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C1960 fourth encounter

Wang Cheng's words surprised all three people at the table. Ji Tingyan was very upset.

"Why should I go back? I'm just here. I haven't had a good time. " Ji Tingyan asked each other angrily.

"This young lady, you chased my eldest brother to come here. It's a little far away, but my eldest brother said that he didn't want to waste your precious time, so he also kindly reminded you." The smile on Wang orange's face is about to hang up, and the cool feeling comes from his back. It's strange that the woman's eyes in front of him give him an invisible pressure?

Ji Tingyan has a good temper because no one offends her for no reason, but if someone who doesn't have long eyes makes her angry, her eyes can be as sharp as a knife.

"Go back and tell Bong that even if he stands in front of me naked, I don't care to look at him more. The forest is big. There are all kinds of birds. He is arrogant and arrogant." Ji Tingyan finally disobeyed her lady's temperament. She took the words back without dirty words.

Wang Cheng looks at this angry woman with a surprised face, and the level of swearing is quite high, even cursing the eldest brother roundly is not a good bird.

"Cough Sorry to bother you. " Wang orange can only turn around and leave.

Ji Tingyan put down her chopsticks angrily. She really has no appetite.

"Are you OK, nane?" Cheng Yue cannot help comforting her.

Li Jingwen suddenly grabbed Ji Tingyan's arm and asked her with a complicated face: "Miss Ji, do you know bonting?"

"I don't know." Ji Tingyan's direct angry answer.

But Li Jingwen could hear the meaning of her words. Her eyes were dim for a few times, and she suppressed the ups and downs of her inner emotions. She didn't ask any more questions.

"Cheng Yue, eat first. I'll go back to my room and have a rest." Ji Tingyan doesn't want to sit here anymore. She gets up and walks outside the restaurant door.

"I'll go up with you." Cheng Yue stands up, Li Jingwen also stands up.

"No, I'll go back myself. You can eat it." After Ji Tingyan finished, she went to pay the bill, but when she asked, the checkout counter told her that a man had paid for her.

Ji Tingyan is more depressed. What does this tie Ting want to do? Secretly for her check-out, but also let her leave, it seems that he really think of himself as a big trouble to get rid of.

Originally, Ji Tingyan didn't plan to contact him. She just wanted to come here to relax. But now, it seems that there is no need to contact at all.

Wang orange pushed the door into the box, and then his eyes swept over. Wang orange shrunk his shoulders.

"Did she promise to leave?" Seeing that his assistant's expression was strange, he immediately asked him in a low voice.

"Well Boss, I told her what you said. She seemed very angry and said you were arrogant. " Wang Cheng can't tell the truth. The boss will be angry.

"Since she won't listen, don't pay any attention to her." Tie Ting said coldly.

"Good!" Wang orange also dare not offend that woman, always feel by her stare, all hair.

When Ji Tingyan returned to her room, she tore her business card into pieces and threw it in the garbage can.

She will never be associated with this man in her life. Even if she really can't get married, she would rather be absent than abusive.

After eating, Cheng Yue and Li Jingwen buy some food for Ji Tingyan.

"Cheng Yue, let me deliver it." Li Jingwen said with a smile.

"OK, here's the card." Cheng Yue has a room card of Ji Tingyan on her body. At this moment, she gives it to Li Jingwen.

Li Jingwen carries the packed food and swipes her card into the room. Then she hears the sound of the water in the bathroom. It seems that Ji Tingyan is taking a bath.

Li Jingwen went to the bathroom door and called out to her, "xiaonai, I brought you food and put it on the table."

"OK, thank you!" Ji Tingyan's voice came out.

Li Jingwen put the food down and was about to leave when she saw the torn paper in the black garbage bag beside her.

She breathed a little, couldn't help squatting down, and saw the name of tieting printed on the torn business card.

Li Jingwen's eyes suddenly widened. Next second, she quickly put the pieces together, took out her mobile phone, and quickly took a picture of the phone number. Then, she threw the pieces back into the garbage can.

Li Jingwen nervously holds the mobile phone, looks at the direction of the bathroom in panic, and then quickly leaves the room.

Ji Tingyan took a bath and was more comfortable. She opened the packing box on the table, ate some local characteristics, and then went to bed.

This night, sleep is not stable, always strange dream, dream that he almost fell off the cliff, and dream of wearing a wedding dress to marry people.

In the morning, Ji Tingyan struggles to wake up from her dream and looks out of the window at the clean sky. Her mood calms down slowly.

No, she doesn't want to stay in the same place with tieting. She has to leave as soon as possible and go to the next scenic spot.

After Ji Tingyan got dressed, she called Cheng Yue and asked her to arrange a car and set off immediately.

Cheng Yue naturally listened to her arrangement. After contacting the car, the three people even bought a car for breakfast and ate. The SUV drove along the downtown avenue towards the next destination.

Along the way, there are mountains and peaks. The sky is high and broad. It's sunny when it's not snowing.

Ji Tingyan is wearing a warm charging suit, holding a hot water bottle in her arms, leaning quietly on the car and looking out of the window. At this moment, her heart is quiet. She feels that such an adventure is really exciting and interesting.

Just when Ji Tingyan had two words of stimulation in her mind, she suddenly leaned forward. The next second, there was a sound of explosion. The driver made a scream and grabbed the steering wheel. The whole car swung at the back. After two circles of original sliding, the car stopped in the middle of the road.

The three women in the car were pale. Cheng Yue held Ji Tingyan tightly and protected her head in her arms. Li Jingwen couldn't come to protect her because she was sitting on the copilot. But even so, four people in the car were scared to death.

"What's the matter?" Li Jingwen immediately questioned.

The driver jumped out of the car to check: "it's a flat tire. It's strange. I checked the tires yesterday."

Cheng Yue asked Ji Tingyan, "are you OK, Nani? Is there any injury?"

Ji Tingyan shook her head. "I'm ok, thank you."

"Do you have a spare wheel?" Li Jingwen continued.

"There is one, but the tire there is no gas. It looks like something has been pierced. It must be some black hearted people who deliberately threw nails." The driver said angrily.

"Then what? There is no ghost here. " Li Jingwen asked with a fretful face.

"I'm sorry that I called for a tow truck. I didn't expect this to happen." The driver said apologetically.

"Call now. It's too cold here." Ji Jingwen finished, and came to tell Ji Tingyan the situation.

Ji Tingyan sighed: "it's really a bad start. On the first day, I met this kind of thing."

Just as a group of people were waiting for rescue, suddenly, at the crooked mountain road, there were five black cross-country vehicles with black body. In the sun, they flashed the metal cold, but they were as fierce as a black leopard. They ran across the ice and snow Avenue fearlessly and moved forward.

"Boss, there's a car in the way." Wang orange immediately called out, disturbing the closed man.

Tie Ting said in a cold voice, "go around."

"I'm afraid Ken can't get around. The car is in the middle of the road." Wang orange can't laugh or cry.