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Tang You You, who was rushing down from the door, did not understand what happened. She saw his son and that bastard sitting on the sofa, and in front of them was a piece of paper.

She was so scared that her heart contracted. Without saying anything further, she immediately rushed over and snatched the paper away. Then, she tore away the paper ruthlessly, "I can't sign, I can't sign anything. Let's go home. "

At that moment, Tang You You only wanted to quickly take the child away. In this bastard's territory, she really didn't want to stay for a single moment longer.

Actually, in the bottom of his heart, he was very happy to be able to find his father.

Tang You You's face stiffened. There was really no point in bringing up the subject, whether or not it was their biological one, there was no such thing as tacit understanding.

"He's not your father's." Tang You You retorted stubbornly.

She refused from the bottom of her heart to let her child, who she had painstakingly raised, recognize a man who had hurt her as his father.

"Wandering, although the children are young, they also have their own ways of doing things. You know best whether I'm their father or not, don't you?" The man's deep, magnetic voice suddenly sounded out, sounding friendly and gentle.

Tang You You was flabbergasted, she suddenly turned her head and stared at the man's shameless appearance.

He actually … He was smiling, and his smile was so infuriating.

Moreover, what did he call her just now?

Wandering? Heavens, who was this bastard trying to disgust?

"Mister, I'm not familiar with you, so please don't try to get close with others here." In front of a child, Tang You You spoke a little more civilly.

Otherwise, with her violent temper, she would have long since scolded him, because she was truly too angry.

This man had crossed her bottom line more than once. He had done it again and again.

And now, she even became a smiling tiger that wanted to snatch away her child. She couldn't tolerate this.

"Mummy, if you don't know Father well, then where did I get this sister from? You can't be trying to trick us into picking it up from the trash can, right? "


The corner of Ji Xiao Han's beautiful eyebrows slightly raised, was this woman coquettishly calling him dirty?

Dammit, who gave her the guts?

Tang You You was choked by her son's words and suddenly became mute.

She glared at her son with some anger and said, "If the adults speak, then the children better not randomly interrupt."