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C1354 someone's upset

LAN Yanxi stood stunned. For a while, she didn't know whether to sit down, but Cheng Yuan was secretly happy for her. Unexpectedly, everyone was so humble and gave LAN Yanxi to the vice president.

LAN Yanxi finally sat in the seat, and immediately someone gave her a sympathetic look.

A new person, who doesn't understand anything, is concerned by the vice president for a few moments, and doesn't know if she has the courage to answer.

In this group of people, Qiao Zhuo's eyes seem to be drooping, but he thinks of another thing in his heart.

He wanted to see if Ling Mo Feng would interact with LAN Yanxi's boyfriend and girlfriend when he came. He was here to see how they could act.

Seeing LAN Yanxi's smile from time to time, Cheng Yuan quickly turned to her side and whispered a warning in her ear: "Yanxi, Qiao Zhuo has been staring at this side. You should be careful later. Don't let him find out your relationship with your husband!"

LAN Yanxi listens to Cheng Yuan's words, the smile on the corner of her mouth is stiff, and she takes a glance at Qiao Zhuo from the corner of her eyes. As expected, Qiao Zhuo stares at her without blinking, and she is instantly disgusted.

There is no end to this JOJO. Isn't her refusal obvious enough? Why does he always feel that he has a chance?

More than ten minutes later, the gate of the box opened on both sides, and Ling Mo Feng and his team came in. Qiao Zhuo suddenly saw a familiar figure. It was Zhang Lu. He even came with him. Qiao Zhuo felt more confident.

Lingmo Feng only brought three people here today, two of them are his adjutants, and the other one is Zhang Lu. He is the emissary who accompanied him this time. Naturally, he will come to dinner together.

On the surface, Zhang Lu is very respectful and polite to Ling Mo Feng, which makes people not see his two-sided style.

As soon as Zhang Lu came in, he took a look at Qiao Zhuo. Qiao Zhuo's mood of loss seemed to be saved and full of fighting power.

When Ling Mo Feng came in, he didn't look at anyone. He was accompanied by two adjutants and sat on the absolute principal position. Zhang Lu sat on his side with a smile.

"Don't be nervous. It's just a meal. It's a happy thing to be able to eat with your compatriots in a foreign country!" Ling Mo Feng sat down and talked with a friendly smile.

We all know that Mr. vice president is modest and has a mild temper. In addition, his age is similar to that of some people here, which inevitably leads to a lack of a sense of oppression and a slight relaxation of our nerves.

LAN Yanxi was waiting for Ling Mo Feng to meet her. But Cheng Yuan's warning made her straighten her nerves and sit still. Even her eyes didn't drift to Ling Mo Feng.

Zhang Lu is good at social activities. Ling Mo Feng has already made a statement. Zhang Lu said to the group with a smile, "Mr. vice president is a very easygoing person. You can talk freely without restraint. You can talk to Mr. vice president about any work."

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips slightly pursed. Finally, his eyes couldn't help but look at LAN Yanxi, who was separated by a position on her side. How could this little woman sit like a sculpture and move? She didn't even take a drink of water. Her eyes were drooping and looked at the dishes on the table. She couldn't concentrate.

Although Ling Mo Feng has excellent patience, at this moment, his beloved woman doesn't even give him a straight eye. The man is still worried.

"Cough..." Ling Mo Feng coughs deliberately, intending to hint LAN Yanxi.

LAN Yanxi really understood his meaning and looked at him. Unfortunately, there was no extra emotional color in her big shiny black eyes. She swept his face lightly and then took it back.

Ling Mo Feng's heart is in a state of chaos. This little woman is very good today. She can act better than him.

Ling Mo Feng can see that lanyanxi really doesn't want to show any intimacy with him. He is really upset. At this moment, he wants to eliminate all the people who block their love.

LAN Yanxi took a look at him and saw his concern for her from the man's eyes. She kept laughing in her heart. She didn't know what her mood was like when she pretended to be so cold.

However, I believe that he can understand himself, otherwise, he will not be so tacit to her cold light.

Zhang Lu starts to initiate some conversations, and several departments have put forward some very useful suggestions. Zhang Lu asks people around him to help make records and express their recognition.

The delicious dishes began to be served, and lanyanxi's eyes widened immediately, because she was a little hungry. How could she bear to see so many delicious food?

Ling Mo Feng's eyes swept to her expression of staring at the delicious food, and couldn't help but hook up her lips. The essence of food can be reflected everywhere. This little woman is hopeless.

In fact, LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng don't look into each other's eyes, but Cheng Yuan can't be loyal.

The delicious food in front of her has no attraction at all. Her eyes will always fall on the adjutant Chu inadvertently. Even if he does not smile, his serious expression is very attractive to Cheng Yuan.

I don't know if Cheng Yuan's eyes are too warm. Chu Xian suddenly turns around and touches her eyes.

Cheng Yuan's heart burst and her mind was blank. She was so nervous that she would forget to breathe. She quickly lowered her head and put her eyes everywhere.

The two hands on the knee were tightly squeezed together, and the healthy white face turned red with embarrassment.

Chu example saw Cheng Yuan's reflection, he was slightly shocked, and saw a red cloud on her face. It was difficult for him to see it. Suddenly, Cheng Yuan felt a little cute. He was so timid that he didn't know if it was right to send her here.

A table of delicious food, let a person forget worry temporarily, also forgot the atmosphere of the scene, everyone began to pick up chopsticks, began to eat.

Ling Mo Feng also moved his chopsticks. However, he was careless in eating. A pair of deep eyes, from time to time, still look at the blue Yan Xi around him.

LAN Yanxi's performance is more and more natural. When Ling Mo Feng looks at her, her remaining light has received the signal. However, she can't look at him. She's afraid that her enthusiasm will overflow.

Qiao Zhuo and Zhang Lu are secretly observing the expressions and eyes of Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi. So far, they have not seen anything wrong. They only see LAN Yan Xi's every move and show no interest in Ling Mo Feng. Ling Mo Feng is more calm and comfortable, and has not been eager to say anything to LAN Yan Xi. They are very close, But it gives people a very distant sense of strangeness.

Because it's dinner, of course, there is no shortage of good wine on the table. When blue Yanxi took a glass of red wine and was ready to drink, JOJO's voice suddenly came: "Yanxi, you have a cold just in time, so don't drink. I'll pour you a hot drink."

LAN Yanxi's hand was slightly stiff with a glass of wine. Looking up at Qiao Zhuo, he saw that Qiao Zhuo quickly brought a cup of hot tea to her side and made a very gentle and considerate appearance.

"JOJO, don't do that!" LAN Yanxi frowned and whispered.

Qiao Zhuo wants to be nice to lanyanxi in front of everyone. Only in this way can we misunderstand that he is close to lanyanxi, and there will be some gossip in the future.

The man on the throne, the handsome face suddenly sinks, and the edge of the bottom of the eyes flashes by.

Qiao Zhuo seems to be not afraid of death. He takes the red wine that Lan Yanxi has and returns to his place.

Lanyanxi didn't expect Qiao Zhuo to take herself so seriously. Before she reflected, she robbed her red wine and changed it into a cup of hot tea.

All the people around have different expressions, because they can see that JOJO is pursuing lanyanxi, and it seems that lanyanxi didn't specifically refuse him and didn't know whether there was a play.

Zhang Lu is very satisfied to see such a scene. Qiao Zhuo is smart. He knows to please LAN Yanxi in front of everyone, but Ling Mo Feng's expression seems a little ugly.