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C716 gives you a chance to thank you

Ji Yueze's encouragement gave Bai Yiyan great confidence. She secretly vowed that she would practice the characters well in the future and never lose Ji Yueze's face again because of the ugly characters.

Just now, while Ji Yueze was going out for a meeting, she stole her laziness and looked at her mobile phone. Sure enough, under the live broadcast, almost all of them were talking about the ugly news. The people who scolded her covered up the other big stars on the red carpet.

Bai Yiyan is crying. After that, does it make people think that she is deliberately hyped?

Bai Yiyan's worry is not out of the question. At the same time, there are many people paying attention to the live broadcast of the red carpet, and Li Ranran is one of them.

She also thought that this time, the red carpet must be in the limelight again. But when she opened the comments, she almost didn't blow her up. How could everyone be talking about Bai Yiyan's ugly writing?

She didn't like it. She turned over dozens of message pages at a time. Only a dozen people were commenting on her beauty, temperament and beauty. Most of them only remembered Bai Yiyan's making a fool of herself.

"I'm pissed off!" Li Ranran angrily throws her mobile phone on the table. It seems that Bai Yiyan, the hateful woman, has been robbed of the red carpet this time.

When the assistant saw it, he immediately gritted his teeth angrily: "I didn't expect that Bai Yiyan had such a way at such a young age. She must have deliberately written ugly words to win the topic. What's more, she even succeeded."

"This little bitch has a lot of ambition!" Li dye dye is gnashing his teeth again. "People's ambition is not only to be red, but also to be the boss's wife. Sister Ranran, you were also valued by the boss before. But since Bai Yiyan appeared, the boss didn't ask you to go there. You must be very angry." The assistant helped her with her hair while chatting.

"What do you say?" Li Ran suddenly pushed her hard and said with a black face, "do you want to tell me that I'm not as good as Bai Yiyan

Assistant is just a common complaint. Unexpectedly, she accidentally stepped on the pain spot of Li Ranran, which scared her to bow her head and admit: "no, Ranran sister, don't be angry, I don't mean that. Bai Yiyan is not as good as you everywhere, you are much more beautiful than her."

"You are still satirizing me! Get out of here! " Li Ranran is in a bad mood now. She feels a sense of ridicule when she listens to anything. She lets the assistant go directly, but she can't calm down her anger.

Indeed, when Bai Yiyan didn't come, she occasionally had the chance to go upstairs to have a tea chat with Ji Yueze.


Bai Yiyan is not Ji Yueze who came to fill Yang ChuChu's position, right? Thinking of Yang ChuChu and Li Ranran gritting her teeth again and again, before that, Yang ChuChu had been stepping on her, which made her have no room for development. Now Yang ChuChu asked for a long vacation to go to school for further study, and Li Ranran raised his eyebrows and took three scripts at one go, one of which is still a big movie cooperated with a big guy.

She thought her career was coming in spring, and she was very happy, but Bai Yiyan stepped on her again. Li Ranran could not bear this evil spirit.

"Hum, do you think you want to be the boss? Which woman doesn't want to be here? " Li Ranran scolds Ji Yueze's company angrily. There are as many as 100 artists in Ji Yueze's company, male and female. Which one doesn't have an idea about Ji Yueze?

However, Ji Yueze's character is well known to all. He writes his likes and dislikes directly on his face. If anyone is blind and doesn't see them, the result can be imagined.

There were several examples before. Those women all hinted that they wanted to give birth to Ji Yueze. Unexpectedly, they were directly beaten into the cold palace by Ji Yueze before they even took off their clothes. Until now, they haven't thawed. Sooner or later, they will die in the corner.

Therefore, if you want to get close to jiyueze, you have no means or ideas, only a dead end.

That's why so many beautiful actresses are so respectful of Ji Yueze that they don't dare to have any misunderstanding.

Li Ranran has always kept the bottom line. Although Ji Yueze values her, it doesn't mean she can be presumptuous.

She is well behaved and vaguely likes jiyueze in some small details.

Unfortunately, it has not been successful until now. It may be that Ji Yueze doesn't understand her style at all, or that the strength she suggests is not enough.

There was a rumor that Ji Yueze liked men, so many fresh meat in the company were eager to win the favor.

It wasn't until Bai Yiyan's appearance that we completely realized that all the rumors were deceiving. Ji Yueze's sex was normal. He liked women.

Since he likes women, the female stars in the company are not very happy.

Li Ran Ran started her career very early, and she has always been clean. Of course, in private, she has made a lot of boyfriends, but because of the good confidentiality measures, she has not been exposed so far, so she continues to be pure as a jade girl.

She secretly made a decision that she wanted to compete with Bai Yiyan for Ji Yueze's favor.

She believes that she didn't fight before, so she has no chance to succeed until now. As long as she works hard, Bai Yiyan is definitely not her opponent.

"Acid hands?" In the office, Ji Yueze picked up the pen after seeing her drinking tea.

"Well!" Bai Yiyan bowed her head and wrote a few words. Then she raised her head and smiled: "no matter how sour my hands are, I will practice too. I will buy an exercise book tomorrow and come back. I will practice when I have time."

"Why are you so positive?" Ji Yueze was moved by her seriousness. She felt that she was a talent to be made.

"Because I don't want you to lose face again!" Bai Yiyan's answer is very straightforward.

The man's face is slightly Zheng, and his eyes are deep: "for me?"

Bai Yiyan nodded, and then replied, "for my own sake."

Ji Yueze felt much better for a while. He suddenly reached out and grabbed the pen in her hand: "I'll practice later. I'll take you to dinner!"

"Don't we go home and do it? Or Is my meal delicious? " Bai Yiyan is expecting some pictures of two people cooking at home.

"You've been busy all day, so I'll give you a holiday today and take you out to eat." Ji Yueze said faintly that he could not hear how much emotion there was.

"Oh, thank you!" Bai Yiyan is very moved. It's a good feeling to be considerate and concerned.

"Tonight, give you a chance to thank me!" Ji Yueze suddenly spoke in a low voice, and the shy Bai Yiyan froze into a stone. Tonight