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C1899 easing the relationship between husband and wife

His mother's voice reminds him that he didn't go home to have a meal this month. On the one hand, the company has a lot of things, and on the other hand, he just recognized his son. He is trying to please his mother. Ji is ashamed, so he has to smile and answer, "Mom, do you miss me?"

"How old are you? If you don't feel ashamed, your heart is too wild. If you haven't been home for ten and a half days, you shouldn't have moved out to live alone." Tang youyou is angry and loves this eldest son. He finds that there are many shadows of Ji Xiaohan in him. He takes his work seriously and inherits very much.

"Mom, you just want to urge me to find a girlfriend. OK, I'll bring a girlfriend back to you tomorrow evening to show you something, so that you can get rid of your worry." Ji Mucheng's eyes looked at the woman beside the car. She was putting her hands in her pockets and looked at him. In those clear eyes, she seemed to care for him.

Jimucheng's inner satisfaction increases.

Xia Xinnian looks at the man looking at her. She has a hot face and turns her back quickly. She sees many luxury cars stop nearby. Many parents send their children to school. Many of them are sent by the drivers at home. Many are sent by their mothers and fathers. Few of them come together.

In this fast-paced society, time is precious and short for successful people. People's mentality is different, and they will see things differently. If everyone has time, they will want to send their children to school in person.

Xia Xinnian turns around and almost bumps into the man's arms. Jimucheng chuckles: "what are you looking at?"

"Nothing. Let's go quickly. I have to go to the company." Xia Xinnian quickly opened the door and sat in.

Jimucheng sits lazily beside her. His precipitated temperament makes him seem to control everything very well, calm and calm.

Xia Xinnian breathed hard and moved aside for a while. She didn't know why she suddenly had a good feeling for a man. Maybe she saw his doting and patience for her son. Maybe he was not willing to carry the incubator to the company to send her dinner, or she accepted other people's flowers. He was jealous.

In a word, brother Yan's return makes her more clear about her inner thoughts.

It turns out that friends can't really love each other.

Xia Xinnian arrives at the company in his car. With a smile, Ji Mucheng says gently, "come here in the afternoon to pick you up and take you out with Yu Chen for dinner in the evening."

"Good!" Xia Xinnian nodded, as if he could not refuse his arrangement.

Jimucheng still quite likes her smart appearance, not like she wanted to bite like before.

Jimucheng's car just drove out, and Xia Xinnian met he Jiaxuan in the hall.

"Xinnian, I have been waiting for you for a long time. How can I come to the company?" He Jiaxuan's voice is gentle, just like the sense of gentleness he showed when they were in love.

Xia Xinnian's face was cold, and he swept him indifferently: "what's the matter? He Zong. "

"What can I do to meet you? Of course, I have something to do. I want to order a batch of dresses from you. I have estimated that they are worth about 50 million yuan. Are you interested in receiving this list?" In order to win her favor, he Jiaxuan spared no effort to find an opportunity to meet her. Just in time, one of the club owners he knew had a group of dance troupes that needed to make dresses for performances. He planned to use this opportunity to talk to Xia Xinnian about cooperation.

Xia Xinnian didn't move. She sneered, "I haven't designed the dress your wife ordered. I may not be interested in your order. Please find someone else."

"Why did Xia shuran ask you to order a dress? She didn't tell me. " He Jiaxuan's face changed and he was very unhappy.

"Is it? It seems that there is a lack of communication between your husband and wife. If there is nothing else, I will take the first step. " Xia Xinnian sneers and laughs and turns away.

He Jiaxuan stares at Xia Xinnian's back. It's delicate and tender, which makes people itch.

After so many years, Xia Xinnian's temperament has changed a lot. His attitude towards people and things has also brought a sense of composure. It's not the coquettish waste lady in his memory any more.

"Xinnian, one day, you will come back to me." He Jiaxuan is a man who likes to challenge. When he coaxed Xia shuran to his hand, he would surely cheat Xia Xinnian back.

Xia Xinnian, the cold beauty, is actually the most suitable for men to conquer.

He Jiaxuan's unwillingness in his eyes made him squeeze his fist and turn around to leave quickly.

Shortly after she left, a man in casual clothes came out from behind a pillar with a backpack on his back. He proudly threw his mobile phone into the bag. What he had just photographed should be worth some money.

Xia shuran is not happy recently. The relationship between husband and wife is freezing again. She has to go back to her mother-in-law's house to take her two lovely daughters home to ease the relationship with her husband.

Xia shuran gave birth to two daughters, four years old and three years young. She was born for a year. She thought that there would be an heir for two consecutive children. But heaven seems to be deliberately joking with her. Even for two years, she was born to a daughter. Her mother-in-law didn't say anything on the surface, but secretly went to find a fortune teller, and figured out that it was impossible for Xia family to have a child in the last three years. Xia shuran I also know this from the servants, but I'm so angry with her.

Although she would like to get pregnant again, her stomach hasn't moved in the past two years. She is going crazy.

Two little girls have been raised by her mother-in-law. She and he Jiaxuan go back to live for two or three days a week. Most of the time, they still live in the world of two.

"Mommy, my sister robbed me of my toys." The eldest daughter came crying for help.

Xia shuran stared at her angrily: "you are useless. You are my sister. How can I let my sister rob you? Solve it by yourself. "

When she was pregnant with a second child, Xia shuran decided that she was a son, but when her daughter was born, she didn't care about her second daughter for a long time, which would mean that she would continue to have a baby, like a pig, all the time. So, up to now, she has been indifferent to her little daughter.

"Call your daddy and let him come back for dinner at night." Xia shuran squats down to take care of her clothes for her daughter.

"Good!" The little girl immediately agreed, took out her mobile phone and made a phone call with her father.

"Daddy said he would come back earlier." The little girl returned her cell phone.

"Or you." Xia shuran smiled proudly. Although he Jiaxuan was not very kind to her, he Jiaxuan was very fond of her two daughters.