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C1349 another possibility

Lanyanxi finally went to the hospital. Her condition was fierce. It was already very hot in the evening. She got an injection and took the antipyretic medicine. She was still confused. She didn't know what night it was.

Cheng Yuan accompanied her all the time and took good care of her. The next day in class, both of them asked for leave. When Qiao Zhuo heard that Lan Yanxi asked for sick leave, he felt that his chance came again.

He first called the hospital where LAN Yanxi was. Then, at noon the next day, he took an empty place, picked up a delicate fruit basket, bought a bunch of flowers, and found LAN Yanxi's ward under all the inquiries.

At the moment, LAN Yanxi's condition has eased a little. With spirit, she is looking at her mobile phone in bed, but Cheng Yuan is sitting on the sidelines looking at the information.

"Hope!" JOJO reached out and knocked on the door. She came in and called out her name with a smile.

LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan raise their heads at the same time, and see Qiao Zhuo coming in with a smile. They ask with concern: "Yanxi, I heard that you are ill. I came to see you specially. Are you better now?"

Qiao Zhuo is here to visit the doctor. Although LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan know each other well, they can't pour cold water on their enthusiasm.

"Thank you for coming. I'm fine now. I'll be discharged in the evening!" LAN Yanxi replied with a smile.

"Then you should pay attention to your health. It's hard to get sick. Did you have lunch? Do you want me to... "

"JOJO, don't bother. I've eaten with Yanxi!" Cheng Yuan interrupts him lightly.

Qiao Zhuo turned to Cheng Yuan and asked curiously, "Cheng Yuan, you seem to care about Yan Xi very much. How did you suddenly become such a good friend?"

JOJO's suspicious words surprised both of them.

"We are similar in character. We live in the same room and take care of each other. Is there any problem?" Cheng Yuan replied with a cold face.

"I don't doubt your intentions, I'm just curious!" JOJO giggled twice.

"I don't need you to be curious. To tell you the truth, Yan Xi gave me a lot of gifts the night we first came here. In order to thank her, I promised to take good care of her during my study." Cheng Yuan found a very legitimate reason.

LAN Yan's eyes flickered, and she immediately laughed: "yes, this may be a bad habit I have developed since I was a child. I like to sell to others. Fortunately, Cheng Yuan accepts my flattery, otherwise, I dare not bother her to take care of me!"

Qiao Zhuo had nothing to say. That night, he stood outside their room and did see two people buying a lot of famous brand clothes. LAN Yanxi was the eldest lady of a rich family. She gave some money to please her roommates. This may be the nature of their eldest lady.

"Yan Xi, don't tell him so much. I think he came to visit the doctor, obviously he wanted to show!" Cheng Yuan's face turned cold and she sneered at Qiao Zhuo.

Anyway, she is not afraid to quarrel with JOJO. After all, it is her main responsibility to protect lanyanxi.

Qiao Zhuo's face was embarrassed. He was a little embarrassed. His mind was exposed by Cheng Yuan. He wanted to show that he couldn't be polite.

"JOJO, thank you for coming to see me, but I'm really fine. Don't bother!" LAN Yan Xili looked at him with alert eyes, which made Qiao Zhuo more confused.

"Yan Xi, don't get me wrong. I just care about you as a friend. There's no other meaning!" JOJO replied, duplicity.

"I know that I'm happy to make friends like you!" Blue words Xi Li immediately laughs, the friend two words sit solid.

Qiao Zhuo is frustrated. It seems that Cheng Yuan is in the way. He has no chance to be nice to LAN Yanxi.

It's not good to go on like this. He has to help the old president. If he has no choice, he has to move Cheng Yuan, who is in the way. Only in this way can he have a chance to deal with LAN Yanxi. Otherwise, it's hard to give Ling Mo Feng a green hat.

"Yan Xi, take a good rest, I won't disturb you!" Qiao Zhuo can only turn around and leave, but she is really upset. Why does Cheng Yuan take care of LAN Yanxi so much? It's like her bodyguard. She's in the way everywhere.

Qiao Zhuo went out. Cheng Yuan stood up and carefully examined the basket of flowers and fruits sent by Qiao Zhuo. There was no abnormality. His face returned to normal. He snorted coldly: "Yan Xi, you should be careful about this Qiao Zhuo. He has a bad heart for you."

"Cheng Yuan, do you think he really likes me?" LAN Yanxi was also extremely distressed.

"Do you still need to say that? I can see from his performance that he is very attentive to you! " Cheng Yuan takes a look at the door.

"But I don't have much contact with him. We just met several times. How could he like me?" LAN Yanxi still hasn't narcissized to the point that she is a million people's fan. After all, she is a very lazy person. She is endowed with the natural beauty by God, but she is lazy to take care of it. Therefore, among the female staff in the general office, she thinks that her beauty is only of medium level. Qiao Zhuo can't be in a group of beautiful women with both temperament and talent She is.

"There are two possibilities. The first one is that he may really like you, without any purpose or intention. The second one is that he may be from the old president's side. Take this opportunity to approach you and break up your relationship with the vice president. I prefer the second one. You must be alert to him." Cheng Yuan said with a dignified look.

"What? The old president? " LAN Yanxi's brain is frozen. I can't believe this kind of terrible thing will happen.

"Yan Xi, didn't Mr. vice president remind you? You are in a very dangerous situation. You must be very careful to approach your people! " Cheng Yuan reminded her seriously.

"And you?" Blue words and beautiful eyes blinked and looked at her.

Cheng Yuan was not angry, but calmly replied, "even me, you can have a skeptical attitude."

LAN Yanxi's face was white, and he was in a deep fog. He couldn't find the right direction.

"Cheng Yuan, don't be so serious. I'll be nervous!" Blue words Xi Du Du mouth, plead with her.

Cheng Yuan immediately bowed her head and smiled: "well, I won't scare you, otherwise, I will be blamed by my husband!"

LAN Yanxi forced her face to smile and leaned on the pillow. Her brain was a little dizzy.

As soon as Qiao Zhuo left the hospital, he called Zhang Lu. He was a little emotional: "minister Zhang, do you know there is a woman named Cheng Yuan in this list? She is the obstacle between me and lanyanxi. With her, I have no chance to connect with lanyanxi. Can you find a way to get her away? "

"Cheng Yuan? I know. She's from the Ministry of defense. She's a young female officer. What? She's holding you back from developing with lanyanxi? " Minister Zhang asked in some surprise.

"Yes, can Cheng Yuan be the one sent by Ling Mo Feng? In order to protect lanyanxi, maybe your information is wrong. Ling Mo Feng just likes lanyanxi, so he sent this woman to protect her. " Qiao Zhuo is also because angry, just produced the second kind of suspicion.

"Do you think Ling Mo Feng is acting with us?" Minister Zhang's face changed a lot. Obviously, they have been making judgments based on the information of the investigation, but they have not looked at the whole thing from the opposite perspective. Therefore, Minister Zhang was very surprised by Qiao Zhuo's warning this time.

"It's not impossible. Lingmo Feng's city is deep. If he wants to protect lanyanxi, he only needs to be indifferent to her and create a false image that they don't love each other to show you. Naturally, lanyanxi's safety will not be worried!" Qiao Zhuo laughed scornfully. He felt that he was so clever that he could question the truth and reliability of this matter in turn.

"JOJO, you are such a smart man. Maybe your guess is right, so we have to prove it now." Minister Zhang also seemed to wake up. Whether Ling Mo Feng was in Ke lanyanxi or not, in fact, could be tested. Anyway, lanyanxi is very useful for them. Now, she is abroad and wants to do something for her, which is very convenient.

"Joe Zhuo, if your counter guess is right, Mr. President must be kind to you!" Zhang's smile is extremely insidious.