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Looking at the small face in his embrace that was filled with grievances, and the teary eyes that was filled with stubbornness, Ji Xiao Han could not help but chuckle.

Hearing his laughter, Tang You You's entire being turned even worse. She really should have pushed him away, this man was a demon, other than bullying her, what else would he do?

"You didn't lie to me?" When he finally got his answer, Tang You You still doubted him a little.

Tang You You immediately understood what he meant by "talking".

Just as she was about to reach out to push him away, her tall and big body leaned forward, and her thin lips quickly and ruthlessly covered her small mouth.

"Ugh …"

Tang You You didn't even have the chance to respond as he was just solidly kissed by Yun Che.

Her two small hands pressed against his chest, wanting to continuously push him away. But why? Did she lose her strength?

His entire body's strength seemed to have been forcefully taken away by this man.

Ji Xiao Han had to admit, she was so sweet!

It was a few hundred times sweeter than he had expected!

Hmm, I just want to kiss like this until the end of time.

Tang You You was extremely afraid of the reaction in his body. She felt like he would be infatuated with his lips in the next second.

No, this was impossible. She couldn't be so unyielding as to take the bait.

But why did her heart cry out against it, and her body seem more honest than her heart?

Ji Xiao Han didn't go overboard. He only kissed her lips, his large palm not even caressing her soft body, but instead supporting himself on the wall behind her, lightly hooked her chin.

Just like when a couple was in love for the first time, they would lightly kiss each other.

"Cough …" Just as the two of them were about to join the fray, they were suddenly jolted awake by a light cough.

Ji Xiao Han didn't want to care about it, but Tang You You used his power to push him away, causing him to take two steps back.

Her gloomy and dangerous eyes looked towards the door as she entered the room. She saw Mu Shi Ye standing there awkwardly with the bottle in one hand and Xiao Cheng Cheng in the other.

Tang You You was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to hide in, never to come out again.

"What are you doing here instead of staying in your room?" Ji Xiao Han was a little unhappy.

With such a wonderful occasion, who would be happy if they were disturbed?

Mu Shi Ye said with a bitter face, "I was planning to stay in the room since the beginning, but since my daughter is unhappy, I wanted to bring her here to play."

Tang You You's face turned red, she did not dare say a word, and anxiously ran behind Mu Shi Ye.

Seeing that she looked as if she were a young girl that had just bloomed out of love, yet was actually this shy, Mu Shi Ye immediately looked at Ji Xiao Han with both surprise and envy. "Your child's mother, could it be … Zero experience? Look at how embarrassed she is. "

Ji Xiao Han turned his head, looked at the ocean waves, and asked: "You have a problem with that?"

Mu Shi Ye was shocked, and immediately laughed dryly: "Of course I didn't, I just felt like you earned it. Really, the child is so old, and the child's mother is actually as innocent as a young girl. Ji Xiao Han, did you save the Milky Way in your previous life?"

Ji Xiao Han was flattered to the point that he seemed to float in the air. He had to admit, he was extremely happy in his heart.

Indeed, he felt that he was really lucky. The two children were so beautiful and cute, he really wanted to hug their mother.

"Mu Shi Ye, I'm warning you, you are not to teach her wrong." Ji Xiao Han kept feeling that this brother of his was somewhat jealous of him.

Mu Shi Ye curled his lips and said angrily: "Wandering is my younger sister, I just admitted it. How could I possibly teach her otherwise? It's too late to protect her. "

"When did you take her as your sister? Did you get my permission? Furthermore, I am sufficient as long as you have me as your responsibility to protect her. Your existence is too unnecessary. " Ji Xiao Han was simply a tyrannical demon.

Mu Shi Ye stared at Ji Xiao Han in surprise and sized him up: "Did I hear wrongly? Do I need to go through you to get married to someone else?"

"You didn't mishear me, in fact, that's it!" Ji Xiao Han smiled a little complacently.

Mu Shi Ye was very unhappy. He sat down on a chair to the side and stuffed her daughter's pacifier into her little mouth. The little guy happily held the bottle of milk and took big gulps from it.

"My life is tough, this little guy slept for a few hours in the afternoon, he's in high spirits now." Mu Shi Ye Tu Ran felt that it was impossible for him to sleep well tonight.

Ji Xiao Han walked over and gently traced a finger on the little guy's face: "Your daughter is so cute. Take good care of her, I'm going to sleep."

Mu Shi Ye glared at him, feeling that the expression on Ji Xiao Han's face was extremely pleased with himself. Thus, he hurriedly cursed: "I hope you can carry another pair of Dragon and Phoenix Fats with me next year, so that you can pay for not sleeping at midnight."

Ji Xiao Han stopped in his tracks, turned around and looked at Mu Shi Ye: "I really don't know whether these words of yours are a blessing or a scam?"

Mu Shi Ye said complacently, "Don't you have the genes to give birth to a dragon and phoenix? I hope you guys can hit the jackpot at one go, but you guys have such a high chance of winning anyways. "

Ji Xiao Han squinted his eyes, then laughed out loud: "Thank you for your blessings, and ten more pairs of Phoenix Fetus, I also have no objections!"

Mu Shi Ye, "..."

Ji Xiao Han was so arrogant, had he ever considered Tang You You's feelings before?

If she were to hear it, she would probably never think about having children with him again in this lifetime.

Mu Shi Ye secretly thought that when he had the chance, he would definitely tell Tang You You about his thoughts, and let Tang You You properly treat this arrogant brat.

"Daddy …" Just as Mu Shi Ye was having a bad idea, the little fellow in his arms suddenly let out two words, and instantly melted Mu Shi Ye's heart.