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The sun is shining at noon. In the late spring and early summer, even the breeze seems to have a lazy breath. Lu has brought all the relevant materials with him and booked a place in a restaurant he usually likes to eat.

In the past, when he had a meal, he was accompanied by a broker and an assistant. But now, he went into the box alone, took off his mask, and Lu xuanchen followed the information, and then waited for Mao Rongrong to come.

This wait, more than half an hour passed, Lu xuanchen frowned, this Mao Rongrong is not very punctual? How do you like to be late? When Lu xuanchen was a little anxious, the door opened, and Mao Rongrong hurried in, with an apologetic expression: "I'm sorry for the traffic jam on the way." Lu

xuanchen heard that this was the reason. His lips were thin and slightly raised, and he laughed: "it's OK, I'm just here. Lawyer Mao, you seem to be very busy every day. Won't you reduce the workload properly?" "

I can cope with this rhythm!" Mao Rongrong pulled out his chair and sat down. Lu xuanchen immediately handed over a glass of water. She took two drinks and asked, "have you brought all your information? Let me see. "

"Let's eat first. You can take the information back to see later. It's a little bit faster. Aren't you hungry?" Lu xuanchen said, he took the menu and went to the waiter, so that she could serve. Rong Rong was still a little hungry. He got up early this morning and ate only one loaf of bread in a hurry. Lu

xuanchen sits back to his position. Suddenly, there is no topic to talk between the two people, and the atmosphere becomes inexplicably dull.

Mao Rongrong is not a woman who will come. If it comes to her professional work, she can talk about it all the time, but once it comes to something she is not familiar with, she suddenly becomes very quiet. Lu

xuanchen is a little more brave. He looks at Mao Rongrong. Today, she put on her glasses again, covering her big beautiful eyes. "

in fact, I think you look better when you don't wear eyes, which is more feminine." Lu xuanchen suddenly said with a smile. Mao

Rongrong was stunned, unconsciously pushed the mirror frame and gave a dry smile: "is that right? But I need to wear glasses most of the time to be convenient. Contact lenses are only occasionally worn! "

"You don't have a boyfriend yet!" Lu xuanchen suddenly asked a sensitive topic.

Mao Rongrong nodded honestly: "yes, no!"

"Why? I think there should be a lot of pursuers for a professional and capable woman like you. " Lu xuanchen really feels that Mao Rongrong has a unique female charm when he works hard, which should be very attractive to men. "

you flatter me too much. I spend all my time on work. Which man will like my workaholic?" Mao Rongrong's white face is slightly red.

To tell you the truth, there is really no man like Lu xuanchen who can talk with her calmly about her feelings. What impressed her most was a woman who lost the lawsuit. She pointed at her face and scolded her. She said that no man would really like her in her life. She also said that she would be so lonely and old. At that time, her heart was really pricked like a needle.

Later, she tried to have a meal with a man who showed his affection for her, but the other side always said something that didn't interest her, and finally it didn't end.

Seeing her blush, Lu xuanchen held her thin lips and said with great interest, "I like to treat women who are serious and responsible for their work."

Mao rongmeng raised his head, and the beautiful eyes under the lenses slightly widened.

Lu xuanchen immediately felt that his words seemed to be too direct. He gave a dry smile and said, "don't get me wrong. I didn't mean to interest you. I mean it. I personally like this kind of woman." "

yes? I thought you liked that beautiful young girl. " Looking at Lu xuanchen's appearance, Mao Rongrong instinctively feels that what he likes is a beautiful girl. Because

is, he can use beauty to describe himself.

"Although my appearance seems good, but I have an old heart. The fortune teller said that I am born lonely. Only when I meet someone who is as lonely as me, can I end this life style." Lu xuanchen didn't lie to deceive people. He did count his life. Moreover, he always thought that the same lonely person as himself was Tang youyou. When she was in the Tang family, she was also the lifeblood of no one's pain. She was very lonely.

Hearing the words of loneliness, Mao Rongrong's heart trembled slightly.

She quickly took a drink of water and laughed: "I can't see. By the way, you said that you bought the land for the woman you like. Where is she? If you didn't buy the land, would she be disappointed? " "

she has been married, has children, and lives happily. I don't think she will be disappointed, because I am persistent in this wish, and she doesn't know it." Lu xuanchen's expression flashed through sadness and self mockery. Rong Rong was surprised: "didn't you buy my land to marry her?" "

of course not. My feelings for her are very complicated. I didn't think that I could really marry her. Now, she married a man she likes. All I can do is not to disturb her and bless her." Lu xuanchen smiled bitterly. Rong Rong was still surprised to see him. For a long time, she sighed, "I didn't expect you to be such a man of love and justice." "

otherwise, what kind of person do you think I will be?" Lu xuanchen asked curiously. "

I don't think you are different from the current idols. You are handsome, cool and pretentious!" Mao Rongrong cheers twice.

"Are you too busy to pay attention to entertainment news? If you will have a look, you will find that I have no gossip at all. I have come to this day only by my own efforts and persistence! " Lu doesn't want to be side by side with those idol stars who only play cool, retorts quietly.

"I really don't have much time to pay attention to entertainment news. If you don't come to me to buy the land, and we don't know each other, my impression of idol male stars really only stays in that kind of screen sense." Mao Rongrong smiled and changed his view of Lu xuanchen. "

you are the second woman who doesn't take me seriously. She is the first!" Lu xuanchen doesn't hide the fact that he once had a good feeling for Tang Youyou, because, in his mind, everything is still based on reality.

Mao Rongrong was slightly surprised and asked curiously: "can I see what the woman you like looks like? It must be a great beauty. "

Lu xuanchen nodded, but opened the mobile phone gracefully and showed her Tang youyou's picture.