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Tang You You suspected her more and more, she felt that Li Fang Fang was the one who tripped her that day, because, at the moment, in this office, she had only offended Li Fang Fang. Furthermore, she found out from her godmother Liu Xi that this Li Fang Fang was also a very cunning woman.

The look in Tang You You's eyes caused him to quickly lower her head in fright, pretending to be doing her own thing.

Two in the afternoon, just after work, a cute girl suddenly appeared in the office, causing quite a commotion.

"Yeah, I just came to discuss cooperation with you." Yang Chu Chu emphasized it again.

"What cooperation?" Tang You You was a little astonished, the colleagues at the side were already completely dumbfounded, they did not expect that a new disciple like Tang You You would actually take the initiative to present herself as a big client, although Yang Chu Chu was young, but her reputation was not cheap, right?

When Tang You You heard her say that they should work together, he hurriedly stood up and smiled: "It's not convenient to talk here, let's find a guest room to sit and talk."

"Alright!" Yang Chu Chu swept her gaze across her face and nodded in agreement.

In the guest room, Tang You You poured a cup of water for her, then looked at her and asked: "Why are you looking for me?"

"My boss recommended me to come over. Ji Yue Ze, you know him, right?" Yang Chu Chu was not very old, but her speech sounded very mature.

Tang You You was stunned, how could she not recognize him?

"Yes, I know him. Did he introduce you to me?" Tang You You didn't think that Ji Yue Ze would actually introduce her to a customer, he really didn't know if he should thank him.

"Yes, he said, I am the first one to take care of your business. Tomorrow, someone will come looking for you."

Tang You You was even more surprised: "It can't be, he's actually so impressive, and has introduced me to so many clients."

My boss wants me to do it for you. In the end, the money will still go to the Back to Ji Family, but my boss is very smart, but, since he's the one introducing them, I must buy his face, Miss Tang, hurry up and bring over the contract, I will sign it with you right now and pay the deposit. " Yang Chu Chu's words caused Tang You You to not know whether to laugh or cry.

She suddenly started to like this young star. She didn't expect that she would still be willing to accept such a thing even though she had already seen through the truth of the matter.

"Miss Chu, you haven't told me, what are you going to cooperate with me for?" Tang You You could not resist laughing out loud.

"Aren't you a designer? Just look at me, whatever clothes I'm suitable for, you design them for me. No matter whether they look good or not, I will wear them all. In any case, I'm young and I'm beautiful, so I believe I'll look good in anything. Even if you give me a piece of cloth and I wrap it up, there will be people who will say it's nice. " Yang Chu Chu felt that Tang You You was also a very honest person, so she directly continued to speak truthfully.

Tang You You laughed again, and she couldn't help but praise: "Miss Yang, you're really humorous. Actually, if you don't like my design, we don't need to sign the contract, I will tell Ji Yue Ze about it."

Sister Tang, please spare me. I don't want to be scolded by my boss, if I don't succeed in signing the contract with you today, I will be scolded later. Yang Chu Chu immediately felt pity.

Tang You You was also helpless: "According to what you said, are you forcing me to do something? What kind of plane is this Ji Yue Ze on? How can I be human like this? "

"Sister Tang, the designer my boss introduced me to will definitely be good. I believe in you. I believe in you wholeheartedly." Yang Chu Chu was really afraid that Tang You You would reject her, so anxious that her face was a little red.

Tang You You saw that she did not seem to be a person without sincerity, and nodded her head: "Alright, I will sign you alone. Go back and tell your boss to not let anyone else come, I already have a big client with me, you can be my second biggest client, I promise that once you sign the contract, I will work hard to work for you."

Seeing that she had agreed, Yang Chu Chu heaved a sigh of relief: "Alright, I will report to my boss later. He also wants to help you, it's a show of good intentions, don't blame him."

"You're speaking on behalf of your boss, you're not a fan of his, are you?" Tang You You knew how charismatic Ji Yue Ze was, and suspected that Yang Chu Chu had fallen for him.

Hearing that, Yang Chu Chu's face turned red, she anxiously waved her hand: "No no no big sister Tang, don't misunderstand me, I don't like my boss, I like mature men, really, I am not stir-frying this scandal."

When Tang You You heard her say that she liked men who are mature, he immediately laughed even more joyously.

"You already called me Big Sis Tang. How could I have the nerve to speak nonsense again? Don't worry, I'll prepare the contract now. You sit first."

Tang You You returned to his office and reported everything to Liu Xi.

"Sou, this Yang Chu Chu is the most famous Young Female Celebrity, why would she suddenly look for you, is it because of you, Quarterly?" Liu Xi was very curious, which was why he asked.

Tang You You shook his head: "No, it's Little Brother Ji Xiao Han's introduction."