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C1473 Ling Mo Feng's helplessness

The black behemoth suddenly shakes its tail and blocks in front of lanyanxi. The screeching noise of the tires against the ground is even more frightening. Lanyanxi almost falls down.

What's the situation?

LAN Yanxi could not help but step back and saw the driver's door open and a big figure coming down, which made her very familiar.

"Ling Mo Feng?" LAN Yanran raised his drunk eyes and looked at him vaguely. The light of the street lamp shone down. The man's gloomy face made LAN Yanxi tremble and feel afraid to move forward.

She took a step back, but still didn't avoid the strong approach of the man. She grabbed her wrist with a rude big palm, opened the copilot's door, and thrust her directly in.

Yes, it's the plug, not the gentle please.

LAN Yanxi's brain is buzzing. Just along the way, he felt that he was not drunk. Now, the alcohol is on his head. When he was blocked like this, he felt dizzy and uncomfortable.

LAN Yanxi leaned back in his chair and saw the man come in. The next second, the black car, like the wind, blew in the direction of home.

Lanyanxi wants to talk to him, but her brain is heavy and her stomach is hard. She puts out her hand to cover her chest, with an expression of resistance.

Ling Mo Feng didn't say a word, and his handsome face looked angry. As soon as he saw her on the surveillance video outside, he immediately drove to pick her up. Unexpectedly, she was drunk.

How dare she get drunk in front of outsiders?

Ling Mo Feng is going to die of anger. She has been in contact with him for such a long time. She does not drink alcohol. She runs out with a smart face, but her face is peach blossom and his eyes are blurred. How can he not be angry?

"Ling Mo Feng, I feel bad!" LAN Yanxi passed his head and looked at him with drunk eyes. He whispered.

"Bear it!" Ling Mo Feng sped up his speed and threw out two words mercilessly.

Blue words when Heaton felt very aggrieved, but did not dare to spit out, can only bear the pain.

Finally, at the door, Ling Mo Feng got out of the car and helped her down from the copilot.

"Next time you come back drunk, I won't let you in!" The man whispered a warning to her, but lanyanxi's appearance was so desperate that he didn't hear a word.

"Oh!" Lanyanxi's drinking is only after a period of time. On the way back just now, she had a strong consciousness. Now when she came home and saw her loved ones, she realized that once she relaxed, alcohol completely occupied her brain.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her before she could enter the living room. He squatted outside the door and vomited wildly. The smell of wine was very strong. The man could not help but stretch out a finger and put it on the nose. He glared at her angrily, but could not throw her down, or beat or scold her. He could only bend down and pat her on the back gently to make her happy.

LAN Yanxi vomited clean. In fact, she didn't eat anything tonight. She just drank.

She didn't expect that it would be so hard to drink. She won't drink it next time.

"Are you better?" A man's low voice came to my ear.

"Well!" LAN Yanxi nodded vaguely. When he stood up, he felt his legs were soft and subconsciously leaned towards the man's arms.

Ling Mo Feng reached out and held her tightly. Seeing that she was still walking on a pair of high-heeled shoes, she could not walk steadily, so she had to hold her up horizontally and walked to the second floor.

LAN Yanxi's cheeks are in hot soup. It looks like he is drunk.

Ling Mo Feng sighed and carried her upstairs. He saw that there was still some wine in her skirt. He could not put her on the bed. He could only hold her on the small sofa beside him and sit first.

Ling Mo Feng just bent down and put her down. He was about to wash her. Suddenly, a small hand gently grasped his sleeve. The man looked slightly.

I was wondering if she would take the chance to play alcoholic. I saw that the girl grabbed her hand and put it gently on her face. Her little face was pasted gently.

Ling Mo Feng's heart shook, and his heart became soft. He wanted to hold her and comfort her.

Suddenly, the two words spilled from the corner of the girl's mouth filled him with tenderness and frozen instantly.

"Dad, don't leave me!"

Ling Mo Feng's expression is drawn. What's the situation? How could this woman think of him as her father?

"Dad, hold me!" The light and thin voice, like a helpless child, makes Ling Mo Feng's heart ache instantly.

Forget it, she must miss her father too much, so she would like to see him after being drunk.

To be honest, Ling Mo Feng is willing to play any role to comfort her, but he just doesn't want to be her father. He clearly wants to be her husband's person. This role makes people play.

"Dad..." LAN Yanxi didn't seem to get a response. He gradually fell asleep and pulled his little hand. Ling Mo Feng was in a hurry to catch her little hand and hold it in the palm.

Looking at her leaning on the small sofa, frowning and falling asleep, he could not help sighing.

Fortunately, she did not continue to regard him as her father, otherwise, Ling would be really embarrassed.

Make sure she's really deep asleep. Ling came into the bathroom and brought out a basin of hot water. After wringing the water with a towel, wipe her cheek first.

She is obedient, let him wipe, head gentle with his fingers gently rotating.

The man looked at her sleeping like a child's pretty face, small and delicate, beautiful eyebrows, close eyelashes, and even thick and slender, covering her fairy like water eyes, quiet and unprepared.

At last, Ling Mo Feng's eyes fell on the little girl's mouth, which was slightly tooted. The lips were tender and attractive.

He was bending down to kiss her. Suddenly, she thought of the role she had just taken him as. Ling Mo Feng felt that his body was shaking. He got up immediately. It seems that he can't get through this block tonight.

I had to kneel down like my life, wipe the back of my hand, untie her coat dyed with wine, take off her shoes and socks, and soak her feet in warm water.

"Well!" When his feet touched the warm water, LAN Yanxi gave a whisper, as if he also enjoyed it.

Ling Mo Feng put his hands in front of her, looking at her lazy look, could only sigh.

Other women who are drunk create good opportunities for men. Why does his woman hold his hand and call for dad when she is drunk? What kind of girl did he find?

After washing lanyanxi's feet, Ling Mo Feng directly carried her to the bed, tucked her in, watched her turn over, fell asleep, Ling Mo Feng also seemed to have completed the task, quietly cleaned up the room, took her coat to wash.

Lanyanxi's tooling only has two sets in winter. If it is not cleaned in time, I'm afraid that she hasn't replaced it. Ling Mo Feng's heart is as thin as hair. Naturally, he thinks so, so he washed it for her to dry.

Ling took a look at it. It was only 9:30. He happened to have some work to do. So he went to his study and asked lanyanxi to have a good sleep. He was not going to quarrel with her.

At about eleven o'clock, LAN Yanxi woke up by pressing her cracked head. She was hungry. When she woke up, she could hear the voice of singing in her stomach. Just now, she vomited all the things in her stomach. Now, she has no goods in her stomach and began to protest.

"How hungry!" LAN Yanxi reaches for his stomach, turns on the light and plans to get out of bed to find food.

After sleeping for a while, she also woke up a lot of alcohol, so, although she was faint at the moment, her consciousness recovered.

She vaguely remembers Ling Mo Feng's holding her back. It seems that she washed her feet in a blur. At that time, her head was too dizzy, and these memories were not clear.

Lanyanxi put on a thick robe and stepped on a pair of slippers to go downstairs.

She just looked at her mobile phone. It was almost early in the morning. Ling might have fallen asleep. Naturally, she didn't want to wake him up, so she decided to cook something for herself.

Just as she opened the refrigerator, she heard a deep male voice saying, "what are you looking for?"

LAN Yanxi was shocked. He turned around and saw Ling Mo Feng, still in a neat suit, standing at the door of the restaurant.

"You Why don't you sleep? " LAN Yanxi saw him, inexplicably a little guilty, holding a small bag of dumplings she bought last time, so she chose this one because it's simple and easy to get familiar with.

Ling Mo Feng didn't answer her, walked straight over with long legs, grabbed the Tangyuan in her hand and threw it back into the refrigerator.

"Ah!" Blue words and beautiful eyes opened and cried out.