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Yang ChuChu looks over at his father. He is getting old rapidly. Maybe the most time, his hair is black and white. There is no vitality in the whole person. There is only sadness after being tortured by life.

"We'll all be fine, as you say." Yang ChuChu bowed his head and answered softly.

Fang Yang smiled with relief. Now, among his children, Yang ChuChu is the most insecure one. His other daughter, he was relieved, because she was so competitive and strong since she was a child that she would never be wronged. However, Yang ChuChu learned her mother's sense of forbearance since she was a child, which means that she was wronged and would never talk to the people around her. She would swallow it alone.

After Yang ChuChu's audition, the director is very satisfied with her appearance. She has a thin bone and a natural hanger. No matter what her clothes are, the upper body effect is very good. Of course, the director is exaggerating. Who makes Yang ChuChu the heroine of Ji Yueze? How dare he say half of it is bad.

Yang ChuChu just left after a walk, and Fang Yang took the first step because of something.

When Yang ChuChu walked out of the living room, suddenly, he saw a familiar black car. Yang ChuChu's brain exploded. Isn't this the car that just followed her all the way?

Just when Yang ChuChu opened her eyes and was upset, the door opened. An old lady suddenly got off the car and stared at Yang ChuChu directly with a pair of angry eyes. Before people came over, they had already pointed at her face and swore: "it's you, a bitch, who caused my daughter to divorce!"

Yang ChuChu hasn't reflected why the other party scolded her. After listening to her, she knows that she was Fang Kexin's grandmother.

This time, not only Liu Lan's mother, but also her two sisters and aunts, three middle-aged women and an old lady, surrounded Yang ChuChu directly.

"Hello, what are you doing?" Yang ChuChu's two assistants protected Yang ChuChu in an instant and shouted angrily at each other.

"What? This little bitch has divorced my daughter. My daughter has killed herself twice. Her life is almost gone. Can't I talk to her about it? " The old lady was very mean. She stared at Yang ChuChu with hate in her eyes, so she had to take a knife to scratch her face.

Although Yang ChuChu was temporarily frightened by the other party's posture, she calmed down and sneered at the old lady's words: "what's the matter with her life and death?"

"Why is it none of your business? It's your mother and daughter. Your mother is a fox spirit. You are a fox. You are not good things. You can't see the good of others. You have to break up my daughter's marriage. You have pity on my two grandsons. You have lost the whole family. How can you live in the future? " The old lady suddenly sat on the ground and howled, as if she had suffered great grievances. Suddenly, several reporters sprang up around her, and quickly handed over the microphone to interview this matter.

Yang ChuChu is a young girl. Although she has two assistants, she is frightened. The other side is not only crowded, but also can put down her face to cry. They are not rivals at the level of aunt. They are all bluffing.

A few middle-aged women nearby saw reporters coming to pick up the microphone one by one, condemning Yang ChuChu and her mother for their sins.

"It's her, her mother, who shamelessly seduced my brother-in-law in my sister's marriage and ruined their marriage. What's her daughter's qualification to stand in front of the stage and be sought after by thousands of people? In ancient times, she was a person who wanted to be beaten to death with disorderly sticks. She wanted to invade a pigsty and go to hell. She could not die easily. " A middle-aged woman pointed to Yang ChuChu, swearing, with a fierce expression on her face.

"Nonsense You nonsense, my mother never went to them! " Yang ChuChu's brain is buzzing. She hears all kinds of embarrassing words. When she hears that they wronged her mother, she yells angrily: "my mother doesn't, she doesn't, you can't wronged her."

"No, who knows? If your mother doesn't do something shameful, will my sister divorce them? In the end, it's because your mother and daughter are shameless. " Another woman immediately came forward to accuse.

"Well, let's go now, don't argue with them!" Two assistants saw so many reporters nearby. They were so scared that they wanted to take Yang ChuChu away.

"Oh, I want to leave after I have done something shameless. If I don't make it clear today, you can't leave." The women immediately blocked Yang ChuChu's way.

"You..." Yang ChuChu's face turned white with rage, and he was furious: "get out of the way, I don't want to argue with you, you get out of the way!"

"Look, it's a mistake. You should report it quickly. You must tear up the hypocrisy of this woman. You can't let her enjoy everyone's pursuit any more. She still has the face to receive all kinds of endorsements. Oh, is the money clean?" Another woman immediately attacked her with guns.

"I didn't!" Yang ChuChu's face is thin and young. With his good upbringing, he can't understand these swearing words. His face is red and his blood is flowing.

"Let me ask you!" The old lady suddenly stopped in front of her again: "how long did Fang Yang and your mother live together before forcing my daughter to divorce."

"What do you say?" When Yang ChuChu heard this, his brain was blank. He reached out to the old lady angrily and pushed her for a moment. He was so angry that he was almost out of reason.

"Ah Little bitch dare to hit people! " The old lady's acting is very good. She fell back in a flash, and the whole person lay on the ground with cramps.

"Good you little bitch, look at you, even the old people dare to fight, just your quality Clap, clap, don't let her go. She is a person who has no moral bottom line. She should be exposed. " The next few women screamed, angrily pointed at Yang ChuChu and scolded him.

Yang ChuChu looked at his outstretched hand and was frozen. She was sure that she had not exerted any force just now, but when she touched the old lady's clothes, she had already fallen back.

The old lady rolled her white eyes, kicked her legs in disorder for a few times, and then she fainted. The reporter next to her was also stupid. She didn't expect that she had been squatting for most of the day, but she still had to wait for such an explosion of news. There's no reason not to report it quickly.

"No It's not me, I don't! " Yang ChuChu retreated in a fright. She was really frightened. She had never seen such a situation from small to large.

"Clearly, let's go quickly. Don't pay attention to these people. They come here on purpose." Assistant can see that the old lady pretended to be dead on purpose.

"No, I can't go. Call the police!" Fortunately, Yang ChuChu was still rational and didn't escape. Instead, he said to his assistant, "hurry up, call the police. Let's face to face."

The assistant was also scared to be silly. Hearing Yang ChuChu's urging, he immediately called the police with his mobile phone.

"You, rescue the car and ask someone to send the old woman to the hospital. I don't care if she is OK. Call someone to come quickly!" Yang ChuChu said anxiously to another assistant.

Two assistants were clearly arranged by Yang ChuChu.

Those women also knelt on the ground to help the old lady, crying and shouting and scolding. For a while, they attracted many onlookers and saw that more and more people were scolding them more and more fiercely. Moreover, they also cried directly about Yang ChuChu's various bad behaviors of not respecting the old.

Ten minutes later, an ambulance and a police car arrived.

"Who called the ambulance?" Just now, those women apparently didn't expect that Yang ChuChu even called an ambulance to come. They were shocked for a while.

When the police arrived, Yang ChuChu took the lead in going over and roughly explained what happened just now. After that, she said to the doctors and nurses who came down: "this old lady fainted. Please send her to the doctor for treatment."

"What are you doing, don't move my mother..." When the nurse and the doctor came to pick up the old lady, the women refused for a moment.

The policeman beside said seriously, "aren't you the old lady's relatives? Since the old man was injured and comatose, he should not be rushed to the hospital for treatment. Are you responsible for the accident? "

"Yes, since I accidentally pushed the old lady down just now, of course, I will be responsible for seeing the doctor." Yang ChuChu also came, a sincere expression said.