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C1672 ask sister-in-law for help

Hearing Zhang Luyao's words, Ling Nuan's face changed greatly and stared at her angrily: "you are really nosy. Who am I? What does it have to do with you?"

"Your eldest brother and his eldest brother fought each other to death. Everyone knows why I can't tell him your identity?" Zhang Luyao regards Ling's anger as fear, and she looks a little proud. Ling wennuan sneers: "even if you say it, it can't change anything. He already knows who I am."

"What?" Zhang Luyao's face was startled, as if she had been hit by someone. Her expression became rich and ugly: "he knows who you are? He still likes you? "

Ling wennuan saw that she was successfully gassed, and she left her lips and corners lazily: "so I said that you are meddlesome."

Zhang Luyao was so angry that she was about to explode. Until then, she didn't know what a stupid thing she had done.

"If you have nothing else, I'll go first." Ling wennuan turns around and leaves.

Zhang Luyao pulled her long hair painfully. She vowed to defeat Ling's warm energy.

Hum, where is mu Weicheng going next? She must be able to find out, and she also decided to leave this boring school. She wanted to find Mu Weicheng. She believed that by virtue of her father's relationship, she would arrange her to Mu Weicheng, which is also a matter of minutes.

The two brothers and sisters of mousse and Mu Weicheng handled the affairs of Mu Tianhan. Those relatives and friends attended the meeting symbolically, but they were still very dissatisfied with mousse's cold-blooded treatment.

Mousse returned home this time to deal with this matter. After that, she didn't stay much. She took her husband and daughter abroad that night.

Mu Weicheng and Mu Yun seem to be relieved, and they go down the steps of the cemetery.

"Brother, are you really going back to the base again? Is it still the original position? " Moyun asked him with concern.

"Well, I'll leave the day after tomorrow, and you? Are you going to stay and teach? " Mu Wei Cheng nodded and cared about his sister's whereabouts.

"I don't know. I haven't thought about it clearly, so I have to continue teaching. I don't plan to go abroad. After reading so many books, I have to go back to my own country to develop and spread what I have learned. That's what it means for us to study abroad." Muyun looks up at the sky, reaches out to cover his eyes, trying to see the blue sky more clearly.

Mu Weicheng smiled and praised: "you know where your goal is from childhood, and you make your brother feel inferior."

"Brother, don't be humble. I have learned all these qualities from you." Mu Yun immediately boasts back.

"Well, it's over for a while. Let's get in a good mood and start again. You are not young. If a good man pursues you, you should not refuse. However, if you want to make a boyfriend, you must let me have a look. If I don't think I can, you can't continue to contact with him." Mu Weicheng still loves his sister very much. The man he wants her to marry must be someone who likes to respect her.

Muyun chuckled: "brother, you think I'm a three-year-old. I have a good eye. I won't make a boyfriend easily, unless the other side is really excellent, like my brother."

"If you want to find someone like me, it's not easy for you. There are few people who are better than me." Mu Weicheng is narcissistic.

"Yes, it's really hard to find a good and gentle man like you. I don't know which girl you will get cheaper." Mu Yun's expression of distress made fun of him.

"In a word, it's cheaper for a woman. Who is it?" Mu Weicheng said this on his mouth, but in the sea of brain, he flashed his clear eyes, and his thin lips could not help flicking.

Mu Yun's bright eyes stared at big brother's face and asked, "brother, you really don't have a woman you like after all these years?"

"Why do you ask?" Mu Weicheng is a little guilty and avoids his sister's eyes.

Mu Yun sighed, "you are the only man in our Mu family. If you don't hurry to find a woman to marry and have children, how can we continue our Mu family?"

"Do I exist for the sake of procrastination?" Mu Weicheng's handsome face flashed with discontent.

Mu Yun immediately laughed and said, "of course not, but you have the responsibility."

Mu Weicheng flashed Ling's lovely face in the sea of brain. He sighed in his heart that it would take a long time for him to realize that he was afraid of having children.

"I will not forget this responsibility, but not now." Mu Weicheng opened his door and sat in.

Mu Yun also sat in his vice driver's seat. Brother and sister drove home.

It will be dark, Ling wennuan let the driver drive him to Ling Mo Feng's house, she ran out of the car, and saw LAN Yanxi coming face to face.

LAN Yanxi thought Ling Mo Feng had come back ahead of time, so he ran down the stairs.

"Warm!" LAN Yanxi looked at the pretty figure and was surprised.

Ling wennuan smiled: "sister in law, my brother hasn't come back yet?"

"Not yet. Why are you here?" LAN Yanxi is bored alone. Ling Nuan is coming. Of course, she is very happy.

"I'm here to ask my brother something." Ling warms up a little embarrassed.

"Ask what?" LAN Yanxi couldn't help being curious.

Ling warm a pair of eyes son dodged several times, suddenly a heart horizontal, she and Mu Wei Cheng's affair, although the whole Ling family all don't know, but Ling warm still want to find a helper in advance.

I'm afraid that the only one who can speak well for her in front of my elder brother is the sister-in-law.

"Sister in law, I actually I want you to do me a favor. " Ling warm dry smile twice.

"What can I do for you? You said LAN Yanxi is very kind to Ling Nuan.

Ling wennuan then lowered his voice and said, "I have someone I like."

LAN Yanxi was shocked: "really? Who is that man? Which school grass is in your school? "

In LAN Yanxi's opinion, Ling wennuan's favorite must be the outstanding one among his peers.

"No!" Ling wennuan immediately showed a distressed expression: "I like people, older than me, he is not a student."

Lanyanxi was more curious: "who is this man you are talking about, do I know him?"

Ling warm nodded: "you may not be familiar with him, but you must have heard his name."

"Oh?" LAN Yanxi immediately searched the brain, but found that there was no result.

"His name is mu Weicheng!" When Ling wennuan said the name, a pair of eyes peeped at LAN Yanxi's reflection.

"Ah?" When LAN Yanxi heard the name, she was really shocked. She looked at Ling wennuan incredulously: "how can you like him? He is not... "

"I know who he is, and I know that there is a big gap between me and him. However, sister-in-law, you and my brother are five or six years old. I am only eight or nine years old with him. As long as we really love each other, age is not a problem, right?" Ling wennuan hurriedly snatched LAN Yanxi's words and said.

"That's what I said, but Is he really willing to associate with you? Didn't his uncle just die? Will he blame your brother for this? " Of course, LAN Yanxi knows who Mu Weicheng is. He heard Ling Mo Feng say that.

"I just want to ask my brother about this, but I'm afraid that he will doubt me, sister-in-law. Otherwise, would you ask for me?" Ling wennuan pleaded.

"How do I ask?" LAN Yanxi's face was startled.

"Ask my brother laterally if Mu Weicheng has any trouble with him or made trouble with him because of the death of his eldest brother." Ling wennuan is really worried. Her face is wrinkled.

LAN Yanxi nodded: "of course, I can ask you clearly. In case that Mu Weicheng is responsible for your elder brother, will it affect your relationship?"

"I don't know." Ling warm head down, like a confused child.

"Don't worry, I'll ask first and then watch, but you will like him. I'm really surprised." LAN Yanxi chuckled. He didn't see Ling warm and lively. He would like a mature man.

"I have known him since I was very young. When I grew up, I almost had his shadow. He influenced me. Maybe some feelings need to accumulate over time to become profound. In a word, he has become irreplaceable in my life." Ling wennuan also feels that her preferences are different. She can only explain it shyly.

"I'm ashamed of your love." LAN Yanxi chuckled.