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C1791 shyness is instinct

The man's slender fingers, gently open the side of the quilt, and see the woman with eyes closed and sleeping, Ling Mo Feng can't help but hook his lips and smile, and directly sit on the edge of the bed.

His fingers go straight to the bottom of the quilt

"Lingmo Feng, stop it." Finally, angered someone, LAN Yanxi immediately no longer pretended to sleep, angrily opened, staring at him.

"No more?" Ling Mo Feng saw her breathing, and there was a tickle in her heart, like a kitten scratching.

LAN Yanxi took a look at him, glanced at the door secretly, and saw that her mother-in-law was talking to her son. She couldn't help but snigger, "what did you quarrel with mom just now?"

"Didn't you hear all that?" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips are slightly pursed, and her fingers can't help caressing her face which has recovered her complexion: "Tut, it's true that she has gained a lot of weight. The baby's fat has come back, and her face is full of collagen. It's good to be young."

"Don't move. Don't pinch my face. It's already so fat. How can I see you when you pinch it again? I can remind you that I won't return it." "Blue speech Xi Li is to drum cheek namely, one face says seriously.

"Who says I'm going to return it? I've fattened you, but I'm good at it." Ling Mo Feng smiled softly, flirted with LAN Yanxi, and became a part of his life.

"No, I have to lose weight. You have to ask them to bring me half of the monthly meal." Lanyanxi is a beautiful woman. Now she thinks that she is overweight. She is really sad.

"Yan Xi, are you not confident in yourself or in me? You are in a special period. Don't try to lose weight. I allow you to take good care of your health and exercise, but you can't go on a diet at this time." Ling Mo Feng loves her, but she is worried about her body. She needs to recover now. Proper tonic is still necessary.

"Then say something I love to hear, and I'll think about it." LAN Yanxi, like a proud little princess, turned her face to one side.

Ling Mo Feng suddenly leaned over, and the thin lips sucked on her lips.

"Don't Don't kiss. I didn't brush my teeth. " LAN Yanxi hurriedly pushes him away. Can this man talk about personal hygiene? She doesn't want to destroy each other's beauty.

"What are you afraid of? Do I have to choose the right time to kiss you? " Someone is not happy, because just now LAN Yanxi pushed him hard, he was hurt.

"Yes, anyway." Blue Yan Xi also can't say what reason, the pretty face inflates some flushes.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her shy expression, and his heart moved. He held back his smile and said with a flat face: "you are my wife. You don't need so much attention between husband and wife. You forgot to pee in front of me last time..."

"Ling Mo Feng, keep your voice down." LAN Yanxi wants to drill a hole. Does this man have to take it out at this time? She's embarrassed, OK.

"Yan Xi, I didn't mean to make you angry. I just felt that our children have them. You still share with me, which makes me sad." Ling Mo Feng reached over and held one of her little hands tightly.

Of course, lanyanxi knew the man's heart. She was trying to say something. Suddenly, she saw a drop of white things falling out of her clothes.

Ling Mo Feng also saw that, you Mou immediately fixed on her that position, clothes were all wet.

"What is this? I... Have I milked yet? " LAN Yanxi can't believe it. After sleeping, he felt the pain of swelling in some place. At this moment, even in front of this man, something more humiliating happened.

Ling Mo Feng immediately stood up and said to Ling's mother outside the door, "Mom, bring the baby in. There's rations here."

LAN Yanxi is ashamed and speechless.

Ling mother hurriedly brought in the baby, but also regardless of shame directly asked LAN Yanxi, "is there any milk for the baby to eat?"

LAN Yanxi blushed and nodded: "it seems that there is, mom, give me the baby."

The baby's pacifier was taken away, and he immediately waved his fist to protest.

LAN Yanxi holds the baby in her arms. She is nervous and shy. She lifts the clothes away. The little guy opens his mouth and drinks.

For the first time, lanyanxi has enough milk The kind that little guys can't eat.

LAN Yanxi felt a little humiliated, and felt that he was no different from a cow now.

Ling's mother stood beside her and said happily, "Yan Xi, breast-feeding is the best and healthiest way. I didn't expect you to have enough milk. I'm worried about the lack of children."

LAN Yanxi's face was red again. A man stood beside him, with a smile in his face, and dared not speak.

At this time, a person came in the ward in a hurry. It was LAN Yanxi's mother. She received Ling Mo Feng's phone call in the morning. She knew that her daughter had been born in the middle of the night last night. She was very happy and hurried to come here.

"Yan Xi, are you and your child OK? Is there any accident?" Blue mother really loves her daughter, because she is also a stranger. She knows how difficult it is to have a baby. It's the same as passing through the gate. Therefore, she will ask.

"Mom, I'm fine. Don't worry. I'll feed the baby first. You can sit outside for a while." "Blue speech Xi Li immediately laughs to answer a way, comfort mother.

Ling's mother also hoped that her grandson would be satisfied, so she invited Lan's mother to sit outside first.

In the bedroom, Ling didn't leave. Instead, he sat on the single sofa next to him with a languid expression. He put his hands together in front of his knees and looked at LAN Yanxi with a smile.

This kind of picture is really beautiful and satisfying for men, which is the original satisfaction of men.

LAN Yanxi blushed and did not dare to look at him, but he still felt that his eyes were burning and very hot.

"Don't look at it. If you look again, I won't give it to your son. He will be hungry." LAN Yanxi can't stand the charming eyes of a man at the moment. Her heart is beating fast and her pretty face is gorgeous.

"You are angry with me. Why do you involve your son?" Ling asked her with a smile.

"I'm going to. You two are both responsible for sitting together. I'm not happy. You two will be punished together." LAN Yanxi just wants to be a bad baby with no reason. Who can make this man stare at her? It affects her mood and makes her confused.

Ling Mo Feng had to stand up, but went to her in front, gently touched her long hair: "well, I don't see it, so shy ah."

LAN Yanxi is speechless. Men and women are full of invisible attraction. Besides, they are still men they love. How can this situation make people not shy?

"Take care of my mother." LAN Yanxi's voice softened.

Ling Mo Feng had to be obedient and turned away.