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C845: the anger of Ji Xiaohan

Bai Yiyan is hairy at the bottom of her heart. Ji Yueze will not doubt that she will betray him.

"Don't be angry, I can explain it!" Bai Yiyan said in a hurry.

Ji Yueze didn't answer her, just gave her a look and started your explanation. Bai Yiyan had to tell Xu Wei about coming to her that day. Ji Yueze snorted coldly: "I want to dig people from my hands. I think they're tired of living. Just in time, I've already seen this company unhappy. Since they came to provoke me first, I'll use this excuse to end this


Ji Yueze's tone of voice is arrogant, but Bai Yiyan believes that he definitely has the strength.

Because the development of jiyueze company is stable. Although the current momentum of that company is good, it is far less powerful than jiyueze company. The big fish eating small fish is never a new topic in the business field. "Ji Yueze, can you please don't be impulsive? I know you are angry, but I believe that the other party didn't mean it. They certainly want to take the opportunity to stir up some topics. Xu Wei is my classmate. We have been studying for four years. If she becomes a criminal of the company because of this, I don't think it's very good!" Bai Yiyan had to plead with him in a low voice, hoping that he would not do such a thing to destroy the company.

Ji Yueze's face suddenly turned ugly. Just now, he said that she would not lower her voice to him for love. But now, she uses this tone to intercede for others. Can he be in a good mood?

"Bai Yiyan, it seems that friendship is more important than love." Ji Yueze wrote his unhappiness directly on his face, like you came to coax me. Bai Yiyan was shocked and explained in a hurry: "of course not, I just feel that I need to be kind. After all, Xu Wei brought me a lot of fruits that day. I rely on the fruits that she sent to avoid the intensity day. She is not bad for me. Moreover, when I was in trouble, she came to me at the first time and said that she would give me a new one The chance to stand up, this kind of friend, is really not much. "

"You are so silly and lovely!" Ji Yueze was completely speechless by her explanation.

Didn't the woman find out that the other side came to the door just to borrow her to stir up the topic?

The smile on Bai Yiyan's face froze directly. I'm afraid that no one was scolded and stupid. I can still laugh happily.

"Let it go. I'll call Xu Wei and tell her not to hype any more!" Bai Yiyan still pleads with him.

"Well, then promise me one thing." When Ji Yueze saw her asking for help, he immediately embarrassed her.

Bai Yiyan's little face was slightly nervous. "What's the matter?"

"Tonight, you go up and down!" Ji Yueze's volume did not decrease, but he calmly raised the topic.

Bai Yiyan was listening to him seriously. Unexpectedly, he was talking about this kind of informal topic. Her pretty face suddenly turned into a big red halo, and she glared at him angrily: "can I change one condition, for example, I'll make you a month's breakfast or something, I'll think about it."

"No, that's all, and keep it up for more than an hour!" Ji Yueze just likes to see her blush when she is embarrassed. She is so cute.

Bai Yiyan really wants to dig a hole to bury herself. Do you want to be so direct?

"Hurry to eat, it's going to be cold!" Bai Yiyan immediately changed the subject.

"Give you two minutes to think about it. Do you want to agree?" Ji Yueze is not willing to give up.

Bai Yiyan bowed her head and silently took a few mouthfuls of rice: "OK, I promise!"

Ji Yueze's thin lips just went up, looking very happy.

Bai Yiyan can't look at his eyes anymore. Her brain is full of the sense of images. It's embarrassing.

In the villa of Jijia Manor!

Ji Lin stayed for dinner. Ji Shangqing was also called back by the old lady. The old lady also called Ji Yueze. Ji Yueze refused directly. The old lady also scolded him. Ji Yueze was in a depressed mood, so she ran to Bai Yiyan for dinner.

At this moment, the atmosphere in Ji's home is still burning silent smoke.

Tang youyou intentionally takes the children upstairs to play, but at the dinner point, the old lady has called them up several times, and she can only lead the children downstairs one by one.

Ji Lin is sitting on the sofa, chatting with Ji Shangqing. Ji Xiaohan is sitting next to him with his legs folded. He is strict with the attitude of the master. He is so arrogant that he doesn't lose, so his father and son are not very good-looking.

It's also reasonable for Ji Xiao to be a cold ware maniac. After all, this is his home. Everything here belongs to him. How can he let two guests overshadow himself?

When Tang youyou takes his two children downstairs, Ji Shangqing's eyes instantly focus on Tang youyou.

Tang youyou is only wearing a white knitted long coat, with long hair hanging behind him. It looks like a little woman at home. It is sweet and warm with a good wife and mother. The clothes on her body are always conservative, but inexplicably, for Ji Shangqing, a formal woman like Tang youyou exudes an indescribable charm, which makes people feel like crazy to break her rigorous and conservative, and want to see her confused and infatuated look.

Ji Xiaohan's eyes inadvertently swept the obsession on on Ji Shangqing's face. Although he flashed by, he could still see it clearly. His heart was suddenly alarmed. He dared to peep at his woman on his territory. Ji Shangqing really annoyed him.

After Tang youyou came downstairs, he took the two little guys to have a bath and dinner.

As Tang youyou told two little guys upstairs not to speak to Ji Lin and his son, they agreed, so they followed Tang youyou quietly all the time.

When the two little guys washed their hands, they saw Ji Shangqing coming with a smile: "xiaonai, Xiaorui, uncle has brought you a gift, do you want it?"

Ji xiaonai blinked. In fact, the resistance consciousness in the little guy's heart was not strong. When he heard that there was a gift, he was still very moved. However, Ji Xiaorui was the first to answer: "all the gifts we want, daddy bought them for us, thank you uncle!"

Ji Shangqing's expression froze for a moment. Then, he was embarrassed. Indeed, Ji Xiaohan had more money than him. He could satisfy all the children's needs.

Ji Lin came over, patted his son on the shoulder and said, "it seems that you like children very much. Otherwise, you should find a woman to have one." Ji Shangqing looks at Tang youyou at once.