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"Tang You You, won't your conscience hurt? You're sick, and he's been worried for you. You want to destroy his biological daughter now, how can you be ungrateful to your conscience? You already have a child, so you know that my dad treated you pretty well when he was young. " Tang Xue Rou suddenly roared out like a madman, and even liked to grab onto the weakness of the human heart.

Tang You You was stunned!

Indeed, when Tang Xue Rou and her daughter didn't live in that house, Tang You Kang only had her one daughter, so he had treated her well and cared about her a lot.

"It's precisely because I still have a trace of gratitude towards him that I want to properly educate this vicious daughter of yours. If you continue like this, sooner or later, it will implicate him." Tang You You sneered, turned, and returned back to his side.

Tang Xue Rou did not expect Tang You You to still be unwilling to let her go, she knew that she had really failed miserably this time.

"I can agree to any of your conditions, please don't send me to the police station. I guarantee that I won't interfere in your matters in the future. Tang Xue Rou trembled in fear, all her self-esteem was gone, she only hoped that Tang You You would let her go and let her go this time.

Tang You You looked at her and he felt that she was both laughable and pitiful, "If you knew this would happen, why did you still commit crimes today?"

I didn't know that I would be captured so quickly. I always thought that I was very capable at doing things, but after a few blows, I finally learned that if it wasn't mine, then it wasn't mine. No matter how hard I tried to fight for it, no matter how much I fought for it, it wouldn't be possible! Tang Xue Rou could be considered to have received a deep lesson. At this moment, when she saw Ji Xiao Han sitting on the sofa with such confidence, shoulder to shoulder with him, she understood everything. What Tang You You could do, she could not, that was her extravagant dream.

Tang You You could see that Tang Xue Rou was regretting it, but she still didn't want to forgive her.

Just because he felt like it wasn't possible for him to be forgiven by others all the time.

"I'm going back to the company first. Help me decide this matter!" Tang You You turned his head, looked at Ji Xiao Han and said softly.

"Alright!" Ji Xiao Han knew that she might be starting to get tangled again.

Tang You You stood up and was about to leave, when Ji Xiao Han suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled his towards him.

Tang You You was a little taken aback, but after that, she saw an intentional look in the depths of Ji Xiao Han's eyes, causing her to fall into a trance.

Turning his head to look at Tang Xue Rou, he saw that Tang Xue Rou was so angry that her face had turned completely white.

She felt that if she had the chance to be harmed again in the future, Tang Xue Rou would definitely not let it go.

He didn't know why he was so sure, but this was human nature.

Tang You You no longer hesitated as she stood up and walked towards the door in quick steps.

Ji Xiao Han immediately ordered the driver to take her.

After Tang You You left, Ji Xiao Han was like an emperor as his gaze was cold and emotionless. He looked at Tang Xue Rou and said coldly: "You are very smart, and will grab onto the weakness of the human heart to plead with, but don't think that you will be forgiven time and time again just because you easily soften your heart. This time, the person you offended was me, so I don't care about my old friendship.

After Tang Xue Rou heard this, she instantly sat down.

"Ji Xiao Han, you are truly cold-blooded and emotionless. No matter what, I love you, how can you hurt me like this?" Tang Xue Rou bellowed.

"What right do you have to love me?" Ji Xiao Han walked to the door, then stopped and turned back as he sneered: "You better forget about me, because when I think about being loved by a woman like you, who is like a snake and scorpion, I get really annoyed."

Tang Xue Rou was completely shocked. She was even disqualified to love him?

Was she really that bad?

Her heart was already in a mess. When Tang Xue Rou was sent to the police station, her soul had not even recovered yet.

While recording, Tang Xue Rou also seemed to have lost her soul.

When the Tang Family received the phone call, when Tang You Kang and Meng Xiu Juan heard that their daughter had violated the law and entered the police station, they were extremely shocked. The two of them rushed to the police station, preparing to bail their daughter out no matter what happened, and furthermore, they absolutely did not want to attract the attention of the reporters.

Unfortunately, when they went to the police station to bail Tang Xue Rou out, they found out that it was impossible to bail him out.

It didn't matter how much money he had!

Tang You Kang and Meng Xiu Juan's expression were both deathly gray.

Finally, Meng Xiu Juan fiercely punched Tang You Kang a few times: "It must be because of that money loser you are talking about, other than us Xue Rou hating her, there's no one else. Quickly go and find her, do you really want our daughter to be locked up inside?"

It was only then that Tang You Kang thought of Tang You You.

Thus, he hurriedly called Tang You You.

Tang You You had already expected that Tang You Kang would definitely call him, so she answered.

"Ran Lu, do you know anything about Xue Rou?" Tang You Kang asked with an anxious tone.

Tang You You replied emotionlessly, "I know!"

"Ran Lu, did Xue Rou do something that made you unhappy …" Tang You Kang knew that Tang You You was the true girlfriend, so she must have some power and influence now. To deal with his daughter, it would also be a matter of minutes.

Tang You You's tone was a little indifferent: "Mr. Tang, I'm unable to help you with this matter. You should first understand what mistake your daughter committed before being arrested."

When Tang You Kang heard Tang You You call him Mr. Tang, he knew that Tang You You's relationship with him was as tranquil as water.

"Wanru, just treat it as daddy begging you …"

"You are not my father, you told me yourself. Last time, Tang Xue Rou escaped from death, it was also me who pleaded for mercy from Ji Xiao Han, so, begging me now is useless!" After Tang You You finished speaking, she hung up.

Maybe she was too ruthless, but she didn't want Tang Xue Rou to be proud of her.

The crime that Tang Xue Rou committed couldn't be considered a serious crime, but she would only be released after detaining fifteen people.

And at that moment, the reporters had already heard the news, that Tang Xue Rou was being held, and the news had spread to the point where everyone was aware of it.