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Ling wennuan knew that brother must have mentioned it. She lowered her head and buried herself in the meal, pretending not to hear.

"Ling is warm." Ling Mo Feng knew that his younger sister played the trick of pretending to be stupid with him again, and immediately called out her name seriously.

"Don't be so fierce." LAN Yanxi is helping to speak at once.

Lingmo Feng thought of lanyanxi's presence, and he grinned angrily: "does she know the consequences of doing this? What if she gets bullied at school? "

LAN Yanxi looks at this and that. At last, she helps him: "if you are afraid of being bullied by warmth, you can send someone to protect her secretly, OK? She must have her own idea of warmth. "

"Yes, brother, when I grow up, it's time for me to make my own decision." Ling wennuan immediately whispered in reply, secretly grateful for his sister-in-law's help.

Ling Mo Feng squinted into his sister's eyes and said, "tell me, what's the reason why you transferred to school?"

Ling wennuan's face turned white with fright, and he wanted to turn around and leave the table with the bowl.

"Early love?" Lingmo Feng's words scared her so much that she couldn't even grasp the chopsticks.

Ling warm pretty face some bloated red, angry stare big brother: "allow you to love with sister-in-law, also do not allow people to have a secret love object ah."

"That's why." Ling Mo Feng guessed exactly, but he was really angry.

Ling wennuan continues to sit back to eat directly, but this time, she counts the rice grains and complains: "brother, I am not in early love, I am a normal secret love, secret love is hard enough, can you stop talking about me?"

LAN Yanxi sees Ling wennuan's grievance is about to cry out. He quickly pulls Ling Mo Feng's sleeve under the table and signals him to speak well.

Although Ling Mo Feng still wanted to scold his sister for being disobedient, LAN Yanxi advised him nearby, and he forgot what to scold for a while.

"Whose son is it?" Ling had to slow down, but he was still angry.

"I don't want to say it!" Ling wennuan immediately sat up straight, with a resolute expression of no comment.

Ling Mo Feng bit his teeth and looked with a smile: "you think if you don't say it, I won't know?"

"Brother, you can't investigate me. I'm your sister. You have to respect my privacy." Ling Nuan immediately reminded elder brother with a serious expression.

"Oh, you know the right to privacy? Do you know what danger is? " Ling Mo Feng is going to be laughed by his sister.

LAN Yanxi listened and secretly wanted to laugh. They felt that their brother and sister talked happily.

"By the way, brother, your good friend Mu Weicheng also came to the school as a teacher, or you let him protect me." Ling warm deliberately pretended to be unfamiliar with Mu Wei Cheng.

Ling Mo Feng's face was startled. He thought that his good friend Mu Wei Cheng had asked for his order to become a teacher in that school. Because of his strictness, he should be able to manage the school atmosphere well.

"He has no obligation to protect you. They are going to be instructors." Ling Mo Feng gave his sister a bad look.

"Why not? You are friends. Besides, I have known him since childhood. For the sake of meeting each other, he should protect me." Ling warms up the heart to dodge elder brother's vision, murmured.

"Don't bother others. Since you want to stay in that school, I will send someone else to protect you. You should be careful yourself. If you are wronged, you must tell me, you know?" Ling Mo Feng looked at her sister, who was not easy to worry about. She could only sigh and make her own decision.

"OK, but don't be too obvious about the people you sent. Otherwise, it's not good to let people know my relationship with you. You're going to have an election now, and I don't want to affect you." Ling warms up to remind him in a low voice.

"Don't worry, I will arrange it. You should be smart and don't let people bully you." Lingmo Feng finally decided to let her play freely, regardless of her, anyway, her sister will grow up sooner or later, and experience some things. It's also good to let her go to that school to practice.

"Brother, you really don't call Mu Weicheng." Ling warm brain sea flash that serious iceberg face, feel good frustrated, if big brother can help himself to say a few good words, maybe Mu premier can give her a good look.

"If you don't fight, don't go to the annoying home. He's in a transitional period, and he's in a bad mood." Ling Mo Feng's final decision is not to bother this good friend.

Ling's heart is warm and plummeting.

Big brother doesn't love himself, otherwise, why don't you help her.

LAN Yanxi quickly takes a piece of meat for Ling wennuan and comforts her with a smile: "wennuan, how are you getting used to going to the new school? Have you ever had a bad time? "

Lingnuan hears lanyanxi's mention, and then she thinks of her purpose to find eldest brother. She quickly sits up and asks seriously, "brother, there is a female overlord named zhangluyao in our school. She is very arrogant. Can you check for me what she is?"

"She bullied you?" Ling Mo Feng immediately tensed up.

"She not only bullies me, but also bullies many people. However, I am not afraid of her." Ling warm a disapproval of the expression.

"Zhang?" Ling Mo Feng frowned: "I don't know these things now. I'll ask someone to check them for you tomorrow."

"OK, thank you." Ling warm immediately smile, big brother or that hard hearted big brother, she did not white this time.

After eating, Ling wennuan was very sensible and let the people sent by Ling Mo Feng send them home.

Sister left, Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi were completely relaxed.

The two men packed their desks, and when their eyes touched each other, there were sparks everywhere.

"Do you want to read the papers tonight?" LAN Yanxi asked him softly.

"There are some documents to read, but it doesn't matter if they are late." The thin lips of a man arouse a smile, and some evil spirits imply something.

"Or you can work first." LAN Yanxi's work is the key, and play is the second.

"I can't work hard now." The man suddenly leaned over, and the thin lips kissed her gently between her hair: "go upstairs."

LAN Yanxi's heart and soul trembled. Hearing his words, she understood his meaning in seconds.

"Now It's too early. " LAN Yanxi looks at his mobile phone and finds that it's only nine o'clock.

Ling Mo Feng directly hugged her horizontally and gave her a quick kiss on her lips: "this matter, do not choose time."

LAN Yanxi gave a low cry of fright, and two slender arms tightly clasped the man's neck. His pretty face was hot, deeply buried in the deep of his shoulder socket, and gege was not only smiling.

"Ling Mo Feng, you let me down, I walk by myself." She is really not used to being held like this by men, so she has to clamor to come down.

"I like to hold you like this." Men's words, let her more than palpitation.

Since he said he liked it, of course, lanyanxi would not move any more. He leaned gently on his chest, felt his steady steps and walked upstairs.

"Yanxi, let's get married." About to walk up the last stairs, the man suddenly opened his mouth, deep and gentle, full of sincere proposals.

"Good!" LAN Yanxi answered him without thinking.

"Will you marry me?" The man stopped, looked down at her expression, and asked softly. Blue words and beautiful eyes are half closed with shame. Her blushing face is even hotter than before. She nods gently and makes a sound.

Although she did not answer very loud, but the man still felt her willing.

The man quickened his pace and went straight to the bedroom.

Blue words hope mouth corner involuntarily raised smile, God, why suddenly feel very shy?

Entering the bedroom, the man gently put her down: "take a bath."

LAN Yanxi is stunned for a moment, and sees that the man has turned around to go to the bathroom. When she reflects, the man has put water into the bathtub.

LAN Yanxi was numb and crisp, which made her uncomfortable.

"Together?" LAN Yan asked shyly.

The man turned his head to look at her and smiled unkindly: "otherwise? Don't you want to come with me? "

Lanyanxi immediately shook his head: "of course not, I would like to, but It's too bold. "

A good atmosphere, by her a word thoroughly disrupted, the man can't stop laughing.

"Yan Xi, you really don't understand the customs." Ling Mo Feng is speechless with her. There are some words that can only be understood. Why does she still learn to be obedient?