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"Not long ago!" Tang You You did not want to talk about the details. Since the old lady did not know anything, she might as well pretend that she did not know.

In front of a high-end residential area, Ji Yun Ning dressed extremely beautifully. She was dressed in a bright blue fishtail dress, and her long hair was done in a fashionable yet dignified manner. When she got into the car, she saw Tang You You, and her expression froze for a second.

She didn't think that the old lady would actually bring Tang You You over. She thought that she was the only companion left.

"Grandma, didn't you say you would bring sister-in-law along?" Tang You You wanted to act, but who would have thought that Ji Yun Ning would act first.

The old lady immediately smiled and said, "I didn't plan on bringing her along at first, but after thinking of how she would have to deal with these kinds of situations in the future, I decided to bring her out for a look."

Tang You You could feel the old lady's concern for him. Only, she didn't think that Ji Yun Ning would actually be willing to call her sister-in-law in front of the old lady, this was really a little ridiculous. Not long ago, she had clearly wanted to snatch Ji Xiao Han away.

"Grandmother is right, sister-in-law's background isn't good enough. She won't be able to fit into our circle for a while. Grandmother should let her attend more occasions, so as to not embarrass Ji Family!" Ji Yun Ning was smiling as she spoke, so it was as if she was joking to you.

However, Tang You You could clearly hear the piercing meaning behind her words, but she did not refute her, in case the old lady felt that she was a competitive person.

However, Tang You You pretended not to care, but the old lady seemed to be dissatisfied: "Yun Ning, your sister-in-law's background is not too good, but you don't need to stress it over and over again, just say a few words in front of us, in front of outsiders, you better control your mouth!"

Ji Yun Ning instantly felt as if she had eaten a yellow lotus, and could not say what the pain was.

Tang You You gratefully looked at the old lady, feeling more and more that she was a good old lady.

"Grandmother has taught me a lesson, I will never speak ill of sister-in-law again!" Although Ji Yun Ning gave in on the surface of her mouth, in the bottom of her heart, she still despised Tang You You's lowly status. Moreover, she believed that if this secret could not be hidden, someone would reveal it sooner or later.

The old lady could also see that Ji Yun Ning was unconvinced, and said indifferently: "You are also a child that our Ji Family has adopted, we have never underestimated your origin, so, I hope that our entire family will live in harmony."

Ji Yun Ning was immediately like a chicken whose feathers had been plucked, her entire person felt a chill, because, it was as if she was seeking her own humiliation.

Indeed, in terms of birth, she was not that much more noble than Tang You You, but she had actually self-righteously mocked him just now.

The old lady was a perceptive person. She could tell that she was harboring malicious intentions, so she deliberately reminded her. This was also a form of punishment.

"Yes, Grandmother!" Ji Yun Ning was completely convinced this time. In front of the old lady, she did not dare be impudent.

When her foster father was imprisoned, he had specifically instructed her to stay by the old man and old lady's side and serve them well because this matter was related to the two elders' future wishes. Although the company had already given all of its authority to Ji Xiao Han to take care of, the two elders still had a lot of businesses under him, with a total value of ten billion.

Ji Yun Ning had always remembered his foster father's words, so ever since his adoptive father had been imprisoned four years ago, Ji Yun Ning had endured the pain of having feelings for Ji Xiao Han and accompanied the two elders by their side as a filial granddaughter.

The old lady didn't really like or dislike her either. She only felt that she was a sensible child and had already taken on the surname Ji, treating her like a family member.

Ji Yun Ning became quiet, but Tang You You's anger was also somewhat relieved.

The old lady's aura was not bad, with just a few casual words, she had already shocked Ji Yun Ning's aura. She did indeed have the demeanor of a matriarch.

When they arrived at the banquet hall, the old lady was wearing an embroidered qipao with complicated patterns embroidered on it. It looked very rich and noble. With her short silver hair, she looked even more imposing.

From the looks of it, the old lady was definitely one of the influential figures in the noble circle. As soon as she appeared, a group of old grannies came over to greet her.

The old lady was also able to freely chat and laugh with them.

"Ah, Madam Ji, this … "How unfamiliar. Who is it in your family?" A few old grannies noticed Tang You You. They knew him because the old grannies would often bring her around to play, but it was Tang You You's first time appearing so they were naturally curious.

The old lady did not avoid this topic and openly introduced: "This is my grandson's wife, called Tang You You."

Tang You You was deeply moved that the old lady had admitted her identity so easily.

This was more than enough to prove her identity and there was no need to hide it.

Ji Yun Ning, who was listening at the side, felt that it was extremely ear-piercing. Once, she had longed for this identity of hers.

But now, everything was destroyed by Tang You You. This scheming woman relied on her two children to easily obtain the recognition of the elders of the Ji Family.

However, a person's luck would definitely run out, Ji Yun Ning stared at Tang You You who was greeting the noble wives resentfully, wishing that her gaze could turn into two sharp blades and cause two bloody holes to appear on her body.

Under the introduction of the old lady, Tang You You also shook hands with the noble wives to greet them.

"Madame Ji, your fate is really good! Look at your granddaughter-in-law, she has a face full of wealth. Look at her facial features and nose, they all look like they belong to you!"

"That's right. He looks so young, and I even heard that he already has two children. Tsk tsk, how enviable."

When she mentioned her two cute grandchildren, the old lady couldn't stop smiling. This was the best gift that the heavens had given her.

"Yes, yes, yes. My two little fellows are really adorable! I'll bring you guys some other day! " The old lady said proudly.

"We saw it last time. That pretty face is really unrivalled!"

When Tang You You heard the old lady talking about children with them, she became a little embarrassed. Although she wanted to admit that her child was cute and beautiful, but in other people's eyes, she was not so perfect.

There were also praises for her that made her feel embarrassed. What did she mean by 'a rich person looks like a rich person'? What was the basis for all of this?

Ji Yun Ning stood at the side in an even more embarrassed manner. With Tang You You here, she would definitely be in the air, who would even notice her?

Everyone's attention was on Tang You You.