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C1936. She took the initiative

Xia shuran directly smashes the mobile phone on the ground, and it breaks into two parts. At this moment, his heart is dead, like ashes, even the last remaining temperature is gone.

Xia shuran stared at the broken cell phone with a face full of resentment, covered his face, and sat on the floor in pain. Was the happiness snatched doomed to be long-term?

"I don't believe it. I'm not willing. He Jiaxuan, Xia Xinnian, you all come to bully me." Xia shuran is full of grievances. She can't face up to her mistakes. She feels that love comes before it comes. She has the ability to seize men, which means she has the right to happiness.

He Jiaxuan's mobile phone was hung up, and he was also furious, and he swept the documents on the desk.

"I must have been blind." He Jiaxuan clenched his fist and grinned at himself.

In fact, he is almost sure that this matter has something to do with Xia shuran. This woman has a lot of ideas. As soon as Xia Xinnian returns home, she will stare at her. She doesn't know when she will play the game. She must be very proud to let Xia Xinnian make a fool of herself.

If he Jiaxuan had regretted his choice before, at this moment, he wished he could divorce Xia shuran. Even if he lived alone in the future, it would be better to put a poisonous snake beside him.

Xia Xinnian took the company's car and came to Jishi headquarters. At the entrance of the hall, under the thick white column, he leaned on a large body lazily.

It is jimucheng, who has been waiting downstairs, whose eyes are lowered, and he looks up at the passing vehicles from time to time.

Just now, the live broadcast picture, Xia Xinnian's stunned expression, his helpless eyes flashing, all stimulated jimucheng's heart. Suddenly, he found that he was reluctant to see her in such a panic, which was heartbreaking.

When the business door opened, Xia Xinnian said goodbye to her colleague, and the car drove past her. As soon as she raised her eyes, she looked at the man in the opposite direction.

Xia Xinnian's breathing is slightly quickened. She hurried to go there. Ji Mucheng's deep eyes are on her face, and she cares in a low voice: "are you better?"

Xia Xinnian bit his lips and nodded: "it's much better. My boss believes me and gives me great comfort."

"Is it?" Someone raised his eyebrows in a sour tone: "is his comfort the best for you? Right? "

Xia Xinnian is upset at the moment. He doesn't know that he is jealous. He just nods seriously: "of course, he believes me, which really moves me."

"What about me? I believe in you, and are you moved? " Jimucheng doesn't want to cover up her mood any more. She is eager to get her affirmation.

Xia Xinnian looks at him stupefied, then takes a sip at the corner of his mouth and smiles: "I'm not only moved, I'm also very moved."

Jimucheng did not expect that she would dare to say such provocative words. When her heart was palpitating, she immediately came over and took her hand: "let's go and sit in my office."

Xia Xinnian followed him silently and came to his office. Xia Xinnian's mood also recovered. He took a little water and took two drinks.

Seeing her calm, Timothy asked, "do you have any doubts?"

"There are only a few people who hate me, but we need to make sure which one is. We can't guess without evidence." Xia Xinnian sighs. Although she has doubters, she has no evidence.

"What's the name of the woman who hit you on the stage? Starting with her, I'm sure it will bring out the truth. " Jimucheng takes the remote control, turns on the TV directly and searches for the channel. At this moment, the competition is close to tail rising. Liu Mei and the person in charge of Jishi stand on the stage to receive the prize. Jishi wins the title and Liu Mei takes the second.

"Her name is Liu Mei. She is a competitor of my peers. I haven't met her before, but I heard her name. Today, she is obviously targeting me." Xia Xinnian looks at the frequent curtain and frowns.

"Well, we'll start with her." Jimucheng is a man who acts vigorously and decisively. He believes in a truth. Living in the world is to solve things one by one. However, he, under the guidance of his father, has practiced how to solve problems. At present, jimucheng is also at the top of the world, and he is absolutely not a drag.

Xia Xinnian was stunned: "how to check? She certainly doesn't cooperate. "

"I'm not going to let her cooperate." With a sneer, jimucheng flashed the cold light at the bottom of her eyes: "there are many ways to make a person tell the truth."

"You will not Do you want to ask In Xia Xinnian's world view, there is no such item at all, so she is worried.

"If you don't want me to force you to ask, I can throw money. Money can make people lose their nature and make people understand the reality." Jimucheng shrugs his shoulders, and his handsome face is full of charm.

Xia Xinnian's heart and soul flickered. Just now, he looked at his evil smile and touched her heart inexplicably.

She swallowed her saliva subconsciously and took a quick sip of warm water, which alleviated the sudden hunger and thirst in her body.

"Thank you for helping me. I'm afraid I don't know what to do on my own." Xia Xinnian also knows the fact that although she is talented, she is still weak in solving many things. She needs him.

Yes, she needs him. She can't leave him any time.

Jimucheng walks up to her and leans slightly. Her slender arms trap her between the sofa and him.

The strong hormone breath on the man almost makes Xia Xinnian lose herself. Her breath is slightly disordered, her beautiful eyes are flashing, but she is still attracted by his handsome face.

"Xinnian, you just looked at me It's like saying it to me. " Jimucheng is a man with delicate emotions. He is good at observation and acceptance. His thin lips are raised and his tone is low, with the magic of bewitchment.

Xia Xinnian's mind was seen through by him. Did she just look at his eyes and reveal anything?

The snow-white skin, like the peach blossom in spring, is in full bloom in an instant, and the summer heart is ashamed of its own shame.

She held her hands tightly on the cup, which made her trembling voice say: "I really like you more and more, and enjoy the protection you give me more and more, which makes me feel safe."

Jimucheng didn't expect that she would dare to confess to him. He was slightly shocked, obviously surprised.

"You can trust me. I won't hurt you." Jimucheng answered her very seriously.

Xia Xinnian nodded stupidly: "of course, I believe you, but I'm afraid I'm afraid that if I get married later, will you find that I'm actually an ordinary woman, and then I'm tired of it? "

"It's said that love makes people feel inferior. Maybe it's true. I don't think you need to worry about it at all. I'm not confident. I'm rich and I'm not bad. But if I really fall in love with someone, I'm afraid she will see my shortcomings. I know that a handsome and rich man is more likely to be questioned. There are some ordinary men, but his personality charm is worth women People to appreciate him, heart read, don't think about it in the future, love the most important point is to recognize each other, do their own Jimucheng reached out, gently cut her long hair to the ear side, bowed her head, kissed her forehead, which was to give her a positive answer.

Xia Xinnian clenched the hand of the cup and slowly released it. Next second, she did not know where the courage came from. She reached out to hook up the man's neck strength, and the lips took the initiative to kiss his thin lips with a little bit of domineering.