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C1274 disharmony of relations

LAN Yanxi immediately tries to ask Yang He, "Yang He, have you made a boyfriend? Why haven't you ever mentioned it? "

Yang he just wanted to ask about this problem, but LAN Yanxi actually dug her bottom. Yang He, of course, was smart enough to avoid it. She immediately chuckled: "actually, I didn't ask for myself. I have a younger sister who has met with emotional setbacks recently. She likes a man who seems to have some ambiguous relationship with other women. I heard her complain on the phone just now After a meal, I was in a bad mood. I thought, are all men uneasy? When I see a beautiful woman, I will go up! "

Yang He already has a suspect. That person is wan Qianqian, the female painter. At that time, she only knew Ling Mo Feng was with her. Maybe that shameless woman used her beauty to hook up Ling Mo Feng. Want to

here, Yang he would like to take a needle to pierce her as a villain.

LAN Yanxi didn't know for a moment whether Yang he said it was true or not, but since she said it so seriously, she would believe it. "

I don't have many men, so I can't answer your question." LAN Yanxi had to shake his head and don't express his opinion, but he unconsciously thought of Ling Mo Feng. If Ling Mo Feng saw a beautiful woman, would he go up? Just like today's female painter, she is so charming and beautiful, and even a woman can't help but want to see more, let alone a visual animal like a man.

Alas, this kind of question is annoying. Once it comes to the relationship between men and women, the whole person becomes insecure? Just think about it and you'll go mad. Yang

he knew that Lan Yanxi was innocent and had little heart. He asked her in vain. However, she wanted to know another question, so he asked quietly, "Yan Xi, are we friends?"

Blue words Xi Zheng Zheng Zheng, nodded: "yes, how to ask?" "

if you are a friend, should you be frank with me? Who is your boyfriend? Tell me. I will keep it a secret this time. I won't say it even if I die!" Yang he really wants to know who the man is and see if it will affect her relationship with the vice president. "

Yang He, please don't say hello? I really can't, and I don't want to Blue words that is hard under the eyebrow, firmly do not want to tell. Yang

he had to stop asking: "well, everyone has privacy, I don't ask, but if the time comes, you have to tell me!"

"Yes, it will!" LAN Yanxi nodded wildly and thanked her for not asking.

Yang He sneered twice in the bottom of his heart. Isn't he the adjutant of Chu? She saw it with her own eyes. Adjutant Chu grabbed her hand and ran away. If it wasn't for the relationship between men and women, would it be so close?

However, an adjutant beside the vice president deserves lanyanxi to give up her life and come here to work. The person she likes is the vice president. She can give up everything for him, including her dignity. At the time of getting off work in the afternoon, the weather is not beautiful, with heavy rain and snow, storm and storm, which disrupts the pace of life of many people.

Yang he asked LAN Yanxi to see her off for a while, but this time, she also wanted her to go home and only to the bus stop. Yan Xi is a girl who has no city. Of course, she doesn't refuse this kind of thing. "

No, it's snowing again. It's so cold!" LAN Yanxi's little sports car was blocked in the road. She reached out, picked up a snowflake from the window, turned her palm, and she shivered as cold as ever. No.

I know how Ling Mo Feng is now. I really want to call him to care. But she was afraid that he would not be convenient to answer. In the afternoon, when she saw that he could appear at the meeting, she was relieved. She must not be seriously hurt, so he could continue to the meeting.

There was a car behind her to urge her, she found that she had been in a daze for a long time, and hurriedly accelerated the accelerator to rush forward.

In the presidential palace, the old president is sitting in the living room, with several Ministers sitting nearby. One of them opens his mouth and reports: "Sir, according to my current investigation on the relationship between lanyanxi and Ling Mo Feng, it seems that it's really not good. When I went to the art exhibition today, Ling Mo Feng specially asked her to follow her. A young girl witnessed her fiance and others The woman talks and laughs. She must be sad in her heart. Besides, lanyanxi lives in Ling Mo Feng's house now, but Ling Mo Feng lives directly in his parents' house. I think she doesn't want to see this woman. "

"How are they doing?" The manager asked thoughtfully.

"What's more, I heard old blue talking to people and complained about it. I said that Ling Mo Feng was a bad man and was very indifferent to his granddaughter. I was not satisfied with the marriage." "

yes? But the advantages of the marriage between the blue family and the Ling family outweigh the disadvantages. They will not give up this marriage, and they will definitely beat each other up! " Said the old president with a sneer. "

If Ling Mo Feng treats a beautiful fiancee like this, how will the outside world comment on him?" Someone nearby asked with a laugh.

"Do you mean to make their relationship public?" Asked the old president thoughtfully.

"If it's made public, isn't it forcing Ling Mo Feng to go to love LAN Yan and Xi Yan? Forget it, let them torture each other. No wonder I heard that Ling Mo Feng has lost his mind in his work recently. It must be his family's troubles that lead to his inability to work. " The old president sneered.

"You are wise, how important a woman is to a man. We are all here. If we marry a good wife, then our family and everything will be happy. If we marry a woman who has a different dream, our family will be upset. How can we settle down? Ling Mo Feng will suffer in the future! " Someone immediately said. "

OK, lanyanxi is just a small chess piece. There's no need to move her. We don't need to talk about it for ourselves. Let's focus on Ling Mo Feng and Ji Xiaohan first. They are the key figures. This time, Ling Mo Feng is not injured. It's a failure. Let's solve the shooter secretly and keep quiet!" The manager was very angry and clapped the chair to help him. "

it's said that Ling Mo Feng went to play golf three days after his appointment with foreign guests. Is he confirming to us that he was not injured at all?" Someone said.

"In any case, this action is a failure. Moreover, it has aroused the vigilance of Ling Mo Feng. Even Ji Xiaohan seems to realize that the crisis is coming. He has wealth in his hand. It's not so easy to move him. He can easily paralyze the country's economy. If it's in my governance time, I'm a sinner, big Home to remember, can't smear my face, we have to play dark tactics to fight! " The old president stood up with his hands on his back and taught lessons to the people around him. "

don't worry, sir. We will follow your instructions and believe that your wisdom will bring us a brighter future."

A group of people rushed to take the oath. Blue

Yan Xi drives very slowly, so she is half an hour slower than usual before she gets home. Her whole car is covered by snow. She arrives at the gate, pushes the door open, breathes, runs into the living room, and closes the doors and windows at the first time. With

later, she thought about the broken window on the second floor, and ran upstairs. As soon as she walked over, she found that the window had been repaired and replaced with stronger glass.

"It's very efficient!" LAN Yanxi laughs and suddenly gets better.

In fact, the second thing is to repair the glass. The point is whether the man attaches importance to what she says and puts forward every request. LAN

Yan Xi is walking towards her room. She is thinking about whether to call Ling Mo Feng and ask him not to ask someone to deliver dinner. It's not convenient for him to deliver dinner in such a snowstorm. She was thinking, pushing the door and turning on the light. Suddenly, she found a person sitting on the sofa in the room. "

scared me to death!" LAN Yanxi's face turned white with fright. Next second, she strode across: "Ling Mo Feng, why are you here? When did you come back? " "

I came back half an hour earlier than you. I just narrowed here for a while. Did I scare you?" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips aroused a smile.

"I'm not scared. I'm brave. Show me where you're hurt!" LAN Yanxi is happy not to want it. Her pretty face is full of care.