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C664 please the elders

Ji Shangqing is wearing a black windbreaker, with a clean shaven beard and a fresh and handsome face, which is very popular with women.

He turned his head and looked at the world outside the window. He was familiar and strange. He stayed abroad all the year round. He had lost his memory of many places in the city.

However, I believe that it will not be long before he can come back from abroad, and use another identity to re-examine this prosperous metropolis, which is the economic capital of the world.

Jishang cleans up her clothes, opens her mobile phone, and looks at the pictures of women on the screen.

"It's not bad!" Ji Shangqing commented lightly.

The picture on his screen is the picture of Tang youyou's travel that he specially asked for someone to take secretly. The picture is high-definition. Although it doesn't take a picture of her front face, just looking at a side face is enough to make a man's heart.

She wore a hat on her head, her long black hair on her back, a delicate side face, hidden under the hat, a beige long windbreaker, wrapped her slender body, with good temperament, should be a very pure woman.

Ji Shangqing squinted, really want to see his sister out of the Bureau of women, what kind of woman in the end.

Tang youyou's car drove into the living room of Ji's house. Suddenly, she saw a black car parked at the door, thinking to herself, it's not the second senior of Ji's house that has come to visit.

Tang youyou hesitated to go in and disturb them, but the driver drove the car directly to the door of the hall.

"Miss Tang, here you are!" The driver's eldest brother whispered to remind her.

"Thank you!" Tang youyou thanked her and pushed open the door and went down.

She wore a hat on her head. If she didn't look at her head, she would not see the gauze on her forehead.

Tang youyou takes off his hat and steps into the living room.

From afar, I saw a young and handsome man sitting on the sofa in the living room. The man sat politely with a gentle smile on his face.

Sure enough, there are guests coming!

The old lady and the old man sat by, as if talking to the young man.

"Yo, come here!" The old lady has already put down her mustard to don Youyou, so when she sees her coming in, she waves to her directly.

Tang youyou just walked past and heard the old lady point to the young man and say, "this is Shangqing, my grandson, Xiao Han's cousin."

Tang youyou looks slightly shocked. Is this man the son of Uncle Ji Xiaohan?

Why did he come here all of a sudden?

"Hello, Mrs. Tang. Nice to meet you for the first time." Ji Shangqing immediately stood up and extended his hand politely to Tang youyou.

Tang youyou thought that he would be as hateful as his father, but he didn't expect that he was gentle, polite and gentlemanly.

"Shangqing, shake hands, she is your cousin after all!" The old lady burst out.

Ji Shangqing's expression was just a trance, embarrassed and blushing: "I'm sorry, I'm too polite!"

Tang youyou nodded to him: "I'm glad to see you, too! You talk slowly, I went upstairs! "

The old lady didn't stop Tang youyou from going upstairs.

Ji Shangqing has a pair of dark eyes, but they flash with a full of interest.

I didn't expect that Tang youyou is even more beautiful and lovely than in the photo. Because of his big black eyes, clear and clear, just like two crystals, he is bright and charming, and his skin is clear and transparent, which makes him attractive. "Shangqing, your father hasn't come to see us since he came out. Is he OK?" The old lady is still very concerned about her little son. If it wasn't for the old man to condemn him and send him to prison for five years, the old lady may have made her own decision to mediate this matter.

The old man snorted coldly: "how could he have the face to see me? He should reflect on his behavior well when he does such unknowable things. " Ji Shangqing seems to be still angry with grandpa when he saw him. He quickly pleads with shame: "Grandpa and grandma, my dad already knows that he is wrong. Please forgive his impulsive behavior in that year. He has changed his ways. He really doesn't have a good idea to meet the elder. However, he said,

after a while, he will go back to China and personally greet the elder."

"It doesn't matter whether you come or not!" The old man said angrily.

The old lady immediately glared at him and said, "what do you say? He is our son, anyway. How can father and son ever be enemies? Shangqing, please let him call me. I want to hear his voice."

"OK, grandma!" Ji Shangqing nodded with a smile.

Seeing that the grandson grew up and became more sensible, the old man nodded his head with satisfaction: "Shangqing, I heard that you have several companies of your own in foreign countries, which is really good. Grandpa is proud of you."

"Thanks to Grandpa's full support in those years, I have made a small achievement today, Grandpa, thank you." Ji Shangqing's sincere tone of gratitude.

"Humble and grateful, your father is not as good as you. Shangqing, you can't blame grandpa for not letting you hold the shares of Jijia, right?" All of a sudden, the old man felt that he had always given his love to his grandson, two little grandsons, but he had some shame.

"Grandpa, what do you say? How can I blame you? I want to thank you! " Ji Shangqing's face was frightened.

The old man looked at his sincere expression and sighed: "although grandpa has been eccentric, but you are all my good children, Grandpa will not treat you too badly, you are good at your efforts, and there is no future!"

Hearing the old man's words, Ji Shangqing secretly rejoiced for a while. It seems that Grandpa will surely leave something for him in his will.

"Grandpa, in my heart, you have always been my most respected grandfather. No matter what kind of decision you make, I have no objection." Ji Shangqing said with a thoughtful expression.

The old lady sighed: "Shangqing, you are not young. Are you looking for a girlfriend? When can I bring it back to grandma? "

"Not yet. I've been busy with my work. I don't have a chance to meet girls!" Ji Shangqing has a pitiful expression.

"Tut, it's no use just working. We must think about marriage affairs as soon as possible!" As soon as the old lady heard that she was still single because of her busy work, she immediately fell in love.

The old man nodded, "yes, we should pay close attention to marriage. It's not good for children when we are old!"

Ji Shangqing immediately looked at the old lady: "grandma, do you have a suitable girl to introduce me?"

The old lady nodded and smiled happily: "yes, grandma knows a lot of senior officials and dignitaries. I will introduce you some excellent girlfriends some day." "Thank you grandma, then I'll come on!" Ji Shangqing immediately attracted the two old people's favor.