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Daddy couldn't manage me

These words of his godmother caused Tang You You's eyes to redden slightly. She said softly: "Godmother, why are you bringing up this? You're my godmother, who else should I help? "It's not like you're asking me to work for you. You've given me quite a bit of money and helped me through this difficult time. I really don't have enough time to thank you. How could I dare to ask you to help me …"

"Don't worry, your godmother won't let you lose your job. Go, get busy. Your godmother wants to invite you to dinner tonight. Are you free?" Liu Xi said gently.

Tang You You was not afraid of her opponent making things difficult for her, she was just afraid that she would be left idle. Furthermore, she had previously helped Liu Xi design many drafts and was praised by Liu Xi, so she was a little confident in herself.

"I've arranged for her to come to the company tomorrow afternoon to talk about specific matters. At noon tomorrow, you will be the one to receive her. This is her information!"

Tang You You had an introduction of the other party, it was a rather famous Female Celebrity.

After he found some time, Tang You You called Ji Xiao Han and said that she was going to eat outside at night.

The phone rang more than ten times before it was answered lazily by the man, his voice cold and without warmth.

"What is it?"

"I'm not going back to dinner tonight. Tell the children." Tang You You ignored his cold tone, and went straight to the point.

"Not coming back?" Which man are you looking for again? " When the man heard her words, he was instantly enraged. Moreover, his tone was full of ridicule.

Tang You You hated him more now, who did he think he was? He was the father of children, not hers.

"Who do you think I'm talking to? I'm just telling you, I'm not going back to eat tonight. If the children ask, just tell them that I have something on." Tang You You also replied back to him in his cold tone.

"Tang You You, you can just leave the child behind, right? How can there be an irresponsible mother like you? " When Ji Xiao Han heard that she imitated his tone to provoke him, her voice became colder and angrier.

However, Tang You You snorted: "The children didn't say anything, you don't have to speak so much nonsense, I was just eating outside, you speak as if I wanted to abandon the children, is it that serious? "Also, didn't you just tell them that what they need the most is you? Even if I don't go back to eat at night, the ones I love the most are still them, they can understand that."

Ji Xiao Han was left speechless by her words.

Actually, the meaning behind his words wasn't that the children would miss her, but that … Which man was she going to have an affair with again?

"That's it, I'm hanging up!" Seeing that the other party had stopped talking, Tang You You did not want to say anything either.

Ji Xiao Han's face darkened as he stared at the phone that was forcefully hung up by the lady. It was truly heaven defying, to actually dare to hang up on him first, one must know, no one dared to be so presumptuous in front of him.

Ji Xiao Han also threw his phone onto the table, and suddenly became very angry.

He pressed the button on the landline, and his voice was not very good: "Go, send someone to keep an eye on Tang You You, and see which bastard she'll meet tonight."

When Lu Qing heard his Young Master's angry voice, he jumped in shock and quickly accepted the assignment.

Nightfall! In the entire city, the lights were bright.

Ji Xiao Han used to like to meet with his friends to relax and play football and drink after work.

But now, he had left his job half an hour earlier than usual, pushing away his good friend's phone invitation and hurrying home.

At this moment, the two little guys who had been in school all day were sitting in a row on the sofa, waiting for something.

"Big brother, look, it's getting dark. Why isn't father Mummy back yet? I'm starting to miss them." Tang Xiao Nai sighed, and said with some sadness.

Tang Xiao Rui stared out of the window as he frowned, "Daddy's Mummy wants to work, do you think you can be as free as me? Furthermore, what's there to think about?

After being lectured by his brother for no reason, Tang Xiao Nai's mouth was immediately flattened as she tilted her head to the side. "Hmph, I don't want to care about you! I will go to Uncle Yuan to get some cake. "

"Idiot Xiao Nai, I feel that it won't be long before you turn into a little fat pig. Look at you, your mouth doesn't stop talking all day long." Tang Xiao Rui made a cute face at her.

"If I want to become a little pig, I'll crush you to death … "Humph!" Tang Xiao Nai glared at him unhappily, and said while baring her fangs and brandishing her claws.

Tang Xiao Rui instantly began to laugh happily: "You want to crush me to death? If you can't catch me, you'll walk like a tortoise. "

"You … 555, Scoundrel Brother, you are bullying Xiao Nai, Xiao Nai wants to report to Father. " Tang Xiao Nai was like a anxious little kitten, she stomped on the ground a few times, her little face was completely red, her little mouth was gaping.

"Daddy can't control me, idiot!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately said, full of confidence.

However, just as he finished speaking, a tall figure entered the room, followed by a man's low and intimidating voice. "Is that so? You already said that I am your father's land, so how can I not care about you? "

Tang Xiao Rui did not expect that his father would hear his boasting, so his shoulders shrunk.