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Tang You You's mind was in a daze, her petite body was forcefully suppressed by the man's tall and sturdy body, unable to move.

At this moment, she was so weak that she had no power to resist. She could only allow men to forcefully seize her.

"Ugh …" Tang You You was about to hold her breath, all the air had been snatched away by the man. At this moment, her brain was severely injured, and all she could do was let out a protest as she felt that the man's body was too heavy, causing her to be unable to move. She was like a pitiful little sheep, her beautiful eyes were filled with tears and mist from being wronged, complaining about the man's crimes.

Could it be that what he did just now was truly too excessive?

Or was he too hungry?

Tang You You also didn't know what was wrong with him, but he felt that this man didn't care about his resistance, and was forcefully suppressing him like that.

Moreover, just now, her mind was replaying the scene from five years ago when she was forced into a corner by him. The feeling of being torn apart inside her body had always been a nightmare for her.

These past few years, she would occasionally have that dream. Later on, she would be too tired from bringing her child around. Gradually, she would rarely be able to dream about that dream again.

But just now, that man was as heavy as a mountain, making her recall that morning once again. How she dragged her sore legs away, and how she recovered from the lacerations from a few days ago.

Ji Xiao Han did not know what she was thinking, but his pretty eyebrows slightly knitted, and after that, he took the initiative to sit up: "I'm going to sleep with my son."

Tang You You did not reply him, and only curled his body.

Ji Xiao Han didn't know that there had been a shadow in Tang You You's heart. He only felt that this woman seemed to be more weak than he had imagined, she seemed to be very resistant to being touched by others. Could it be that this had something to do with him forcing her to do with five years ago?

Around 10: 30 PM!

Pei An Xin's car drove into the car park.

After she stopped the car, she walked towards the elevator's entrance.

However, just as she reached a place in the shadows, a tall figure suddenly blocked her path.

Pei An Xin was caught off guard, and immediately jumped in fright as he let out a scream.

"It's me …!" A voice that was intentionally lowered sounded out.

When Pei An Xin heard this voice, he immediately raised his head. With the light from the lanterns behind him, the man's deep and handsome facial features became even more distinct.

"Mu Shi Ye? Why are you here? " Pei An Xin could not believe it. How did this man find his way here?

Mu Shi Ye's eyes became gloomy, and his tone became dejected: "Do you think you can hide from me? "As long as it's someone I want, I'll definitely be able to find them. An Xin …"

"Don't call me that, you're not worthy!" Pei An Xin bellowed at him angrily.

Mu Shi Ye's body froze, his eyes were gloomy without any light, without blinking, looking at the beautiful woman in front of him.

The woman had shoulder-length short hair and a very fashionable aura. Her appearance was picturesque, and her facial features were exquisite yet small. She definitely belonged to the type of woman that would make people unable to forget at first glance. She was very beautiful with many unique features.

"I already have a child, am I not worthy?" Mu Shi Ye chuckled. He felt that her angry look was as cute as ever.

Pei An Xin coldly snorted. "Who said the child is yours? I only said that today because I was afraid that you would jump down from the stairs. Although I hate you, I do not wish for you to die. "

"If you don't want to see me die, that means you still care about me." Mu Shi Ye lost control of his voice and laughed as he spoke.

Pei An Xin turned her petite face to the side, resentment filling the bottom of his eyes: "So what if you find me? It's impossible for me to be with you, so hurry up and go find your third or fourth person. "

"What are you talking about?" Mu Shi Ye's beautiful eyebrows instantly twisted into a rope.

Pei An Xin laughed coldly: "Stop pretending here, back then I received more than just one provocative call from a woman. I have seen all of the photos you had with them with my own eyes, Mu Shi Ye, even now, do you still think that I can't compare to you? That's right, my family assets may not be as good as your Mu Family's, but don't worry, I won't be as good as you in the future. "

When Mu Shi Ye spoke out such cold and emotionless words, his gaze turned deeper and deeper, "An Xin, what exactly do you want to say? You want to say that I betrayed you because I had other women? How can you accuse me so wrongly? "

"I didn't wrongly accuse you because I know what sort of person you are." Pei An Xin clenched her teeth in hatred, then, she extended her hand, wanting to push away the man who was blocking her way, but she did not expect that when she extended her hand out, she was suddenly grabbed by the man and thrown into his embrace.

"Mu Shi Ye, what are you doing? Let me go! " Pei An Xin was even more furious, he felt that Mu Shi Ye was messing with her.

Mu Shi Ye hugged her tightly in his embrace, his thin lips next to her ear as he asked in a low and hoarse voice, "Who is this child? Tell me the truth."

"It's not yours anyway!" Pei An Xin replied with a cold smile.

"Whether it is mine or not, I can test it! The result will naturally be known. " Mu Shi Ye's tone carried a trace of disappointment.

"I forbid you to touch my daughter!"

"It could also be mine!" Mu Shi Ye lowered his tone.

"No!" Pei An Xin suddenly struck him hard in the chest: You bastard, Mu Shi Ye, how can you treat me like this? "You don't love me. Why did you come and find me? Why did you sleep with me?"

Mu Shi Ye allowed the woman to randomly beat on his bosom. He felt no pain, and only held on to her hand, and did not let go.

"I slept with you because I love you. Don't you understand?" Mu Shi Ye felt that this woman's EQ was sometimes too low, and needed him to teach her a little.