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C624 his thoughts

Joe's first thought about the accident, although he has been oppressed by Ji Xiaohan, but as his friend, Mu shiye and Luo hening still know about it.

They made an appointment, brought gifts and came to see Joe at first.

Ji Xiaohan is moved by these two good brothers. Some things are not easy to talk in the ward, so the three brothers are about to talk in the smoking area at the end of the corridor.

Looking at Tang youyou's pitiful look, lohnin and Mushi are all in love with Ji Xiaohan.

"I didn't expect that this sentence of the most poisonous woman's heart was really fulfilled. At the beginning, Tang Xuerou pursued you so hard that you didn't look at her directly. Now, she hurt Tang youyou in turn, which hurt your sweetheart. You must hate her." Moo night a face of emotion asked.

Season owl cold mercilessly smoked a cigarette, cold hum: "so, I also did not let her go."

"You sent her to jail? It's also true that a cruel and vicious woman like her shouldn't be released to harm others. " Lohnen said angrily.

"She's crazy now. She's being treated in a mental hospital!" Ji Xiaohan has seen the video of Tang Xuerou's madness. I believe she is really driven mad by herself.

"Would she play the fool and try to avoid your revenge? This woman has a lot of heart and eyes. You have to guard against her. " When I admire you, I feel that I should punish the wicked and never let them go.

"I think she's really crazy. Do you think it's possible to pretend to be crazy in front of me?" Ji Xiaohan has found many people to test Tang Xuerou. Even he has confirmed with the psychiatric hospital.

Tang Xuerou is not pretending to be crazy, but her nerves are really disordered and many behaviors are abnormal.

Lohnin nodded, "well, it's impossible to escape your severe punishment, and she deserves it. Who told her to do such evil things?"

"I don't like this kind of woman anyway!" Mu shiye shrugs his shoulders to show that he has no saint's heart.

Ji Xiaohan saw that two of his friends were full of spring light, so he thought he had a good life, so he asked, "how are you doing? Work and love will win. "

Lohnen immediately looked at Mu shiye with envy: "he has chased Anxin to his hand, and then it should be a good time for sweetness and honey." Mu shiye Jun's face is a color of bitterness: "it's still early to be sweet. Although Anxin has promised to associate with me, she seems to be less enthusiastic and proactive than before. I dare not force her any more. Live like this and hurt her. She always has a knot in her heart. I don't ask for anything else, just

ask her to be safe and stable around me, so that I can see her "

"Tut Tut, I didn't expect that you also have today." Lohnin listened to him and said it was inconceivable.

When the night but light self mockery: "yes, this is also the result of my own, at least, I am satisfied with the result."

Ji Xiaohan is not as surprised as luohenning. He just claps his hand on his friend's shoulder and encourages him: "we are in a father's mood. Henning won't understand. When we have children, we will know what kind of life you want most."

Mu shiye nods and agrees: "it's true that I'm living with Anxin and her daughter now. It's not bad." Someone's expression was half black in a flash, and lohnin sighed to himself: "you all have children. Look at me again. I haven't even got married. Oh, no, you haven't got married. I'm a little relieved." Mu shiye looks at his good friend sympathetically: "you are not in my brother-in-law's position, maybe there are It's a hundred and eight thousand miles away. Come on! "

"What? It's too far. Can I be your brother-in-law in my lifetime? " Lohnin's handsome face flashed a look of panic.

The two people watching the bustle beside were all amused by his forced expression.

Mu shiye shrugs his shoulders, indicating that this is an unsolved puzzle.

"In the evening, you can go back and advise your sister. I really don't want to wait any longer. It's a process that every couple will go through, isn't it?" At present, lohnin's only one who can ask for help is mu shiye.

When Mu night a face helpless tone: "Henning, not that I don't want to help you, my sister's temper you should understand, if she doesn't want to do things, who advised no use."

"Then take more orange to stimulate her. Orange is so lovely and adorable. She must want a child of her own." Lohnin had to continue to think.

Mu shiye raised his eyebrows: "I let orange to stimulate her every day. Now, she likes orange more and more, and won't think about giving birth to one at all."

Lohnin's face was cold.

Season owl cold had to keep comforting friend: "you don't worry, fate arrived, even if you want to hide also can't hide."

"Is that your experience?" Lohnin looked straight at him for comfort.

The cold handsome face of Ji Xiao flashed a little depression: "yes, this is my experience."

"Xiao Han, do you have any concerns?" Mu shiye finds that Ji Xiaohan has no self-confidence like before, which is not his style. All along, he is full of self-confidence in his career and love, as if in his hands, there are no unsolvable problems.

But when I saw him today, I always felt that there was something hidden in his eyes, which worried them.

"I'm fine!" Season owl answers coldly.

"If there's anything we can do for you, just say it. We'll always be your best brother." When the night is very righteous.

"Yes, don't be polite when you need us!" Lohnin also expressed his loyalty.

Ji Xiaohan sighs bitterly in the bottom of his heart. Even if he really needs help, he can't help them.

"I'm really OK. You can leave first. You and I will be discharged tomorrow! Thank you for your concern! " Ji Xiaohan's hidden worries, he will not say a word to people.

After seeing off two good friends, Ji Xiao's cold and handsome face sinks down slightly, his eyes are tight and thinking about things.

Push the butt into the ashtray and he takes out his cell phone.

I gave it to my assistant Lu Qing.

"You help me find a number!" The voice of the season owl is cold.

"OK, young master, what's the number?" Lu Qing hears that the young master's voice and color are not right, and immediately asks with concern. Ji Xiaohan's super memory makes him easily say the number he saw in Tang youyou's cell phone.