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C786 think of her think of her think of her

Winter night, the cold wind with snow, this gloomy weather, let people's mood is also pressure.

Luo Jinyu drove casually through the bustling central street, the flashing red lights on both sides, a view of the city without night, but these seemed to have nothing to do with him.

His heart, as if forced to build a cold wall, isolated from any new things into his life. In front of a traffic light, his car stopped, and several young girls on a nearby SUV all looked at him in amazement. The bright lights reflected the young and beautiful features of the man. The girls screamed, as if the soul had been hooked in a flash.

Luo Jin frowns!

He drove the car, followed the knot forward, at a corner of the road, the car turned around, facing a huge poster, in the light of the spotlight, the amazing show in the bottom of his eyes.

This is an advertisement for famous brand jewelry.

A beautiful girl, slightly tilting her beautiful face, quietly staring at the jewels on her hands, gently seems to be able to let the years stop for her.

"Clear!" His heart was so stuffy that Luo Jinyu found that he almost hit the nearby protective orchid. Fortunately, he turned the steering wheel in time, so he parked the car on the side of the road.

Luo Jin's eyes are empty, and he is quietly staring at the beautiful girl on the poster. His heart is surging. For a while, his complex and affectionate feeling fills his chest and makes his breath tight.

Holding the steering wheel tightly, Luo Jinyu suddenly closed his eyes and decided to go back to the private apartment he had lived with Yang ChuChu for one night.

When he was driving a sports car and parked in a private position, he suddenly saw that there was still a car, a small sports car in royal blue.

The heart is like being pulled out by someone, and the ripples are spreading.

This car was given to Yang ChuChu by Luo Jinyu before. Besides, the license plate was also selected by him for her. It's her car.

It's just that it's so late. Why does her car stop downstairs of his apartment?

Is she up there?

Heart suddenly crazy jump, breathing slightly tight, the man hurried toward the direction of the elevator, walking slightly faster.

When the elevator door opened, Luo Jinyu's blood seemed to be boiling. Should he leave here immediately.

It was said that she would not meet, but when she knew that she was at home, Luo Jinyu felt nervous.

The eagerness to see her has deprived him of his original calmness.

Finally, he put his finger in the past. This is a high-level fingerprint lock. At the beginning, that little thing pestered him to ask for the permission to open the door here.

Think of the happy together, now think, but be warm and far away.

The door snapped open.

Luo Jinyu went in, but found that there was no light in the room. It was dark.

It's just those halos coming in from the landing window.

Luo Jinyu's heart emptied in a moment, and the boundless sense of loss came over, and Jun's face darkened.

Did he think more? She is not here.

Luo Jinyu twisted his eyebrows, walked to the bedroom, and saw that his bed was covered with thick quilt, and his breath was stagnant again.

He stepped in and approached, only to find that there was a sweet sleeping man.

In her arms, holding a pillow of his, her face is close, her long hair is scattered on one side, and her sleep is heavy.

Luo Jinyu was stunned. Like a sculpture, he couldn't move.

Only that pair of dark eyes, light flow, love.

Why does she sleep here? Or his bed?

Luo Jinyu stood under the gray light, and suddenly had an impulse to attach himself to kiss her.

However, I don't know whether he really woke her up or whether she really woke up.

I saw her slouch off a small arm, the other hand rubbing the big eyes.

I woke up.

"Luo Jinyu?" She blinked her eyes twice, thinking that she was dreaming. However, soon, she reached out and grabbed one of his sleeves: "am I not dreaming? You're really back! "

"Why are you here?" Luo Jin Yu opens his mouth, his voice is mute. He is so eager to see her, but when he makes a sound, it is cool.

When Yang ChuChu found out that he was really standing by his side, her happiness and excitement almost drowned her. She didn't think about how to answer his question, so she put out her hand directly, pasted her face on the man, held him tightly with two small hands like octopus, and said happily: "I knew that you would come back sooner or later, but I didn't expect that you did. I was so happy!"

Luo Jinyu looks down at the girl wearing only a thin nightdress, and her two tiny waist are holding him to death. Her face is on his side of the thigh, and her mouth is saying happy words.

"Who let you in!" Luo Jinyu, however, held back his inner feelings and wanted to respond to her mood, but he still asked her with indifference.

Yang ChuChu was stupefied, and felt that he was not as happy as herself. Then she suddenly remembered that there was a ghostly agreement between her and him.

Then, she quickly released her small hand and trembled with cold: "I I just want to come here to live. Do I make you unhappy? "

"This is my home!" Luo Jinyu stressed one sentence. "I know. I'm here because it's yours. If it's someone else's, I won't come." After all, Yang ChuChu is a young girl with immature character. She thinks he is going crazy. She feels sorry for herself if she doesn't come, so she has the courage to come.

She didn't have Luo Jinyu's mature and calm mind, not to mention her tenacious willpower.

"Didn't we say that? Try to see as few people as possible in the past two years! " Hearing her words, the man's tense expression was broken. He could not be indifferent to her, so his voice was a little gentle.

Yang Chu Li has already lowered his head, a pair of beautiful eyes are staring at a dark place.

No words!

Luo Jinyu turns around and turns on the light. The bedroom is bright. The little white face looks sad.

Luo Jin Yu sees it, but feels more pain in his heart.

Yang ChuChu, whom he had known before, had almost no such sadness on his face, but only grievances and unhappiness, which should not belong to her age.

Therefore, it is more painful. "Luo Jinyu, are you still angry with me?" For a long time, small face raised, clear eyes looked at him.