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C776 fight for him

Since Ji Yueze found Bai Zhenzhen, Bai Zhenzhen's life has been restless. She is always paranoid and afraid that she even dare not go out. She is afraid that she will have an accident one day, be killed by a car accident, or be disfigured. It's not that Bai Zhenzhen's imagination is too rich, but that her heart is too fragile. She's afraid of the bad things she's done before, and the retribution is coming. Now she can't eat and sleep well. The whole person is rapidly depressed. She, who paid most attention to facial maintenance before, hasn't gone to

things that she wants to do beauty in the last few days.

The only thing she can think of now is to find a way to help herself.

Two days ago, she learned that Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze had been reunited again. She was like seeing a straw for help. From time to time, she would call Bai Yiyan and cry for her help. Bai Yiyan comforts her, but at the same time she doesn't dare to talk to Ji Yueze. She's in a state of unease, but Ji Yueze doesn't seem to have it. It's really good not to mention Bai. When it comes to her, his whole breath is cold and terrifying, which makes Bai Yiyan dare not say a word


How can this situation be broken now? Bai Yiyan can only wait for Ji Yueze to become kind one day, so she enlarges her aunt.

"In the evening, come to a place with me!"

Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze are seeing each other almost every day. In order to prepare for the start of the new play, the meeting will continue. The two people are getting along day and night.

Bai Yiyan hears the man's low voice coming from her ear. She recovers from her stupor and sees the pretty face that Ji Yueze is close to.

The atmosphere of the whole conference room, because of a move of this man, was ambiguous in an instant.

The rest of the staff, who were very knowledgeable, fled quickly. Soon, there were only two people left in the conference room.

Bai Yiyan's pretty face is red and shy. Can Ji Yueze not do this kind of intimacy to her in broad daylight? She just wants to say that she still needs face.

Ji Yueze's hands were propped up on her chair like this, and he looked down at her small face with thin lips attached. He kissed her on the forehead like nothing: "do you hear me?"

Bai Yiyan breathed heavily. Then she found that she didn't give him an answer. She nodded at once, "yes, where are you going to take me?"

In recent seasons, Yueze has been very good to her. In the evening, she changed to a restaurant to take her to eat delicious food. In the evening, she also arranged to watch a movie with her. In short, all the romance depends on a sudden idea of this man.

There is no room for negotiation. Whatever he wants to do, he has to do it, no matter what.

Bai Yiyan was not used to his way of life before, but now, she is gradually used to it. She feels that he is not surprised to say anything and make any decision.

"Go see my mother!" Ji Yueze's natural answer.

"Ah..." Bai Yiyan's face was slightly stiff. Then, the blush disappeared quietly. She was at a loss and bit her lips in a panic: "I'm sorry to see your mother!"

It's true that Bai Yiyan is ashamed to think of the damage she caused to her playmother.

She felt that she had no face to see anyone in Ji's family again.

Ji Yueze reached over. Her long fingers were clear and white. She gently held her chin. The thin lips were close to her. They belonged to the unique fragrance of men. Bai Yiyan was dazed for a few seconds. Then, the thin lips attacked her mouth with heat.

No matter what she decides, the man says it again.

Bai Yiyan's brain is blank in a moment. She seems to be able to think about anything rationally.

Only the lips, the man's aggressive and powerful kiss, a little bit lost her mind.

Finally, it's over. Ji Yueze is still staring at her. Her dark eyes and flames are more intense.

"How long are you going to run away?" Ji Yueze's voice is already hoarse, and her eyes are fixed on her.

Bai Yiyan was given a glass of cold water and recovered her sense. Her face was red and white, and her hands were pinched together nervously: "I don't know. I'm afraid your mother will hate me and hate me!"

Bai Yiyan doesn't want to go, she just dare not.

"If she doesn't like you, are you going to give up?" Ji Yueze made a light laugh.

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes stagnated for a moment, and then she laughed at herself and said, "yes, your mother doesn't like me, and I can only give up. I still have to have this self-knowledge!"

"Don't want to fight for me?" Ji Yueze recently looked at her with great admiration. She used to feel that she was stubborn. Now she finds that she is not only stubborn, but also stubborn. She thinks about things and doesn't turn a corner.

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes brightened a little, raised her head and asked tentatively, "if I asked your mother in a low voice, would your mother agree to us?"

Hearing this, Ji Yueze felt very happy. Then, Gao Leng raised his eyebrows: "I haven't seen my mother for more than ten years. How can I know her mind?"

Another basin of cold water poured down, the bright color of white Yiyan's eyes disappeared instantly.

She sighed wistfully: "if it was me, I would hate the woman who stepped in. I will never forgive her in my life, and I will stab villains to curse her every day."

Ji Yueze's handsome eyes are surprised. Why is this little woman's mind so vicious and narrow?

"Do you really do that?" Ji Yueze's meaning is unknown.

Bai Yiyan was stunned, then nodded, "I believe most women will do this. They seldom don't care!"

"Not necessarily!" Ji Yueze snorted coldly: "the premise is that my mother also loves my father, but this premise doesn't seem to hold!"

Bai Yiyan blinked strangely: "why not? Doesn't your mother love your father? How can you and your brother be born if you don't love each other? "

Ji Yueze didn't mention her mother and Xia Weiwen to Bai Yiyan, so Bai Yiyan always thought that lanyue and Xia Weiwen were married after her father died.

Ji Yueze gave her a bad look: "my mother actually has other things to love. She married my father in the first place. It was a business marriage, so I believe my mother didn't like my father that much."

"Ah, so it is!" Bai Yiyan looks surprised.

"Get up!" Ji Yueze said suddenly.

"Now?" Bai Yiyan asked.

Ji Yueze said coldly, "shouldn't I go shopping before I go to see my mother?"

"What do you want?" Bai Yiyan asked. "I don't know!" Ji Yueze is also in a mess at the moment, thinking that he and his mother haven't met for so many years, I don't know what to talk about.