain.

"Tang Xue Rou, you are going too far. Let me warn you, immediately take back my jade pendant, if not, I will go outside to ruin your reputation." Tang You You was very angry.


"Bad on my reputation? With just you? " Tang Xue Rou felt that he was being too serious, "You know that I have a lot of reporters who like to create trouble from nothing, if you want to ruin my reputation, I'm afraid that I will make you suffer even more from the scoldings."

"Oh, you're really not going to return what I gave you, are you?" Tang You You knew that he was weaker in comparison to Tang Xue Rou who was currently in Big Star.

"That's right!" Tang Xue Rou looked proud.

"Alright, then I can only go find Ji Xiao Han, and I must tell him, the person who slept with him five years ago was me … and not you, Tang Xue Rou. " The moment Tang You You said those words, the weight of those words nearly pushed Tang Xue Rou off his feet.

When Tang You You went to Ji Xiao Han's villa last time, he talked about Tang Xue Rou's situation with his. Tang You You's mind was also bright, she suspected that Ji Xiao Han had something to do with Tang Xue Rou, and it was definitely an inside story. But now, Tang Xue Rou was so afraid that she would see Ji Xiao Han and be chased out of the country.

Earlier, she had only said those words because she had been provoked by Tang Xue Rou.

Unexpectedly, Tang Xue Rou directly sat down on the sofa with a limp. The expression on her face was as pale as a ghost's.

Seeing her expression, Tang You You knew that he had pointed to her weak point.

Therefore, she continued to speak with her own speculation: "The reason why Ji Xiao Han left no effort to praise you is definitely not because you are prettier than others. There are many women in the entertainment circle who are prettier than you, but why is it because you are the one who is favored by him? Besides, you've been out of the country about the same time as I did five years ago, and it makes me think of what happened that night. "

"Tang You You, don't speak nonsense here, how do you know that Ji Xiao Han and I haven't slept together? Didn't you get knocked out by my mother five years ago? How do you know it's Ji Xiao Han who's sleeping with you? " After Tang Xue Rou was completely shocked, she slowly calmed down.

Tang You You curled her lips: "When I was halfway done, I woke up and saw his face. Moreover, before he left, he left behind a watch and a suit jacket, why did he leave behind these things? I think he must have had some other purpose, perhaps to thank me for saving him that night. "

"Why does he want you to save him? How ridiculous! It's getting more and more polite as you talk about it! " Tang Xue Rou didn't want to admit it even if she was beaten to death. That night, the woman that Ji Xiao Han slept with was Tang You You, she really hoped that it was herself.

"Because I felt that Ji Xiao Han was not right, he might have been drugged …" When she woke up, he only saw the man's wrist.w.a.tch and the suit jacket. She had taken that wrist.w.a.tch, and it was quite expensive, but it was definitely not something that could be bought from the market, so it was obvious how rich a man who could wear that watch could be. Of course, she no longer needed to doubt him, as the child was almost four years old, and Ji Xiao Han had personally tested his DNA, so the child was his.

Tang Xue Rou finally understood why Ji Xiao Han had slept with Tang You You five years ago. He had actually slept with her while his consciousness was still unclear.

How could her life be so good? He had been beaten half his life away, but he was still able to be slept in by a perfect and outstanding man like Ji Xiao Han.

Tang Xue Rou was so angry that she clenched her fists tightly: "Tang You You, what exactly do you want?"

"Return the jade to me, give me another fifty million, and I'll go abroad. I definitely won't have any contact with you or Ji Xiao Han anymore." Tang You You actually also had her own plans and considerations.

She didn't expect that the day after returning home, her own father would come knocking on her door, and now he still wanted to take away her child. Of course, she had to think of a way to quickly leave.

"You … Is that true? Will you really go abroad at once? I only need to give you fifty million, and I just need to return you that piece of jade? " Tang Xue Rou thought that Tang You You would definitely go and tell Ji Xiao Han the truth. She was scared to death, but Tang You You's words still shocked her.

Of course Tang You You wanted to go abroad. As long as she had the money to raise two children, she would really wish that she could never come back again in her life.

"Yes, I will immediately go abroad and never disturb the good things between you and Ji Xiao Han." As a woman's intuition, Tang You You loved Ji Xiao Han so much.

When they were at the dining hall, her actions made it seem as if she was looking at Ji Xiao Han, causing Tang You You to suddenly feel pity.

Ji Xiao Han obviously did not respond to her feelings, she was only singing a one-man show.

"Tang You You, don't lie to me, just now you have also seen how perfect and outstanding Ji Xiao Han is, I don't believe that, as a woman, you can resist his charm. "Tell me honestly, are you trying to cheat me of my money?" Tang Xue Rou truly could not believe that Tang You You had turned a blind eye to his charisma.

Tang You You curled his lower lip, and said with ridicule and disdain: "Tang Xue Rou, do I have to like the man you like? Ji Xiao Han looks very average, I didn't realize how attractive he was, and even gave me a cold look, I don't want it. "

This was the first time Tang Xue Rou had heard someone give such a terrible evaluation of him. She was extremely shocked.

Suddenly, he wondered if Tang You You's brain was flooded.

"Are these really your own words? Don't talk about it, and think about her secretly. If I find out that you took my money and have all sorts of opportunities to hook up with him, I won't let you go. " Tang Xue Rou looked at Tang You You's serious and determined expression, and could only believe her words, but she was still a little suspicious. According to her knowledge, all the things around her that were strange to her, would cause her eyes to light up when she saw Ji Xiao Han.

Tang You You sneered with a face full of arrogance: "Don't worry, I don't want to see this man ever again in my entire life, I hate him."

Tang Xue Rou was stunned yet again.

"Why do you hate him?" Tang Xue Rou was getting more and more curious. As long as Tang You You did not fight with him over Ji Xiao Han, her hostility towards her would be reduced by a lot.

"No reason. Just because he hurt me five years ago, I, as a person, hate evil as if it were an enmity. I will never forgive anyone who wants to hurt me in this life." Tang You You's beautiful eyes were filled with resentment as she spoke with indignation.

"You think being slept in by Ji Xiao Han is a very disadvantageous thing? Tang You You, I realised that you are really a little ridiculous, do you know how many women want Ji Xiao Han to sleep with them? " If what Tang You You said was all in her heart, Tang Xue Rou would actually admire her a little.