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C676. His attitude has changed

When receiving the two children from school, LAN Yue's mood was not calm for a long time. She hugged her little granddaughter in her arms and felt that she owed them too much.

"Grandma, what's the matter with you? Did you cry? " Tang xiaonai suddenly found that grandma's eyes were red. She immediately asked. "No, grandma is very happy, very happy. Xiaorui and xiaonai are so big. Grandma doesn't want to miss your growth any more. Do you like grandma?" LAN Yuejue's decision to stay in China is still very correct. At least, she felt a stronger kinship, and the love between

and Xia Weiwen was deliberately indifferent. "I like it. If only Grandma could come to pick me up every day after school. Many of us come here to pick them up. Can grandma bring me some delicious food when she comes?" Tang xiaonai found that many grandparents come to pick up their children and bring biscuits, milk and so on.

"Is xiaonai hungry?" LAN Yue immediately asked gently.

"Well, a little!" Tang xiaonai is a snack product. At the most time, she is a little fatter. Her face is more delicate. However, girls should be chubby to be cute.

Tang Xiaorui turned his mouth aside and said, "when you eat, don't be picky. You will not be obedient. Now you know you are hungry."

"I just don't eat what I don't like!" Tang xiaonai made a face at his brother, who was very grumpy.

When the two adults saw the little guys fighting again, they both laughed happily.

"Long, I see there are many things to eat not far in front of me. Otherwise, take the children to sit down and let me do my grandma's duty!" LAN Yue looks at Tang youyou with entreaties. I'm afraid she will refuse her little request.

"Well, it's early anyway. Let's take them to sit down!" Tang youyou is willing to refuse. She can see that Lan Yue really wants to spend more time with the children. So, four people went to a western restaurant, ordered many delicious food, sat down to eat together, there were many parents around with their children to eat, the atmosphere was very lively, and a small children's play area was set up nearby, after two little guys ate something, they all ran to play

there were a few children in their class, playing very happily.

LAN Yue sat by and watched, her eyes full of love for her little grandson.

Tang youyou is also looking at it, but suddenly she hears the phone ring. She takes a look at it and immediately says to LAN Yue, "Auntie, you look at the children first, and I'll pick up the phone."

The call was from Ji Xiaohan, so Tang youyou wanted to avoid LAN Yue.

LAN Yue seems to have guessed, nodding: "go ahead, I will look after the children!"

Tang youyou ran to the less crowded corridor and answered the phone.

"Listen to my grandma. Did you pick up the children? Did you get it? " The man's deep and gentle voice came.

"Well, I got it. I'm taking them to eat." Tang youyou answered in a soft voice with a touch of tension.

"Is there anyone else just you and the kids?" Season owl cold how sharp, hear her tone has something wrong, immediately asked in a low voice.

"Well Yes! " Tang youyou is really not good at lying, because he doesn't want to lie to Ji Xiaohan.

"Who is it?" Ji Xiaohan's tone was inexplicably heavy. He was worried about whether Tang youyou would be with a man, for example, Lu xuanchen, her childhood sweetheart.

Tang youyou had no choice but to pull his eyebrows, so he had to tell each other truthfully: "your mother!"

Ji Xiaohan was surprised for two seconds when he heard her reply.

"Ji Xiaohan, listen to my explanation, actually..."

"No need to explain. She must want to see the children." Just when Tang youyou thought that he would be angry, the voice of the man was very light, and she couldn't help but amaze.

"You're not angry!" Tang youYou can't hear the tone of his words for a moment, he asked in a low voice.

"No!" Season owl cold sighed in a dark way, then said: "go back in the evening, I have something to say to you."

"Oh, well, as long as you don't get angry, I'll be relieved!" Tang youyou also sighs a sigh of relief. He finds that he is scared out of a cold sweat. Alas, look at her courage. What does she look like.

"Yo Yo, I called your doctor. She said you are recovering well, but don't get too much stimulation recently. You should adjust your mood, OK?" Ji Xiaohan cares about her things gently.

"Don't worry, no one can stimulate me except you!" Tang youyou said jokingly.

When Ji Xiaohan heard her words, he couldn't help chuckling: "was that a thrill last night?"

Tang youyou's brain booms, his face blushes instantly, and he grins angrily: "are you serious?"

This time, Ji Xiaohan didn't laugh, but laughed heartily.

This man

Tang youyou really can't communicate with him. He always likes to adjust his mood with her.

"It's not exciting enough, or come back tonight!" Tang youyou deliberately wants to hit him.

"Well, if you ask, I will do it!" Season owl cold thin Chen instantaneous dark mute, this time, is really not serious.

Tang youyou didn't expect that he was serious. He immediately became ashamed again. He said angrily, "if you don't tell me, I'll hang up."

"Let my mother spend more time with the children. By the way, ask her address and tell me at night!" After Ji Xiaohan gave an order, he waited for her to hang up.

"Oh, yes!" Tang youyou blinked his eyes in a puzzled way. How does this season's Owl cold suddenly become so talkative? Even though, he didn't seem to be angry with his mother. Is this to be reconciled?

That's great fun.

Tang youyou returns to the position holding the mobile phone, but LAN Yue looks at her nervously and asks, "is it the call from Xiao Han?"

"Well, it's him!" Tang youyou nodded softly.

"Did you tell him about my time with the children? Is he angry? " LAN Yue asked carefully.

Tang youyou looks at her like this. He feels hurt for no reason. He shakes his head immediately and comforts her: "I told him, but he didn't get angry. Instead, he asked you to get along with the children more!"

"Really?" LAN Yue's eyes brightened and excited: "does he really say that? He Why is he not angry with me? " "Aunt, don't think so much. You are mother and son. How can he be angry with you all the time?" Tang youyou looks at her playing son in the distance and thinks that she will never have any differences with her son in her life. Like LAN Yue and Ji Xiaohan, she will not say a word for more than ten years. The time is in a hurry. The time that has passed can't be found, or she must cherish the person in front of her and the family relationship.