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C2038 peach blossom debt is coming

On the dinner table of our family, the atmosphere was warm, and the smile in our mother's eyes lasted a long time. Looking at a beautiful woman sitting beside our son, she was very happy. According to this situation, she was a big step closer to the wish of holding her grandchildren.

Tang Weixin and Ji Tingyan are embarrassed. They are not engaged or married, so they go to the family to eat and drink. It's really a bit out of line. Fortunately, their mother is not blaming them, and seems to welcome them. "Tingyan, please don't mention it, just think it's your home and eat it." Tie mother gently reminded them, because they eat too polite, small half bowl of rice, have eaten for a long time.

Two women looked at each other, smiled and nodded their heads.

The two men ate in silence, occasionally taking a dish for their mother, and then for the women around them. They tried to keep the water level, respect the elders and be polite.

Many single mothers, when they grow up, will be jealous with their daughter-in-law, but their mother will not. At present, she only hopes that someone can be better to a pair of sons. They have a hard childhood, and when they grow up, they are busy working, and they don't see people all day long. If it wasn't for this time to take their girlfriend home to see her, when would she not see them.

After dinner, the four people went directly to the balcony on the second floor to have tea and chat, trying to avoid the revenge. However, soon, they talked about the love between men and women and the family. The atmosphere was a little delicate, because it was about the birth of children. The binding Xun looked at Tang Weixin with blazing eyes. Tang Weixin looked at the light flow, deliberately avoiding, but his heart was dark I feel happy.

"Idealism, didn't you say you wanted to see a movie? Shall we go to the luncheon? " Tie Xun suddenly thought of it, so he suggested.

"OK, Ting Yan, will you go?" Tang asked with a smile.

Ji Tingyan and tie Ting were stunned, and immediately replied, "let's not go. You go."

Although they don't eat dog food with them, their younger brother has a time to date alone. If feting wants to take Ji Tingyan, he is afraid that his younger brother will be depressed.

"Let's go, just in time." Tie Xun got up and took her hand and went downstairs.

When I went upstairs, I saw that my mother had brought some delicious fruit.

Tang Weixin broke away from the man's grip fiercely, and lowered his head shyly: "Auntie."

Although Tang Weixin earned fast, but tie mother's eyes did not faint, she still saw them holding hands, she was happy.

"Mom, I'll take her out to a movie. Don't wait for us to come back." Tie Xun said quickly.

"Well, you pay attention to safety, Xiao Xun. She is not familiar with idealism. You have to take good care of her." Tie mother is born to worry about life, the younger son does not rely on the elder son, every time she went out, she always told a few words to rest assured.

"Mom, don't worry. I need her to protect me." Tie Xun said with a smile.

Tang Weixin's face was hot. For the first time, she felt inferior because of her good skill. She pinched the man's palm hard, and tie Xunjun's face was wrinkled, painful and happy.

Tie's mother came to the balcony on the second floor. Ji Tingyan was leaning lazily on tie's body. Tie's arm was gently kneading for her. When she heard the footsteps, the man attached to her ear and said: "my mother is coming."

"Er?" Ji Tingyan fiercely sits up straight and looks at the door with a pair of beautiful eyes. As expected, in a short time, Jiemu comes with a fruit snack.

"Xiaoxun, they want to see a movie. Why don't you go together?" She asked with a smile.

"We've had enough today. We don't want to go." Tie Ting replied with a smile.

Tie mother went to the guardrail and saw that the car had gone away. She could not help but gossip and looked at her eldest son: "don't you really know about Xiaoxun and idealism?"

Tie Ting's whole body tensed. Jun turned to Ji Tingyan. Ji Tingyan was also nervous. His aunt asked him what he was looking at her for?

"I know some, but at that time, they didn't seem to be together." Tie Ting answers casually.

Seeing that her eldest son didn't know much, she didn't ask much, and she cared tenderly: "I'll go to bed. Don't talk too late. Have a rest earlier."

"Good evening, aunt." Ji Tingyan smiles and nods.

After the tie mother left, on the clean balcony, tie Ting's hands and feet began to be unruly.

Ji Tingyan is a little nervous and can't let go. She's afraid that her aunt will come back, so she will lose face.

Tie Ting puts her hand on her waist and pulls her whole body into her arms. Ji Tingyan has no choice but to lie on his body, but this position Very familiar.

Tie Ting does not give her breathing space, thin lips have kissed her lips, repeated product compensation.

Ji Tingyan's brain is feverish, and she tries to pull back a little bit of sense. Unfortunately, the man kisses her too aggressively, and she loses her sense in an instant.

He wanted to go further, but the woman was not allowed, so he had to bite her earlobe and murmur: "I will clean you later."

When Ji Tingyan heard the words "clean up", she was also full of blood. She couldn't say how she felt.

At the moment, the traffic on the road is much less because of the late night relationship. The tie Xun single holds the steering wheel, the white shirt matches with a casual coat, the fingers are long and white, and the diamond wristwatch is shining under the light and shadow. It's charming.

Tang Weixin is the first time to find that there is a kind of noble temperament in his body. In the past, during the time when she ran for life abroad, she was interested in his handsome appearance and his bullying character. Now, she still can't escape the temptation of his beauty and looks really handsome.

She secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, no other woman robbed her and took the man away. Otherwise, she would be shocked.

Tie Xun didn't know that the woman next to him was in a tiger and wolf's mind at the moment. He just asked her in a low voice, "what would you like to eat to watch a movie later? I'll buy it. "

"I'll eat what others eat. By the way, do you have any ice cream? I'll have something cold. " Tang Weixin's blood is boiling at the moment, and her back is sweating. She really yearns for cold things.

"Now it's winter, do you still have cold food? Shouldn't your women eat less cold food? " Tie Xun Jun Mou is slightly surprised to turn to see her one eye, feel her hobby some strange.

"It's OK. I'm not in a special period." Tang Weixin answers him with a smile.

Tie Xun Jun looks hot, slightly red, strange, he always seems to be the woman's face red heartbeat, his bloody calm?

Arrived at the gate of the cinema, stopped the car, two people walked to the direction of the cinema hand in hand.

When waiting in line for the ticket, suddenly, a female voice ran over happily: "tie Xun, are you back? Why didn't you contact me? "

When he saw the visitor, his face was cold, and Tang's eyes were bright. He was on the right side with the woman. The two asked in unison, "who is she?"