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C1614 uninvited guests

Mu Weicheng didn't expect Ling wennuan to be so bold. He grabbed his arm and gave out such a warning. His handsome face stiffened and he tried to shake off her little hand. At last, he reached out and pushed her little hand away: "I didn't see it. I threw it away!"

"Really?" Ling warm pretty little face immediately spring.

The man no longer takes care of her, strides away, seems to be escaping something.

Ling wennuan takes a turn in situ, leaps in mood, picks up the school uniform on the ground, turns around and goes to the dressing room.

After she left, in a corner not far away, three female students came out, among which Zhang Luyao, the famous female overlord of the school, was the leader, while her two loyal dog attendants, one was Li Mumei, the other was Wang Qin. At this moment, they clicked on the video on the hand machine and watched the picture of lingnuan and Mu Weicheng talking just now.

"Luyao, lingnuan must like the drillmaster mu. Look at the expression of her smile. Her eyes are going to shine." Wang Qin immediately affirmed.

Zhang Luyao stared at the door of the dressing room with a resentful face: "this Ling wennuan is too much. He dares to rob the man I like. I want to let her know who is the boss of this school."

Maybe it's too young and arrogant to speak. Zhang Luyao has never even realized how poor he is when he speaks like this.

"That is to say, lingnuan, a new man, dare to learn to hook a man even before she has learned the rules. Is it possible for the Mu instructor to think about it? Only the eldest is worthy of such a handsome man as the drillmaster mu. " Li Mumei also hates to scold.

"Come in with me!" Zhang Luyao walked into the dressing room with two attendants on his face.

Ling wennuan is carrying a bucket and is going to wash the school uniform. She can't bear to climb over two caterpillars. She feels numb and creepy when she thinks about it.

The footsteps, let Ling warm face a change, immediately turn around, see three female students in the same class arrogant came, blocked her way.

Zhang Luyao is very tall. At the moment, her hands are around her chest, her legs are outstretched, and her face is full of publicity and madness.

"What are you doing?" Ling warm eyebrow son a wrinkly, one face displeased ask.

Zhang Luyao immediately reached out to her chest, and Ling wennuan stepped back.

"Ah, it's quite interesting. No wonder I'm so coquettish and dare to hook up with the drillmaster." Zhang Luyao immediately showed a more hateful expression, because her figure belongs to the tall, dry and flat type, so some plump and petite bodies like Ling wennuan are her most envious, because men generally like plump and sexy girls.

Ling wennuan's face was angry and said angrily, "you are the one who stumbling over me last time, and pasted the note on my back."

"So what?" Zhang Luyao quipped: "Ling Nuan, didn't you inquire before you transferred to school? You can't get mixed up in this school. "

"Is it? The school is a place for study, not for the establishment of gangs. Do you bully people so much that no one cares? " Ling warm angry question.

"Tube? Who dares to care? No one who can study here has any background. The headmaster of this school has to bow and bow to my father. Ling wennuan, if you are smart, get out of here and don't make a fool of yourself. I'm just warning you now. If you dare to keep approaching the drillmaster, I want you to look good. " Zhang Luyao put the cruel words aside first. She believed that Ling warm was not stupid and could understand what she said.

Ling wennuan is about to explode. Does Zhang Luyao really think who he is?

"Do you like to admire the premier?" Ling asked with a sneer.

"Yes, he's the man I like. You'd better stay away from him." Zhang Luyao said, but also reached over to Ling warm shoulder, Ling warm waved her fingers open.

Two girls next to her even dared to fight back. They immediately wanted to come over and hold her. Zhang Luyao waved her hand: "well, today's warning has been put down. If you still don't understand, the next time, it's more than warning."

Ling wennuan watched them turn around and proudly left, her hands clenched into fists.

She wanted to see the background of Zhang Luyao.

Ling warm afternoon after school, let the driver big brother to take her to the vice president's office, she has not been to big brother's home for a long time.

So, she wants to go to big brother's house to have dinner today.

At more than seven o'clock in the evening, Ling Mo Feng pushed some matters and was ready to go home early to share a good time with her beloved woman.

He called LAN Yanxi and learned that she was still in the hospital, so he let the motorcade around the hospital and went upstairs to say hello to LAN Laozi.

The old man is also a passer-by. Knowing that the young people's feelings are just beginning, he needs time to cultivate them well and let them go home early.

Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi go home by car.

In the car, the man has kissed the woman in his arms several times, and lanyanxi is also impatient. At this moment, he just hates to rush home and don't let others disturb them.

After returning home, Chu lie took the bodyguard team to leave first. Ling Mo Feng hugged LAN Yanxi and went to the living room.

As soon as they got to the stairs, they could not help but hug each other tightly. Ling Mo Feng's tall body pressed her gently on the handrail of the stairs. Her thin lips occupied her lips wildly and warmly.

"Cough Brother, sister-in-law! " Just when two people are immersed in the love, they hear the light cough coming from the stairs, and then they hear the sound of Ling warm. Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi quickly flicked away in a panic, and their faces were very embarrassed.

"Warm? Why are you here? " Ling Mo Feng, after all, is a man. He quickly arranged his expression and looked up at his sister curiously.

In fact, Ling wennuan is also stunned. She has never seen her elder brother so warm and crazy. "Brother, am I disturbing your good? Otherwise, I'll go home first, and you can go on. " Ling warm dry smile twice, immediately decided to disappear here.

"Don't leave now. Since you're here, don't leave until you have supper." Ling of course can't let his sister go hungry.

Ling Nuan nodded with a funny smile: "well, I came here to have dinner."

"Talk to warm, I'll cook dinner." LAN Yanxi's face is still blushing. It's a shame. How will she face her little aunt in the future.

Did she take the initiative just now? Do you have it or not?

"You'd better stay warm. I'll make dinner tonight." Ling Mo Feng where willing to let their little wife into the kitchen, quickly turned around, went to the kitchen first.

LAN Yanxi and Ling Nuan look at each other, and they all burst into laughter.

"Sister in law, don't be embarrassed. We are all adults. I can understand." Ling warm courage can be more than blue Yan Xi, see blue Yan Xi has been blushing, she quickly smiled to placate her.

LAN Yanxi said in embarrassment, "I really make you laugh. Your brother and I usually don't, really? This time... "

"Sister in law, don't explain, I understand!" Ling warm comfort her immediately.

LAN Yanxi wants to cry in her heart, warm or misunderstood?

Ling Mo Feng opens the refrigerator and looks at the ingredients in the refrigerator. He props his hand on the door of the refrigerator, and his thin lips make a sad smile. His sister can really pick the time. Next time, he has to let the guard report. Otherwise, it's really out of place.

Because Ling wennuan is Ling Mo Feng's sister, she basically doesn't need to report to Ling Mo Feng when she comes here, so the guard at the sentry box doesn't call Ling Mo Feng to report the matter.

Ling wennuan and LAN Yanxi sit in the living room. LAN Yanxi makes a cup of tea for her.

"Warm, how are your parents these days?" LAN Yanxi has now changed his words and asked casually.

"They're fine. I just heard that your grandfather is in hospital. Is he better now?" Ling wennuan also asked her.

"He hasn't been discharged from the hospital, but his condition is more stable. I will go there every day." LAN Yanxi replied softly.

"I'm here today. In fact, I have something to do with my brother. Sister in law, does my brother listen to you?" Ling wennuan immediately asked, pulling her eyebrows.

"He Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don't listen. " LAN Yanxi can't laugh or cry.

"At that moment, if my brother scolds me, you have to beg for me. Please." Ling wennuan closed her hands and looked at her pleadingly.

LAN Yanxi is stunned. What's the matter? It's so serious?