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The sharp blade made Qiao Zhuo immediately counselled. He was really afraid of death. Even if he had nothing at the moment, as long as he had the life to live, he would promise anything. After all, if he died, he would have nothing.

"Well, I said, what do you want to know?" JOJO nodded in a trembling voice, and there was no momentum for revenge.

"What did Zhang Lu ask you to do?" A man next to him took out a recording pen and began to interrogate him. JOJO took a look at the recording pen, trembling with fear. There was only fear and uneasiness in his heart. If the old president's people knew that he had betrayed all the information, would they also find someone to kill him?

Zhang Lu suddenly felt that he was on a dead end.

"One night, he came to my house and asked me to seduce LAN Yanxi..."

"Seduction?" These two words make all the men in the whole car laugh.

"Do you have confidence in your face? It's disgusting to think of using your little white face to seduce women!" The man who was playing with the knife suddenly fell off with his hand. He made a fork on one side of JOJO's face cleanly. He grasped it well. The cut was not deep, but it would definitely leave scars in the future. JOJO made a painful scream, covered one side of his face, and the blood fell from his fingers.

"Go on!" The man asked him coldly.

Qiao Zhuo was hurt and scared, and trembled with fear: "Zhang Lu said that as long as I let LAN Yanxi like me, he can let me rise. He only let me do this thing. I really don't know anything else."

"Is it? Do you need me to wake up and remember? " The man sneered.

Qiao Zhuo's fear is a contraction again. This is why he said: "Zhang Lu wants to test Ling Mo Feng's feelings for her through my pursuit of lanyanxi."

"Pa!" A slap on the other side of his face: "vice president's name, you can call it?"

Qiao Zhuo was beaten again. It's certain that Ling Mo Feng sent these evil spirits to deal with him. His whole body showed a dead lethargy.

"I'm wrong. I shouldn't be greedy for the chance of promotion. Please let me go. All I really know is that. Besides, I've failed now. Zhang Lu has given up on me. It's useless for you to catch me. I don't know more." JOJO cried for mercy at once.

"Where is Cheng Yuan? You don't know? " The man suddenly raised his foot and kicked him in the chest.

"Cheng Yuan? Isn't Cheng Yuan dead? He was killed by someone minister Zhang asked for? " Qiao Zhuo's face was pale with fright, and replied dully.

"What? If you believe it or not, I will let you also repay the taste of death. " The man picked up his lapel and stabbed his neck with a knife. The man sitting on both sides rushed to pull him apart.

"I didn't participate in this matter. I really don't know. I only know that minister Zhang said that Cheng Yuan died. It seems that Drowned in the sea! " JOJO replied in a trembling voice.

At this time, the business car stopped. Qiao Zhuo turned to look out of the window. It turned out to be a forest. He was about to stop breathing. Was he ready to kill him?

"JOJO, if you have a life to live, you should consider to be an honest and good person, because there is no good end to being a bad person. The things you do to lanyanxi are only the scum." The man chuckled as he got out of the car and gave JOJO an ideological education class.

"OK, OK, I'll make a change. I'll never hurt anyone again. When I see LAN Yanxi, I'll take a detour. I promise I won't have any idea about her again." Jodrow was so scared that he didn't have any more of that.

"Although you admit your mistake, you still owe a lot of money. You two, drag him in to fight and give him a profound lesson." The man moved his fingers and gave orders to the two men.

"Didn't you say you wouldn't kill me? You're going to break your word? " When JOJO heard that he was going to be beaten, the whole man was scared and cried out in fear.

"Not killing you doesn't mean not beating you." The man jeered.

Qiaozhuo was directly dragged into the woods by two men. After a fight and kick, Qiaozhuo passed out. He didn't wake up from the coma until several hours later. When he touched his mobile phone, he found that it was missing. He hit the ground angrily with his fist. He was so unlucky that he would kill himself to this extent.

Qiao Zhuo may not know more information. When he heard that Cheng Yuan had something to do with the sea from his mouth, the adjutant Chu had sent someone to search along the road by the sea.

Soon came the news: "adjutant Chu, we just found a small forest with traces of being pressed by a car. The car has been heading for the seaside, and it has nothing to do with Cheng Yuan?"

"Where, I'll come!" After hearing the news, the adjutant Chu was cold and drove to the place immediately. A group of people found the seaside along the track of the car trace. At this moment, it was dark and the sea was very cold and windy.

"Cheng Yuan!" The adjutant of Chu yelled at the sea. The iron man had tears in his eyes. The adjutant of Chu didn't expect that he and Cheng Yuan had no chance to hold hands with each other and would lose her.

A group of people nearby have set up ropes and jumped down nimbly. At this time, they are also very worried and anxious. Even if there is a chance, they can't let it go.

"Cheng Yuan, you can't die. Come back!" Adjutant Chu was holding his forehead in agony and muttering. Someone nearby helped him tie the rope. He jumped down.

Cheng Yuan shrank into a daze, as if hearing Chu lie's voice. She thought she was dreaming and couldn't help but let her consciousness tighten.

"Cheng Yuan You answer me! " Then there were several voices, but this time, not only Chu lie's voice, but also countless people calling her name.

"Chulie!" With strong willpower, Cheng Yuan opened her eyes and climbed to the direction of the cave.

At the moment, it's dark outside. Cheng Yuan climbs hard. She wants to make a sound, but she finds her throat and eyes ache.

"Cheng Yuan, didn't you say you liked me? As long as you come back, I will marry you immediately! " Chu lie's heart was so anxious that he broke down, so he began to talk nonsense. Only in this way could he vent his pain.

"Really?" Just after Chu lie fell on a sharp stone, she heard a very vulnerable voice. The flashlight in his hand immediately took a picture behind her, and she saw Chu Yuan's pale face with a smile.

"Cheng Yuan!" Chu lie, as if in a dream, swooped over, reached out and touched the girl's frozen, stiff face. His heart was aching.

"I knew You will come and save me! " When Cheng Yuan saw the person she loved, a heart was finally released, her nerves were relaxed, her willpower was broken, and she was in a coma.

It's a great victory for everyone on the court to find Cheng Yuan.

On the way back, in the warm air, Chu lie almost took off all his clothes and tightly covered Cheng Yuan's body, but he only wore a military green shirt.

His palms are rubbing her palms and feet, trying to make her warm quickly.

Some people nearby looked and found a big secret. Adjutant Chu had a sweetheart.

At the moment, Chu lie can't care about other people's eyes. He just wants to let the girl in his arms warm up.

Cheng Yuan is confused. She feels that someone is rubbing her hands and feet. She can't help sleeping more peacefully. I hope it's a dream. There are people who love her in the dream.

Back to lanyanxi's house, she had fallen asleep upstairs. Chulie didn't wake her up, because she was too tired.

After Cheng Yuan came back, the first time was treatment.

At this moment, JOJO's mobile phone password has been cracked for a long time. There are a lot of photos of lanyanxi secretly taken in his mobile phone.

Adjutant Chu is copying some of the photos he secretly took, and then he directly destroyed his cell phone. Those photos Ling Mo Feng wanted to see, so he kept them.

LAN Yanxi slept all night. When he woke up, he found himself lying in a strange room. After a careful review, he remembered that it was the residence arranged by the adjutant Chu for her yesterday.

She sadly dressed and went downstairs. It's been a day and a night. Hasn't Cheng Yuan heard from her?

"Miss LAN, I have good news for you. Cheng Yuan is OK. We have found her!" Adjutant Chu knew that she must be very worried, so he waited in the living room early in the morning and wanted to tell her the news at the first time.