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C1106. It works

Listening to the gentle concern of the man, Bai Yiyan felt that all the running and tiredness along the way had disappeared. She paid for the most bitter life and listened to the sweetest love words, which was both moving and meaningful. "

If I have your concern, I will not feel tired. Ji Yueze, have I messed up my life again, thinking that I can live a good life in that small town? Alas, life is changeable!" Bai Yiyan can't help complaining about herself. "

What did Wang Xin say to you? You beat people like that? " Ji Yueze is listening to Liu Xiaoxing. Wang Xin is beaten into a pig's head by Bai Yiyan. Every time he thinks about it, he laughs once. He can make a gentle woman angry. That must be a hard word to hear.

"Nothing, he threatened me!" Bai Yiyan doesn't want to recall Wang Xin's words. It's really blocking her heart.

"I'll find someone to clean him up and expose your position. It must be him, too. You can live the rest of your life at ease, this bastard. You'll never see him again in your life!" Ji Yueze has long been unhappy with Wang Xin. He has just had a reason to teach him a lesson, which is also a good idea. "

I didn't expect that he actually did it. It's because I don't have a good eye for people, and I always think of him as a good person." Bai Yiyan is unable to vomit. She only hopes that the people she meets in the future are all good people.

"Well, don't be unhappy about it. Let Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei take you around and have fun. It's a chance." Ji Yueze's next arrangement is to travel all over Europe and America, which is also a life experience for her. The future is worth collecting and remembering. "

well, I'm not going to settle down either. It might be more meaningful to walk around." Bai Yiyan nods and agrees.

"I'm going to have a meeting here. Hang up first, and come to see you when I'm free." Ji Yueze whispered. "

OK, you're busy!" Bai Yiyan is very reluctant to give up. She doesn't want to hang up first. Even if it's his breathing, she wants to listen to it for a while. "

why don't you hang up?" Unexpectedly, Ji Yueze's idea is just like her, waiting for her to hang up. White

Yiyan's careful thought was found by him. Her face turned red and she faltered, "OK, I'll hang up first!" Bai Yiyan couldn't help laughing at herself when she hung up her cell phone.

Ji Yueze held a meeting and went back to the office. Suddenly, he saw the old lady sitting in the office. He was shocked. "

grandma, why are you here? Don't say hello to me in advance. " Ji Yueze now sees grandma, inexplicably guilty, feeling that he has made a big mistake.

The old lady's face was calm, and she didn't speak. She just put a piece of information on the table: "you are still secretly contacting Bai Yiyan, aren't you?"

Ji Yueze Jun's face is flustered. He doesn't need to look at the information. He also knows what evidence grandma must have found. Otherwise, he won't come here to question him face to face.

"Grandma!" Ji Yueze is a little short of breath. "

grandma doesn't want to scold you. I know that you still have feelings for her. It's normal that you can't give up for a while. But you should also remember that you promised grandma that you would never contact her again. From this moment on, you are not allowed to have any more contact with her. If you can't do it, you are not the grandson of my Ji family. Your father will die with his eyes closed 。” The old lady's voice is not severe, but it is sad and deep, which makes people listen and improve their hearts. Ji < br >

Yueze's breath stagnated for two seconds. He understood his grandmother's personality. When she pointed at his face and yelled at him angrily, there might be room for things to turn around. But when she spoke to him in such a calm and sad voice, it proved that this matter had reached its limit. "

OK, I won't talk to her anymore, grandma, don't be angry!" Ji Yueze said every word, it was extremely heavy.

"How do you make Grandma believe you? You promised me before, but didn't you secretly communicate with her? Are you really going to let Grandma down? " The old lady's eyes suddenly turned and fixed on him.

Ji Yueze had no time to hide the panic at the bottom of his eyes. He was seen through by his grandma. His nervous voice changed a little: "grandma, don't worry, what I said this time is true."

"If you want to reassure grandma, promise grandma something now." As soon as the old lady's tone changed, there was a following.

Ji Yueze's heart also quivers, with a very bad premonition. Milk will never come to him for no reason. It must have figured out a solution. "

What do grandma want me to promise?" At this point, there is no room for jiyueze to turn around.

"Promise grandma to meet a girl!" The old lady is smart. After decades of ups and downs, there are still many ways for her to conquer her grandson.

"A blind date? Grandma, you're kidding. I'm not going to have a blind date. " Ji Yueze's face was surprised. What's more, his grandmother joked a little too much. Does Ji Yueze need a blind date? "

don't get me wrong. I'm not worried that you can't find a girlfriend. I want you to find a woman to get married quickly. Don't leave any hope for Bai Yiyan, OK?" The old lady's words, like a knife, stuck in Ji Yueze's heart, and he was frozen.

"Grandma, you want me to get married now? No, I don't want to get married. I want to be free for a few more years. " Ji Yueze really couldn't agree to this, so he instinctively refused.

"I knew that you still didn't listen to grandma. Grandma came here for nothing." Said the old lady, getting up slightly and leaving.

"Grandma, I'm sorry!" Ji Yueze looks at Grandma's increasingly thin figure and feels a pain. "

grandma is really disappointed. From childhood, grandma has been living by your own nature and never interfered. Instead, she demands a lot from your elder brother and has strict discipline. Now, grandma only asks you for this matter, and you don't want it!" The old lady couldn't help wiping a tear, which was obviously very sad. Ji was petrified for a few seconds, then he whispered: "grandma, I understand what you mean. Do you want me and Bai Yiyan to die? I promise you to go on a blind date, but I won't get married so soon! " "

that's what you said!" The old lady's face was relieved.

"Which woman is grandma going to introduce to me?" Ji Yueze frowns. I believe grandma is ready. "

don't worry, grandma has chosen the best for you. You can come back for dinner tonight and see her." The old lady was satisfied with this, and the drama was not in vain. "

it seems that grandma has been prepared. OK, I'll go back tonight." Ji yuezeming knew that his grandmother was acting for him, but he couldn't bear it. Elder brother was able to bear Ji Lin's three times of choosing T-shirt for his grandparents. He really didn't want to make Grandma ill again because of his own affairs.

Just to meet a woman, he is not afraid.