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Bai Yiyan's heart began to get upset. She felt that she had made a wrong decision before. She always thought that she wanted to give aunt more time to think about it. But when she lost her value, it was the biggest danger she faced.

Ji Yueze drove several traffic lights and found that the women around him were very quiet. He picked up his eyebrows and asked in a low voice, "what are you thinking?"

Bai Yiyan tried to talk about this topic several times, but she felt that it was difficult for her. She could not say that because she was worried about the safety of her aunt, she wanted to ask him for help to continue to find it.

It's really hard for her to say that.

"Nothing!" Bai Yiyan didn't mention a word at last.

Arriving at the restaurant, this is the private kitchen that Ji Yueze brought her here before. The owner's wife is as enthusiastic as ever. But when she sees Bai Yiyan following Ji Yueze, she is stunned.

"Didn't you break up?" The boss's wife is a straight person, so she asked directly.

Bai Yiyan's pretty face is a little hot, and her beautiful eyes secretly look at the men around her.

Ji Yueze said lazily: "we are now sweet and happy!"

The landlady immediately laughed: "I understand!"

Bai Yiyan is more embarrassed. What does the boss know?

Ji Yueze didn't explain any more, just asked the owner's wife to quickly put his favorite dishes on the table.

In the elegant box, Bai Yiyan takes off her coat. The air conditioner is on and the lights outside the window are connected. The scenery is charming. Ji Yueze also put his coat on the back of the chair, wearing a gray turtleneck sweater and a fashionable Plaid trousers. If a man changes his collocation, he will not be able to control it. He can wear it on Ji Yueze's body, but it seems just right, showing his young and handsome temperament.

Bai Yiyan doesn't remember how many times she was amazed by this man, but every time she saw him, she could always experience the first love like heart movement.

Ji Yueze's eyebrows and eyes are very beautiful, which can even be described as beauty. The eyes are very dark, and the thick eyelashes on that day can be easily lifted to bewitch people.

Bai Yiyan sinks deeper and deeper.

When Ji Yueze saw her staring at herself, he picked up one side of her eyebrow with a little pride: "Bai Yiyan, what are you looking at?"

Bai Yiyan immediately shakes, only to find that she is staring at others again.

"I wonder if this will be another trap you torment me." Bai Yiyan asked jokingly with a wry smile.

Ji Yueze's dark eyes, slightly sluggish: "do you think I fight for you and hurt you, and I'm playing a bitter meat plan?"

"No, to deal with me, you don't need to use bitter meat to move me. You just need to use beauty to confuse me. I'm sure I'm cheated!" Bai Yiyan smiled again. This time, she was happy.

"Beauty plan?" Ji Yueze felt insulted by these three words, and Jun's face darkened.

Bai Yiyan then found that she seemed to touch the taboo topic of men. She quickly corrected: "I'm joking. Don't mind."

Ji Yueze's face turned black, and he said lazily, "did you see those people's boring hype on the Internet?"

Bai Yiyan was shocked for a moment, then blinked: "what speculation?"

"Didn't some boring people match me up with another male star? Besides, put me in the role of the recipient. " Ji Yueze seems not satisfied with this.

Bai Yiyan's pretty face froze suddenly. She really saw many such topics on the Internet, but she never mind.

Did he inadvertently stimulate the fragile nerve of this man when he just said the beauty scheme?

"Well, I didn't mean to. Are you angry?" Bai Yiyan is absolutely clear that what Ji Yueze likes is definitely not a man, so she apologizes in a low voice.

Ji Yueze took a long leg, stepped in front of her, deep eyes coagulated her: "I'm not angry, you like me!"

"I Of course I like you! " Cried Bai Yiyan in a low voice.

Ji Yueze slightly twisted his eyebrows and said to himself, "I am the one who deceives me the most!"

Bai Yiyan did not understand the meaning of this sentence. Mei Mou raised her eyes and looked at him in amazement.

"My eldest brother is right. I have a different feeling for you!" Ji Yueze seemed to realize this. When he said it, he was reluctant to bite his teeth.

Bai Yiyan's heart is thumping. Does this man like himself to upset him?

"If you think we're not a good match, I I...... " Bai Yiyan stutters, but she can't talk about breaking up again, because one time is enough to hit people.

"What are you?" Ji Yueze narrowed his eyes, and the danger crossed them.

If the woman broke up again, he promised to throw her out of here.

"I don't know what to do either?" Bai Yiyan finally shrugs her shoulders with a helpless expression.

Ji Yueze snorted: "why don't you bow to me for a few words? If you ask me to love you, maybe I will love you very much! "

Bai Yiyan was stunned. Then, she smiled bitterly: "it's not sweet to make a strong decision, and the love you ask won't be happy."

Ji Yueze: "..."

As if it were true.

The delicious dinner was delivered, and both of them sat down. They were very hungry, so there was not much image to eat. Bai Yiyan, as if she had been hungry for hundreds of years, had been eating like a fool.

Ji Yueze grew up in a superior environment, which made him slow and orderly, so even if he was hungry, he ate elegantly.

Just when the atmosphere of the two people was in perfect harmony, a message pushed by mobile phone made Ji Yueze take time to pay attention to it.

I didn't plan to see it, but he seemed to see Bai Yiyan's name on it.

He directly took it up and carefully read the message, then threw her cell phone in front of Bai Yiyan: "what's the matter? Do you want to change your agent? "

Bai Yiyan is eating with great relish. Suddenly, she is shocked by the cell phone he threw at her.

Hearing his question, she quickly picked up her mobile phone and read the whole message.

"Where did this come from? When did I promise to sign with their company? " Bai Yiyan is also a blank expression.

"Doesn't it say that you have promised it yourself?" Ji Yueze looks dark.

Bai Yiyan thought carefully, and found that the name of the company above was familiar to her. Isn't it the company of her classmate Xu Wei?

No, isn't it because Xu Wei came to find her that day? Bai Yiyan's head is buzzing.