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C555. She lost her dependence

The news that Tang youyou returned to work in the company exploded in an instant. Everyone knew that Tang youyou had asked for a long holiday. At this moment, the news about her breaking up with Ji Xiaohan became more and more solid.

Tang youyou asked for leave to heal her wounds. Now she is back in the company. Everyone feels that if she has a little backbone and respect, she should submit her resignation as soon as possible. Otherwise, if she continues to stay in the company, she will be regarded as a big joke.

After Tang Youji's little grandmother's position collapsed, someone immediately threatened Liu Xi's position as the head of the company.

In a morning meeting, the deputy director quarreled with Liu Xi because of a contract. The quarrel broke up unhappily.

Liu Xi knew that the other side was deliberately looking for trouble, just wanted to take the opportunity to quarrel with her, because the whole company was in remote transmission, the day when Tang youyou left the company, that is, when Liu Xi crossed the stage.

Therefore, people who want to take the opportunity to trample on them all show their fangs. The company reshuffles the cards. People who stand in the wrong team may be expelled. Therefore, in the aspect of standing in the team, many people are nimble to stand behind the deputy director who opposes Liu Xi publicly.

Tang youyou also took part in the morning meeting. Seeing the other party's intentional embarrassment, she was also angry.

However, at present, everyone knows that she is in a dilemma, and anything she says is useless.

Sure enough, Tang youyou has the biggest project in his hand, and someone immediately wants to snatch it.

That's the cooperation projects that we talked about with jiyueze company. Tang youyou asked for leave and transferred them to another colleague to take care of them. At this moment, Tang youyou returned to the company, and the other party didn't seem to want to give up these projects.

Tang youyou goes directly to ask the other party to return these projects, but unexpectedly, the other party's arrogance is even more arrogant than her. "Don Youyou, aren't you leaving the company soon? Are you really going to take all these customers away? Can you stop worrying like this and leave as soon as you want? You can't take away the company's projects! " The other side grudged her, and her expression was full of ridicule.

Tang youyou couldn't help sneering: "who said I was leaving the company?" "Who else to say? You don't have a bit of force in your mind? You and Mr. Ji have broken up. As his predecessor, how can you stay in the company? I'm kind enough to advise you to leave now. Don't wait for the new grandma Ji to show up, and then just drive you out. That's a lot worse. " The other side a rightful and vigorous tone said, completely did not put the anger of Tang youyou in the eyes.

Tang youyou is going to be pissed off. Did she break up with Ji Xiaohan to make these people enjoy the fun?

"Even if I break up with him, it won't affect my work. If you don't return my project to me today, let's wait and see." Tang youyou really doesn't want to become a shrew and quarrel with her. Anyway, it's meaningless to quarrel with her and lose her image.

"Ha ha, when I'm Jishao grandma, talk to me in this tone, when I'm afraid? I have maintained these projects, and I can't give them back to you. " The other side immediately sneered. Tang youyou didn't expect that the workplace would be such a cold place. Although she had listened to the Ganma's sermon before entering the company, the workplace was very cruel, and she had a set of survival rules. But she had never met such a wonderful thing before. Now, looking at the opposite side's attitude that doesn't take

as the nature, Tang youyou finally realized what is helpless.

Liu Xi heard their quarrel, came over, immediately criticized the person severely, and then asked the other party to let the project out in a cold voice.

The other side immediately reluctantly threw the project book in front of Tang youyou: "take it if you want!"

Liu Xi said with a cold face, "now go to the personnel department to get the resignation form. I don't want to see you coming to work tomorrow!"

This sentence is the most effective, the other side's expression immediately shocked, then, she hurriedly pleaded with bitter expression: "President Liu, I know it's wrong, I dare not offend you next time, you don't leave me, OK?"

Liu Xi snorted coldly: "don't you think Tang youyou and I have no place in the company? How can I still be asked? "

"Mr. Liu, I know it's wrong. I just feel that I have to let go of my own good project. I'm not balanced. I quarreled with Tang youyou for a few words. I dare not next time!" The other side pale face, scared to cry.

"I've made up my mind that you are not a decent person. Our company can't afford it. You can find another job." Liu Xi no longer gives her any affection, takes the project book directly, and Tang youyou turns around and leaves. "Liu Xi, what are you arrogant about? Quit your job. I don't need to do it. Don't be too happy for two of you. Who doesn't know that you are promoted because of the relationship between Tang youyou and the background?" The female staff member immediately scolded regardless of the image, obviously, she felt extremely depressed.

Liu Xi and Tang youyou both look stiff. Looking back, they frown at the man. "Liu Xi, you are Tang youyou's godmother. You two are really closer than your mother. She helps you get promoted by her body. You protect her by means. The whole idea is yours. If you can't bear to quarrel with her, I'll give up my life. I hope you'll have the same fate as me in the near future." When the other party finished, they packed their things and prepared to leave.

"Mummy, forget it!" Liu Xi wants to scold her, but Tang youyou holds her arm.

Liu Xi's temper is pretty good. But this man, with just a few words, wiped out his and Tang youyou's contribution to Weiyi. How do you think about it? I'm in a bad mood.

However, the profit of the company has increased by nearly 30% compared with the previous profit, and all the employees of the company have enjoyed the labor achievements, but now? This woman actually scolds Tang youyou for relying on her body, which is really insulting.

"Mummy, don't worry about this kind of person!" Liu Xi walked a few steps, still want to go back to scold, Tang youyou desperately grabbed her.

The colleague complacently tidied up his things and left with a happy expression of his own scolding.

Back at the office, Liu Xi was still full of anger: "who are these people? It's annoying to see no one else

Tang youyou also sighed and wryly smiled: "I didn't expect that our efforts in these months, in their eyes, were just borrowed from the light of Ji Xiaohan, and I became a seller!"

"Yo, don't be angry. Those people are so jealous of you!" Liu Xi also quickly comforted her. Tang youyou chuckled: "come on, I don't want to quarrel with them. Anyway, between me and Ji Xiaohan, it's not as miserable as they said."