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C1590 mutual understanding

Lan Yanxi escaped from the door of the study, her face was still hot, oh dear, what did she just do?

Looking at the man's expression of astonishment, Lan Yanxijue was really too bad, but she didn't know why. When she saw Ling Mofeng's seriousness, she couldn't help but want to tease him and want to see him shy and blush. Look like he wanted to see her helpless expression.

However, despite being shy, she was in a bad mood, and Lan Yanxi jumped up and down to Ling Mofeng's room, which now belongs to her master bedroom.

Thinking that when she first moved in, Ling Mofeng took her suitcase and went to the guest room on the other side. Lan Yanxi's mood jumped up. She was really too daring. At that time, it seemed that she didn't know what it meant to be afraid. Or at the first sight of Ling Mofeng, she felt that this man could be trusted, and he would never do bad things.

Time has tested the man's character. Yes, he doesn't think about bad things at all. He is thinking about national affairs all day long.

Lan Yanxi found her pajamas, humming Xiaoqu, and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Wang Xinyi came back to her and Uncle Yu's newly rented home with a big bag. This is a four-bedroom, two-living suite, located in the center of two people's work. The rent was first brought out by Uncle Yu. Wang Xinyi wanted to plug Give him the money. He said it would be done once a year, so she did n’t want to give it anymore. Wang Xinyi could n’t, she had to go home every day and mention something more.

Today she also brought home a lot of fruits. When she lived alone, the kitchen was decorated. It was rare to use it once or twice a year. First, she was not very good at cooking. Second, she ate alone. I feel like I can just go there, once or twice, a year or two, and she just lost a little bit of cooking.

It used to be empty, quiet and terrible to go home, but now when I get home, I can smell the aroma of meals and the busy voice of men.

Uncle Yu's work will return every day at half past six unless he is away.

On the drive home, Wang Xinyi thought of the tense expression of Mr. Vice President, and she smiled inexplicably. Yan Xi was pulling a beard from the tiger's head. It seemed that he had to get a lot of education tonight. Pushing the door in, Wang Xinyi heard the sound of water from the kitchen again. She quickly put down the fruit and walked over to look at it.

"You can eat in a few more minutes." Uncle Yu was wearing an apron, which is exactly the image of a family cook. He said to Wang Xinyi as usual.

Wang Xinyi was a bit shy before. Uncle Jue Yu was a serious man and she had to hold back some more, but now, the more she wanted to panic, if she missed this man again, who would she look for as a companion in the future?

The free, long-looking butler may not be found with a lantern.

Therefore, Wang Xinyi made a determination, she must get this man as soon as possible, and must not let other women have the opportunity to take advantage of it.

Wang Xinyi was very angry, with short hair over her shoulders, she often tied up, and she was smart and sharp. Now, she pulled the rubber band directly, put her hair down, and slightly curled her hair, making her show a feminine style. .

Maybe it's old age. Wang Xinyi's body has the charm of a mature woman. As soon as her eyes are blurred, there is a feeling of ecstasy.

"Uncle Yu, do you think ... how am I?" Wang Xinyi frizzled her hair intentionally and asked Uncle Yu with a smile.

Uncle Yu packed up the chopsticks and carried them out. When she passed by, she took a serious look at her: "It's pretty and has a temperament."

"Really? A male colleague of mine said the same thing today." Wang Xinyi deliberately arranged a male colleague to come out to assist her in acting.

Uncle Yu froze, then asked with a smile: "It seems that you are quite welcome in the office."

"It's okay, after all, it's still single." Wang Xinyi followed to the dining table, opened the chair, sat down, took the fork, and put the fruit cut by Uncle Yu into his mouth to eat: "Uncle Yu, we live together It ’s been a while, have n’t you had any evil thoughts about me? ”

Uncle Yu was tense, her eyes staggered, and she turned to the kitchen to be busy. Wang Xinyi watched Uncle Yu hide from her. She immediately stood up and followed into the kitchen: "You speak, do you really have no interest in me?"

"No!" Uncle Yu took a deep breath. At this moment, there were only two people. He didn't want to hide his thoughts either. He looked back at Wang Xinyi: "I actually have some ideas."

"Really? Then tell me, what do you think?" Wang Xinyi was secretly pleased and asked him with a smile. Uncle Yu pretended to think for a moment, and said, "Trouble you not to come out in transparent pajamas in the future, this is really not very good."

When Wang Xinyi heard it, her head exploded instantly. Does this have anything to do with the topic she asked?

"I get it. You just don't think about me between men and women. Well, I'm older and I can't move, I understand." Wang Xinyi turned extremely injured and lost his face.

Uncle Yu looked at her disappointing back, and he immediately said, "You are so sexy wearing every day walking around in front of me, I can't even sleep well."

Wang Xinyi was about to get out of the kitchen and heard his words, turned sharply, and stared at him with clear eyes: "So, you still have some reflection on me, don't you?"

"Of course, I'm not a saint, and I don't want to be a monk." Uncle Yu was cried and laughed when she asked.

Wang Xinyi narrowed her eyes immediately, and forced him step by step: "Why don't you show anything? You can't let me be a woman every day."

Uncle Yu smiled wryly: "I don't know how to take the initiative, and I don't know how to show it. I'm afraid you will get angry."

Uncle Yu is still full of respect for Wang Xinyi, probably because of her professional relationship, like a strong woman every day. Uncle Yu has a lot of respect for her and naturally can't have other ideas.

Wang Xinyi immediately lifted his toes and kissed him on the face: "If you see nothing, it's called initiative, now it's time for you."

Where would Uncle Yu be Wang Xinyi's opponent? He was trembling with a stun in her.

"Hurry up." Wang Xinyi was a woman. The woman's mind was delicate and sensitive. Once she was in love, all kinds of humiliating methods would be self-explanatory.

Uncle Yu smiled helplessly and had to bend down and wanted to kiss her on the forehead, but did not expect that Wang Xinyi moved faster than him and printed it directly on his lips. She immediately seemed to be stunned. Laughed, turned and ran out, leaving Uncle Yu with an awkward expression.

Wang Xinyi used to run to the gym or hang out with her sisters after work, but now she finds out that the best place to decompress is at home. There is such a piece of wood waiting for her to adjust and play tricks. She doesn't want to go anywhere. .

Uncle Yu was embarrassed by her, but at the dinner table, she added two poached eggs.

"You eat it yourself." Wang Xinyi clipped one of them to him.

Uncle Yu smiled shyly, but did not refuse.

The atmosphere was warm and the lights in the windows outside the window were not as close as the two at the moment.

After having dinner, Wang Xinyi proposed to go downstairs for a walk. Uncle Yu had no problem. As long as it was free time, he obeyed her arrangements.

As soon as the two people entered the elevator, they met an old lady holding her grandson downstairs. Since they were living on the same floor, the old lady immediately smiled and asked, "You two husbands and daughters went down for a walk again? See you every day It ’s a good relationship to go in and out. Unlike the two in my family, they do n’t stick together all day long. ”

The word husband and wife made Wang Xinyi laugh immediately, she nodded immediately and said, "Our relationship is very good, mainly because he is obedient."

Uncle Yu was ashamed with a big red face next to him.

"The man is more obedient, the family will be more harmonious." The old woman immediately echoed with a smile.

Wang Xinyi immediately turned her head and blinked at Uncle Yu, whispering, "Have you heard?"

Uncle Yu was implicated and could only smile and nodded.

Wang Xinyi was happy. Suddenly, she felt her hands hanging around him being grasped by the man's thick and warm heart, and her heart trembled. The next second, her heart burst into anger.

It looks like it's quite taught, it will be used as soon as possible.

She also tightened with five fingers, tightening a bit with him.