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Lanyanxi hung up the phone, her expression was a little bit blank. She looked at the weeds piled up behind her, and then recalled the helpless tone of the man. She felt that she was not doing a good thing, but touched the pain of the man. It can be described as depression.

Cheng Yinggang arrives at the company hall. Her company only occupies two floors of the building. There are many other enterprises in the building, so there are still many people in the hall.

Cheng Ying quickly steps to the elevator with his head bowed down. Suddenly, someone yells at her behind her: "Xiaoying!"

Cheng Yingyi hears the voice that makes her hate some when she is familiar with it, and turns around with a cold expression after a pause. Fang was wearing a plain clothes, which made his identity less obvious. He walked quickly and asked with a smile, "Xiaoying, have you come to the company so early?" "

What do you want to see me for?" Cheng Ying asked in a cold voice. "

I'd like to ask you for help. It's not convenient for Fang to talk in your office!" Fang Yang is still smiling. Cheng

before Ying felt that he had a hole in his brain, he even felt that he looked very good when he smiled, very sincere, but now, the same face, the same smile, she felt very hypocritical. "

say something!" Cheng Ying said coldly. "

there are too many people here, so it's inconvenient to chat. Otherwise, have a lunch together!" Fang Yang wanted to make a phone call to ask her out. He felt that he was not sincere enough, so he came in person.

"There's a cafe on the third floor!" Cheng Ying finished, turned around and walked toward the stairs. Fang quickly followed her behind and went up together. "

Xiaoying, you have lost some weight recently. Are you in a bad mood? Or something. Can I help you? " Fang Yang still cares for her gently. "

put away your hypocrisy, Fang Yang. I can see through you. On the surface, you seem to be very good at being human and accumulating contacts. But in fact, you are the most astute. Your ability to weigh the advantages and disadvantages is also first-class." Cheng Ying ridiculed him without politeness. "

Xiaoying, you must have misunderstandings and prejudices about me. I really mean it to you." Fang Yang quickly explained for himself.

Cheng yinggou chuckles and ignores him. In fact, Cheng Ying agreed to sit down and talk to him if he had something to say clearly. Otherwise, she would have turned away.

Sitting down in the cafe, Fang Yang quickly ordered a lot of delicious food for Cheng Ying. Cheng looked at her coldly. At last, she said, "why do you want to find ChuChu? Don't you know it's a blow to her if you look for her like this? " "

when she grows up, it's time for her to know something. Xiaoying, I'm not good at it. I didn't think about it well, but you know it. I was good at it when I was young." Fang Yang said shamelessly.

"What you call good is to give her toys and money, but she doesn't need them at all. What she wants is father's love and company. Which one have you given her?" Cheng Ying sneers. Fang's face couldn't hold, so he smiled awkwardly: "yes, I'm not good enough at this, but I'll take care of your mother and daughter in the future, but now I have some difficulties and want to help me."

Cheng Ying looked at him like a joke: "what's the matter? You have such a big face that you dare to ask for delicate help! "

"Xiaoying, if I can take the position of mayor, it will be very helpful for you and Chu Chu in the future. I will find more business for you, expand your company, find more contacts for Chu, and help her in the entertainment circle. In this way, everyone will be better!" Fang Yang deserves to be eloquent. Instead of saying his own benefits, he said the benefits of Cheng Ying and Yang ChuChu first.

"Oh, I see. You're in the position of mayor, and you can't climb up. You're counting on Luo Jinyu to help you, aren't you?" Cheng Ying is also a shrewd woman. She will also pay attention to political matters, so she guessed his purpose directly.

"Since you know, can you ask Luo Jinyu to help me? I will be grateful to him! " Fang Yang exposed the face of a political careerist. "

no!" Cheng Ying didn't even think about it, but directly replied, "Fang Yang, what do you mean? You used to climb up and rely on your wife's support. Now, why doesn't your wife's family help you? But think of our mother and daughter, and want to use our light to illuminate your future. Do you think your life is so smooth? " "

Xiaoying, how can you say that to me? I was also forced to be helpless at the beginning. She has secretly given birth to our daughter. I was forced to marry her. " Fang Yangdun was so angry that he felt his old face could not hang. "

I also gave birth to a daughter for you. I didn't force you, so you just gave up our mother and daughter, did you?" Cheng Ying feels that his thoughts are ridiculous and selfish. "

when I asked you to take off the child, you insisted on giving birth, and I was very embarrassed!" When it comes to the past, Fang Yang is still blaming Cheng Ying for not having a baby to take off. In this way, her life will not be destroyed like this.

"If we want to talk about it, let's not talk about it!" Cheng Ying gets up to leave.

"Xiaoying, when I beg you, please help me once. Luo Jinyu said, I can sit in this position. Moreover, I have seen clearly the situation for a long time. The old president's prestige has been greatly reduced. Ling Mo Feng is the new leader in the future. I have to stand in the right team, otherwise, I will soon be squeezed down." Fang Yang is also in a hurry at the moment, so he can easily say the word "beg".

"Fang Yang, you deserve it!" Cheng Ying callously scolds him: "I won't let you be proud. Maybe your future is over here!" "

Cheng Ying!" Fang Yang didn't expect Cheng Ying to be so sarcastic and cursing when he begged her. He was inevitably angry.

"What? Vice Mayor Fang, do you still want to threaten me? " Cheng Ying chuckles. "

How can you be so cold-blooded and merciless? We love each other for a while and have a daughter. Why do you help me once?" Fang Yang is also in a hurry. He wants to take this position down. But now it seems that his hurry is useless.

"Oh, I seem to forget that your wife's mother's family supports the old president. I don't know how to let them know about this, and how to deal with it!" Cheng Ying's means of threatening people are not inferior. "

Cheng Ying, you..." Fang Yang's face was white with fear. If his wife knew that he was secretly joining Ling Mo Feng, she would be afraid that the marriage would be dangerous. "

are you afraid? I just don't want to break up your family, otherwise, you don't want to live safely till now, Fang Yang, don't provoke me, I'm not afraid of anything! " Cheng Ying finishes, shakes long hair and strides away. Fang was refused, and even threatened and humiliated. He became angry. "

Cheng Ying, don't you really think about your daughter?" Although Fang Yang was angry, he had nothing to do. He didn't have the ability to do great things. Fang's face was full of frustration. When he came back home, Fang Kexin sat on the sofa. His father and daughter met each other, and his expression was a little embarrassed. Fang Yang felt his face was black.

Fang Kexin suddenly took out the mobile phone, turned out the photo, and threw it directly on the table: "to see her?" Fang

Yang was stiff. He walked quickly, took up his mobile phone and looked at it. He was cold.

"Xiaoxin, did you send someone to follow me?" Fang Yang's face darkened in a flash.

"If I don't find someone to follow, how can I know you're going out with the fox?" Fang Kexin stood up, his tone suddenly sharpened, obviously very angry.

"I'm your father!" "

you are also Yang ChuChu's father!"

Fang Yang's body froze with fear. He whispered quickly, "do you have to make your mother know?" Fang

Kexin's eyes are red. However, she doesn't want her mother to know that her mother is not very well recently. She often goes to the hospital to see a doctor. Of course, Fang Kexin doesn't dare to let her be hit, but she can't bear the anger.

"I went to see Yang ChuChu. They didn't want to recognize you at all. You'd better not see their mother and daughter again in the future, so you won't be looked down upon!" Fang Kexin is also full of anger. Unexpectedly, things are not what she thinks. People despise their family at all. Ah

, it's really arrogant to climb the high branch.