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C839 enemy's killing

The night came to the city, and Ji Xiaohan returned home by car at 6:00 p.m. with a handsome face, it's uncertain that he will come. At this time, Ji Lin should have arrived home.

The car stopped outside the gate of Ji's house, and Ji Xiao stepped into the living room with a long cold leg.

Uncle yuan hurriedly came to say hello.

"Is my uncle here?" Season owl cold congealed voice inquired.

Uncle Yuan pointed to the upstairs. "I was talking to the old man and the old lady upstairs before long."

Season owl cold eyebrow as if concealed a black, eyes cold light flashed, in the bottom of my heart cold hum.

Although he has made a very difficult decision now. Before his grandfather died, he would not fight against Ji Lin, but if he really wanted to die, Ji Xiaohan would not let him be proud. Ji Xiaohan stepped on the stairs, and did not go to see his grandparents at the first time, but walked to the toy room. Sure enough, he saw two little guys quietly practicing writing and painting. Tang youyou was sitting on one side gently, pointing out two little guys, three mothers and three children. Under the warm light, he gave a very warm picture.

"Daddy!" Ji Xiaorui looks up to see him and shouts.

Ji xiaonai immediately looked up and smiled and shouted, "Daddy, look, I drew a little white rabbit."

Ji Xiaohan walks in with a smile and looks at Tang youyou. Tang youyou has just met Ji Lin with his children. Ji Lin reaches out to touch Xiao Nai's head. Xiao Nai seems to be scared. Because Ji Lin has gray hair and doesn't look old, it gives people a very strange feeling. Xiao Nai is afraid, which is also part of reason. "Xiaonai is so great, it's beautiful"! Ji Xiaohan squats beside his daughter and finds that the little guy is just painting a blank rabbit. It's decent, but the strokes are very young. A lot of paints are painted on the outside of the lattice. The little guy feels that his masterpiece has been great

and needs to be praised.

"Really? I will draw a kitten later. Do you want to draw a daddy Ji xiaonai was very happy after he was praised.

"Your mommy should be able to draw a picture for daddy, or let mommy guide you to draw, OK? Daddy goes upstairs and says hello to great grandfather before coming down! " Asked the season owl with a gentle smile.

"OK, I'll ask mommy to draw a daddy for me!" Ji xiaonai immediately nodded.

Tang youyou's mouth turned up, and he smiled charming: "OK, I'll draw a very similar daddy for you!"

"What is a picture maker?" Ji xiaonai blinks.

Tang youyou thought about it and replied, "it's just like the handsome guy in the cartoon."

"Well, can Mommy draw for me now?" Ji xiaonai belongs to the action school. He must do whatever he thinks of. I really don't know who he looks like.

Tang youyou took a piece of white paper and a pencil. Mei Mou had no choice but to look at the man with the corner of his mouth rising. She could really find a job for her.

Season owl cold also slightly happy, attached the body, thin lips in her ear low asked: "really want to draw for me?"

"Well, I'll draw a picture of you taking a bath!" The smile of Tang youyou's mouth was tainted with some evil spirit.

Ji Xiaohan knew that she was on purpose, and lightly raised her eyebrows and tail: "well, if you forget how to draw it, let you watch it on the spot again tonight."

Tang youyou's pretty face is hot all of a sudden. Stare at him, stare at him, stare at him.

Next to Ji Xiaorui is practicing writing. Listening to the conversation between her parents, she immediately interjects: "Daddy, Mommy, can you stop saying such inappropriate words for children?"

The expressions of the two people are frozen for a moment, almost forgetting that Ji Xiaorui's IQ has soared rapidly recently. At the moment, he has been able to understand these topics correctly.

"Er, Xiaorui, don't think about it. I'm not what you think about when I talk to your father." Tang youyou immediately looks embarrassed and wants to save the atmosphere.

Ji Xiaorui's beautiful corner of the mouth turned: "I know, you are showing love!"

Season owl Han Jun's face flashed a helpless smile, and his fingers deliberately twisted on his son's little face: "little guy, young age, don't think about it!"

Ji Xiaorui does not take it seriously and looks at daddy.

Tang youyou hurriedly flies to Ji Xiaohan for a look. Ji Xiaohan understands and goes out.

Ji xiaonai, with a little face on one side, stared at the white paper in front of Tang Youyou, and hurriedly said, "Mommy, draw the picture of daddy's bath for me."

Tang youyou's mouth was shaking. She was just joking. This little guy took it seriously.

Ji Xiaorui smiled twice.

Tang youyou immediately stared at his son's education with a serious face: "don't laugh. Don't want to eat if you don't finish practicing today."

"Mommy is terrible!" Ji Xiaorui immediately complained.

"You don't know now!" Only in front of the two little guys can Tang youyou show off his majesty.

However, this feeling of bravado is very good.

Under Ji xiaonai's big black eyes, Tang youyou began to draw.

She is a designer herself. She is still a small matter in drawing a picture of a handsome man.

"Mommy, daddy's eyes are not so small!" Ji xiaonai pointed out immediately.

"Your father's eyes are narrowed!" Tang youyou immediately explained.

"That Daddy's nose is not so flat!"

"He's just been punched, so maybe he's a little flat!" Tang youyou continues to explain at random.

Ji xiaonai stopped talking for a moment, and tooted his mouth. He was not satisfied with all kinds of things.

Tang youyou didn't draw a picture seriously. What he thought was the picture upstairs at the moment.

After Ji Xiaohan stepped into the third floor, he heard Ji Lin's voice.

When he spoke, he felt guilty and sincere.

"Hypocrisy!" Season owl cold in the heart sneer.

However, it is because of this disguised smile that my father fell into his hands unprepared.

Ji Xiaohan pushes the door straight in and sees Ji Lin sitting on a chair. The old lady sitting next to her has red eyes. She must have seen her little son for a long time. She is excited and cries.

Old man Ji's face is also a little bloodier than usual. Xiao Han knows that grandpa can't rest assured of his little son.

Grandpa is too kind and benevolent. He always thinks about everything. It's really hard work.

"Grandpa, grandma, uncle is back!" Ji Xiaohan pretends to be surprised and smiles at Ji Lin.

The old lady nodded at once, "yes, I'll be back when I say it. I didn't even say hello." Ji Lin immediately stood up, smiled and praised Ji Xiaohan: "Xiaohan, uncle has come back to see you!"