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After LAN Yanxi left, LAN Xianxian also quietly followed Ling Mo Feng to the door of his temporary office, but she did not dare to approach, so she could only peek at it from afar.

If she guesses right, Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi won't get along for long, and LAN Yanxi will be kicked out.

The blue slender fingers are pinched tightly, and the fingertips are almost all going to stab into the flesh. She is angry and anxious. She hates to have a pair of perspective eyes, to see what happens inside, to see how the proud blue Yanxi is rebuked by Ling Mo Feng.

But obviously, she didn't have the ability to see through, but her heart was at a loss.

Lanyanxi stayed in for another second, which was a burning torment for her, let alone more than ten minutes.

However, blue fiber soon took a breath, because she saw Ling Mo Feng coming out from afar.

Ha ha, as she expected, Ling Mo Feng won't stay with LAN Yanxi. I'm afraid he's already upset with her.

LAN Xianxian just took a breath of malice, and the root of his teeth was itchy. LAN Yanxi was too overbearing and overbearing. Instead of being driven out, she forced Ling Mo Feng out and occupied his office. She didn't plan to come out after resting in it, did she?

Ling went to the temporary meeting room next door to have a meeting. The door was guarded tightly and no one was allowed to enter or leave at will.

LAN Xianxian is so angry. She thinks that Lan Yanxi is just an unreasonable villain. Ling Mo Feng is such a cultured man, so she will not have the same insight with her. But she is too far ahead of her time. She has occupied someone's office.

More than two hours later, lanyanxi was woken up by the set alarm clock. She stretched a big waist and took a short rest to relieve her fatigue. She quickly poured a glass of water and rinsed her mouth. Then she was ready to go out to do something.

However, as soon as she came out, she immediately fell asleep with a pair of resentful eyes. However, she had nightmares.

In the dream, lanyanxi jumped into Ling Mo Feng's arms, reached out to relieve the man's abstinence like neckline, and fumbled on the man's strong and mature body. This dream is more frightening than anything else. So, she woke up, woke up, and saw lanyanxi walk out towards the door with gloves and mask on. Naturally, she was full Her eyes glared angrily at her.

Lanyanxi walked by her side, but lanxianxian grabbed her arm angrily: "lanyanxi, do you want to point your face?"

LAN yanxijue's blue fiber is a little sick. Did she find out the situation? Even though she and Ling Mo Feng don't love each other, the news of their engagement has already come out. Is it shameless for her to enter her fiance's office?

"Blue fiber, I don't want to fight with you!" LAN Yanxi shook off her hand and said to her with a cold face.

"Don't want to fight? Oh, your face is just as thick as the wall. You even drove him out. You occupied his office? " Blue fiber thinks she's sick.

"It's none of your business. He's my fiance. What's wrong with me borrowing his office for a rest? He is a man, of course, he has to let me go everywhere! " LAN Yanxi has plenty of excuses.


"Second miss, what are you doing?" Just when blue cilia angrily wanted to raise her hand and slap her, she raised her hand and was grabbed by a man. She wanted to fight down, but she had no strength.

"Uncle Yu, you are back!" LAN Yanxi sees uncle Yu who arrived in time and smiles happily.

"Young lady, are you ok?" Uncle Yu asked her with concern.

"I'm fine. Let her go!" Blue words hope to see the blue fiber gas to the face is blue, said quickly.

Blue ciliate one face angrily stare at Uncle Yu: "from small to large, you only help her to talk and do things, do you still have me in your eyes? After all, you're just a dog my grandfather has What qualifications do you have to stop me from doing things? "

"Blue fiber, if you talk nonsense again, I will make you regret it!" Lanyanxi didn't expect that lanxianxian was so hard to hear. She was furious and warned her.

"What? Am I wrong? He is only loyal to you and grandpa. To me, he is no different from a dog... " Blue fiber a face of disdain said, the eyes are also disdainful in the rain uncle face sweep, really like looking at a dog the same aversion.

"Blue fiber, I want you to apologize to Uncle Yu!" LAN Yanxi angrily grabs her arm and yanks it hard. LAN Xianxian almost fails to stand firm.

"I don't think so!" Blue fiber stubborn raised chin, a face unyielding.

Uncle Yu was expressionless. Seeing that Lan Yanxi wanted to make up his own mind, he had to say, "Miss, forget it!"

"No, I won't let her mock you like that!" LAN Yanxi's attitude is fierce at the moment. He looks at LAN Xianxian angrily and demands "apologize!"

Blue fibril had never seen blue Yanxi so angry. Her eyes were as cold as a cold knife, trying to cut through her heart. Her inexplicable cold gave birth to a faint fear.

"I'm not wrong. I don't apologize!" Blue fibril is still hard spoken. She has long been annoyed by Uncle Yu. She also heard her father scold him as a watchdog every day. That's why she learned to scold others like this.

"Well, don't regret it!" LAN Yanxi shook her severely and sneered.

She praised Ling Mo Feng for throwing her into the mountain to feed the dog.

Uncle Yu still doesn't have any special mood. Seeing LAN Yanxi's face hurt him, he just smiles.

"Uncle Yu, let's go!" LAN Yanxi said to Uncle Yu in a low voice, trying to bear the pain.

Uncle Yu nodded and followed her.

LAN Yanxi's tears in her eyes turned around, then she went back and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, blue fiber is too much. Don't take her words to heart."

"Don't worry, miss. I didn't care!" Uncle Yu is grateful for her help.

LAN Yanxi breathed hard, looked at him sadly, and said, "I know it must be my uncle who taught her so badly that she would say nothing and disrespect you!"

"I don't care what kind of father I have and what kind of daughter I will have!" Uncle Yu laughed and said he didn't care. It was a fake, but he cared and made himself uncomfortable.

"Uncle Yu, you must be tired to follow the brigade into the mountain for rescue. I'll give you something to eat. You can sit down there and rest!" LAN Yanxi is still grateful for uncle Yu. Uncle Yu even recommended himself to the mountain. He can surely help many people with his strength. LAN Yanxi really feels that he is a cold faced and warm-hearted person. However, he is nearly 40 years old and has not become a family. He has no children under his knees, which makes people sad. "Don't bother, eldest lady. I'll go to eat by myself. Leave me alone and do your business!" Uncle Yu said with a smile.

"Well, you take care of yourself!" LAN Yanxi knew that uncle Yu was stubborn. He looked down upon himself as a little host and respectfully offered him something to eat. He was determined not to eat, so she had no choice but to stick to it.

Cheng Yuan sits beside Chu lie and plans to change the dressing for him. When the blood stained gauze is opened, Cheng Yuan closes her eyes tightly, dare not look, and cannot bear it. She is more afraid that her tears will fall.

"No pain!" Chu lie thinks that he is a big old man. Seeing the girls close their eyes, he grins and comforts her.

"No pain!" Cheng Yuan just opened her eyes and stared at him angrily: "bear it, I try to be lighter!"

"It's OK, you can come at will!" Chu lie's ability to bear pain is also first-class.

Cheng Yuan's action is still light and light. Chu lie looks at her tight face. After wrapping the gauze, he reaches for Cheng Yuan's hand and says in a low voice, "thank you, Cheng Yuan!"

Cheng Yuan didn't expect that he suddenly said such gentle and polite words to herself. Her whole body was stiff, and her beautiful eyes fell down quickly, covering the deep feeling at the bottom of her eyes. She pretended to say, "thank me for what!"

"Thank you for coming to accompany me through all this. It's a more precious memory for me than a treasure." It was the first time for Chu lie to say such sweet love words. Before, he felt that he would never say such words in his life, but when he was deeply in love, his strong love made him blurt out.

Cheng Yuan is so shy that she gives him a smile and a blush: "then don't forget every detail. Seven years later, or 20 years later, I will test you. If you say something wrong and miss a detail, I'll see how I deal with you!"

"Ah?" Chu lie is a big man. He's scared and has no face.

Is this a woman? be savage and absurd? use lame arguments and perverted logic?

Of course, Cheng Yuan was joking with him, but unexpectedly, he turned pale with fear. When he changed his dressing just now, his face was as usual. Now, it seems that he was really scared.

"Well, look what scares you!" Cheng Yuan's mood is unspeakable. Men are afraid because they care about her.

"Cheng Yuan, I I'm afraid I don't have enough memory and can't remember so many details. You have to be merciful when you come. " Chu lie hastens to find a way out for herself in advance.

"Don't worry, when you get married and your salary card is put here, I will show you mercy everywhere!" Cheng Yuan blinked and smiled at him again. The naughty look made Chu lie tremble again.

"I have to offer my sister a study. When she graduates, I'll give you my salary card!" Chu lie is frightened again. Cheng Yuan burst into laughter. It turned out to be such an interesting thing to scare him. It seems that she found the fun after marriage in the future.

Chu lie is helpless and helpless. Seeing her smile like a happy angel, he can only follow silly music.

Cheng Yuan suddenly bent down and kissed him in the face when he didn't pay attention.

Chu lie laughs, Cheng Yuan has turned around and fled. He can't help but reach out and touch the face she kissed. There is an unspeakable satisfaction in her heart.