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Hearing that there were three groups of shooting in the afternoon, Yang ChuChu collapsed on the sofa, stared at the ceiling and reached out to touch his stomach: "I'm so hungry. Can I have something to shoot again?"

"Clearly, you've just eaten an apple and three pieces of green vegetables. You can't eat any more today!" The assistant hurriedly reminded her nervously.

"Isn't there another chicken breast?" Yang ChuChu immediately sat up straight, a pair of big eyes shining at the assistant: "go to help me warm up, I'm really hungry, don't eat anything, I can't make it through the afternoon!"

Assistant a face helplessly smile: "clear, this lunch is your own set, at this moment too few?"

"Well, less. I'm starving. I don't want to be the first female star to faint in the shooting field!" Yang ChuChu's face was bitter. She found that being a star was really too tired, and strict management of her own food was really not a human thing.

Just as the assistant turned to get her food, the door of the rest room opened and the person who came in was Fang Yang.

Fang Yang's hands were full of fruit, fragrant barbecue and food.

"Well, did you have lunch?" Fang Yang came in and saw her daughter. He asked her in a low voice. He was still cautious.

Yang ChuChu immediately sat up straight and looked at him indifferently: "Why are you here again? Didn't I tell you last time? Don't come to me if you have nothing to do. It's so far from the city. It'll take you a day to go back and forth! "

Fang Yang laughed and shook his head: "it doesn't matter. Anyway, I don't have anything else to do now. I'm in a hurry. I just want to come and see you. Is the work OK?"

"Well, it's OK!" Yang ChuChu looks at this father who suddenly seems to be several years old. He used to hate him. His teeth itched, but later he didn't know what happened. His hatred for him decreased. Now, he came to give her food every day when he was free. Yang ChuChu even took it as a habit.

"Come and have some. I'll make you some soup. It's too cold to warm up!" Fang Yang greeted her with a gentle expression of concern on her face.

Yang ChuChu gets along with Fang Yang during this period of time, and finds that Fang Yang can cook all kinds of dishes. Moreover, the soup is really delicious, even better than the chef's aunt invited by her family.

"Didn't you used to be the vice mayor? Why do you know all kinds of dishes? " Yang ChuChu looked at the barbecue and couldn't help swallowing. She really wanted to eat it.

As soon as Fang Yang's movements froze, he replied with a dry smile, "I used to cook at home, so I always do some!"

Seeing the flash of self mockery on his face, Yang ChuChu seems to have guessed something. He certainly has no place in Fang's house. So she cooks every day to please his wife.

Yang ChuChu went over and took his bowl of chicken soup, blowing and drinking it slowly.

Before did not repay the taste of the father's love, now repay to, she felt, have the father to care about the feeling of love is very good.

"How is it? Does it taste good? If you say "lose weight" every day, I don't dare to add more materials! " Fang Yang watched her drink and asked her nervously.

"Well, good to drink!" Yang ChuChu nodded and took a few more sips. Finally, he took the barbecue aside and ate it.

Fang Yang watched her become so hungry, frowned and told her: "you see that you are thin like a telegraph pole, so don't think about losing weight. Eat more every day."

"No, I was told by the photographer to show my stomach when I was shooting just now. I have to control my appetite!" Yang ChuChu said, suddenly put down his chopsticks, stared at the bowl of chicken soup, struggled to drink two more mouthfuls, and finally could only put down the spoon: "I'll drink later!"

Fang Yang looks at his daughter's hard work. He is distressed, but he can't persuade her. He can only work in a hurry.

At this time, a tall and handsome figure came into the door, which was Luo Jinyu.

Seeing Luo Jinyu, Fang Yang's face flashed a trace of unnaturalness. After all, before he was crazy about asking for Luo Jinyu's help, he coldly refused.

Fang Yang knew that he shouldn't stay any longer. He turned around and told Yang ChuChu, "let your assistant help you warm up later and then eat. Don't be too tired. I'll go back first!"

Yang ChuChu nodded, "I see. Drive slowly when you go back!"

Fang Yang was very happy, because his daughter was caring about himself. He didn't ask much now. He just wanted to make up for his guilt for her. Fortunately, her daughter would not refuse his care any more.

"Mr. Fang, please wait a moment. Can we have a talk?" Luo Jinyu suddenly stopped him, but he did not call him uncle, but called him Mr. because the relationship was originally complex, so he could only shout first.

Yang chuchuchumei blinks, looks at Luo Jinyu, who looks back at her.

Fang Yang also wanted to talk to Luo Jinyu. He wanted to apologize to him. He was blindfolded by power interests and disrespected to Luo Jinyu.

Two people came out. There was an endless sand stand outside. There was a terrace beside it. It was a place for pedestrians to stay and look at the sea.

The cold wind came from the distant sea with moisture, cold into the bone.

Luo Jinyu and Fang Yang are walking among them, feeling the indifference of nature.

The wind blew Luo Jinyu's overcoats. He turned his head and his short hair was in a mess.

"Mr. Fang, I've done some things in the past. I hope you don't mind!" Luo Jinyu took the lead in apologizing to him. After all, when it came to the constraints of position and identity, Luo Jinyu didn't promise to help him.

Fang Yang smiled and shook his head: "no, I am the one who should apologize. I should not offer such unreasonable conditions. I can see that you are very nice to the delicacy. I really appreciate you."

"You don't have to thank me. I love her and will be nice to her!" Luo Jinyu replied in a low voice.

Fang Yang turned to look at the boundless sea and sighed: "I didn't recognize my life before, but now I do. Maybe there is a cause and effect in the world. My two daughters like you. I am a father. I see it in my eyes and feel pain in my heart. I don't know how to help them. Now, I understand that feelings can't be avoided Yes, you and Chu are a couple, but Xin must learn to admit his life! "

Luo Jinyu frowned, and followed him to the direction of the sea: "the things of feelings are endless, and fate is wonderful!"

"Mr. Luo, I hope you take good care of Chu Chu. She has suffered too much. I used to be afraid that her character would be too self abased. Now it seems that she is very cheerful, which may have something to do with the security you give her." Fang Yang pleaded with him softly.

"I know. I'll take care of her. Don't worry!" Luo Jinyu murmured, as if he was making a vow to the boundless sea.

Fang Yang turns around and leaves. Luo Jinyu looks back to see him. He used to be a seven foot man, but now he has been tempered by life. Like all the fathers in the world, what he exudes is not the anger towards life, but the gentle temperament.

Luo Jinyu plans to walk towards the temporary studio. As soon as he turns around, he sees a figure running towards him in the distance.

His eyes were slightly dull, and he walked towards her with long legs.

"Is he gone?" Yang ChuChu quickly ran to him and asked.

"Well, you've left. You'll come out with so few clothes. You're not afraid of a cold?" Luo Jinyu had taken off her coat and wrapped her whole body around her and put her arms in her arms.

"I've worn enough. Don't give me your clothes. You're not cold yourself?" Yang ChuChu immediately struggled to return the clothes to him.

"I'm not allowed. You're wearing it!" The man hugged her forcibly and didn't let her off.

"I didn't expect you to come here. I thought you were lying to me!" Yang ChuChu looks up and asks him with a smile.

"What have I said that I have been speechless?" Luo Jinyu reaches out and lightly points her frozen red nose: "it's so cold, but also promised to take a picture of the location. I think you think money is crazy!"

"No way. I signed the contract three months ago. What can I do if someone wants to make a winter payment?" Yang ChuChu shrugged helplessly.

"Next time you do this kind of work, don't take it!" Luo Jin gives a stern warning.

"Well, if I don't have money, I'll ask you for it!" Yang ChuChu buried his face in his arms and smiled like a sly fox.

"I have, all for you!" Luo Jin Yu dotes on looking at her, thin lips kiss under her cool forehead.