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Seeing that Tang youyou has become so obedient, Ji Xiaohan suddenly finds that if he wants to make this woman obedient, he has to use evil moves. If he talks with her, she has many reasons that will make him doubt life. She is the most honest one only if she works on her own.

Tang youyou cleans up the desk quickly, takes out her mobile phone, looks over it, chuckles a few times, and makes someone's eyes change in a moment.

"Who sent you messages that made you smile so brilliantly?" While the man was talking, he reached over and grabbed her cell phone directly.

Tang youyoumei's eyes opened, and stared at him angrily: "what are you doing?"

Ji Xiaohan thought it was some dead bastard who sent her an interesting message, but when he saw that it was the balance of a bank card of Tang Youyou, he squinted and looked at her strangely: "pay?" "

MM!" Tang youyou picked up his eyebrows and said, "a little more than I thought!"

Season owl cold can't help boring a smile: "on this money, also deserve you so happy?" To be honest, Tang youyou's salary, even the balance accumulated in a few months, is pitiful in the eyes of Ji Xiaohan. "

Why do you look down on me? I know you have money, but I earned it by myself. It's of great significance. Give me back my cell phone!" Tang youyou rushes over angrily and wants to take back his mobile phone.

But Ji Xiaohan got a little higher. His thin lips made him smile and explained seriously: "I didn't look down on you. I just feel that you work so hard every day, but only take so little money and love you!" "

come less, I'm happy to work every day!" Tang youyou's mouth is stubborn, but her heart is sweet. She seems to believe what this man said. Don

youyou grabs the mobile phone, puts it in the bag, raises her eyes, smiles gently at the man, her face flushes, and suddenly she wants to escape. No, in front of this man, I don't even have the chance to take this money, but I'm still complacent. I'm really a bit complacent. No, she has to be modest and low-key. No matter how much she earns in the future, don't show it to him. She won't have to be mercilessly attacked.

Tang youyou went to Liu Xi's office first and said hello to her.

When two people passed the office corridor, the eyes of a group of people in the office turned around.

It's a perfect match for men and women. It's really eye-catching when you see it.

Today, Tang youyou's taste is getting better and better. With her natural and beautiful appearance, it naturally becomes more and more beautiful.

There are six black cars parked at the door. Tang Youmei looks at them and asks Ji Xiaohan in surprise: "why do you add another car? Didn't you have five cars before? "

Ji Xiaohan hugs her and sits in the car. Jun's face is depressed: "Lingmo Feng was attacked by someone with a gun this noon. I want to let more bodyguards follow me for safety reasons." Don

shuddered all over, and subconsciously pressed his arms tightly. He worried: "is the situation really so serious? Are you really in danger? " "

don't worry. I'm very careful every day. I'm mainly worried about you. Can you not come out to work first? Stay at home, and when this momentum is over, everything will be OK! " Ji Xiaohan asked her in a low voice. "

OK, listen to you. Anyway, I can work at home and will not be affected!" Don youyou doesn't want him to be distracted. "

really?" Ji Xiao was so cold and shocked that she could speak so well.

"Of course, it's true. I don't want to become your weakness, let others threaten you, and the children will not go to school. We will have fun at home. I will be their own teacher and teach them to read!" Tang youyou replied with a light smile. "

if you can be xiaonai's teacher, you will not be able to teach Xiaorui. If you need help, you can ask your tutor to help you!" Season owl cold also smiled.

"Hello, how can you look down on me?" Tang youyou reached out, squeezed his fist, and thumped him twice. "

I'm changing my way to praise my son's intelligence. I'm afraid that you, an unfit amateur teacher, may miss his study!" Ji Xiaohan continued without knowing his life. "

hum, I was born, I have to teach!" Tang youyou is angry again. After saying this, he doesn't feel enough to relieve his anger. He grabs the back of his hand and opens his mouth and takes a bite. Seeing that she was angry or so hot and lovely, Xiao Han smiled more happily, reached out and hugged her tightly, sighed: "you know? I like you biting me! "

"You What hobby is it? " Tang youYou can't be depressed. He was punished for biting him. He even took it as enjoyment. "

you bite me and get angry at me. At least we are happy and stable now. Can't we have a good time?" Ji Xiaohan's fingers flicked on her clear face: "you are still so young, I will give you more and better life." "

What are you talking about? I can't hear such sensationalism! " Said Tang youyou in a low voice.

"Well, I won't say that. I'll sleep for a while and wake you up when I get home!" Ji Xiaohan patted her arm gently, coaxing her to sleep like a child. Don

you rest assured in his arms and squint your eyes.

Not long after Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou's motorcade left, a pair of eyes filled with resentment stared at the gate of Weiyi on a treasure blue sports car across the road.

Gao Yue hits the steering wheel with a slap. He is very angry. Her pride and self-esteem have been trampled by Ji Xiaohan mercilessly. She is now ashamed to die. In vain, she has installed so many years of nobility in front of others. Now she has not even applied for a position. Gao

Yue heard that Ji Xiaohan often came to pick up his wife from work. She was waiting here. Sure enough, she saw that the man came out with his arms around the woman's waist and opened the door for her, reached out to block her head and let her sit in. Such a gentle and delicate protective gesture would make Gao Yue jealous and red eyes. "

Ji Xiaohan, I won't give up so easily. You wait. Sooner or later, I will make you look up to me. I'll play with you, and then dump you. Just like you ruthlessly rejected me, I will never give up!" Gao Yue is a arrogant woman. What she thinks at the moment is not to love Ji Xiaohan happily. She just wants to play with him with her feelings. Because in the eyes of men, what she can't get is the best, and what she can't get is the best. When she gets it, she can also give up.

In the general office! After Yang

he finished his work, he went back to the office. LAN Yanxi looked down at the moment. He was worried about Ling Mo Feng's situation. Suddenly, he saw Yang he lost his soul. He couldn't help caring about her: "Yang He, what's wrong with you? What's going on at work? "

"No!" Of course, Yang he was depressed to the valley because he witnessed the kiss mark on vice president's neck. "

Oh, why do you seem unhappy?" Lanyanxi is still concerned. "

what can I be happy about? Why should I be happy when I am so tired at work!" Yang He is in a bad mood, so she is easy to speak and stab people. At the moment, her resentment erupts. Blue

Yan Xi was shocked by her words and opened her eyes. After a long time, she was relieved, and heard Yang he apologize to her in a low voice: "Yan Xi, I'm sorry, I I just feel a little uncomfortable in my heart. I didn't mean to roar at you. Don't take it to heart, OK? "

"It's OK. Everyone is in a bad mood!" LAN Yanxi smiled twice and decided to stop meddling.

"Yanxi, I Can I ask you a question? " Yang he suddenly said.

LAN Yanxi immediately said curiously, "what's your problem? You ask! " "

between you and your boyfriend, have you ever had any third party incidents?" Yang he lowered his voice and asked, because two people's desks were next to each other, and they were in the corner. They lowered their voices, and the people next to them could not hear them clearly.

"Ah This question! " LAN Yanxi was in a fog. He didn't expect Yang he would ask.

"Well, I I have someone I like. I feel like he has another woman! " Yang he said with a lost expression.

LAN Yanxi was shocked. He immediately thought of Ling Mo Feng, the person he liked in Yang He's mouth, isn't he?