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Time passed, yet another day had passed. Today was Ji Yue Ze's birthday.

It would be rude to go to someone's house for their birthday without a present.

"Mummy, can you give me some money? I'll go buy a bunch of flowers for uncle. " Tang Xiao Nai immediately thought of a good plan.

"Mummy, aren't you going to give Uncle a present?" Tang Xiao Nai immediately asked her curiously.

Tang You You was stunned for a moment, and looked at Ji Xiao Han with his beautiful eyes: "Should I also give him a present? What do you think men usually like as a gift? "

"No need!" When Ji Xiao Han heard that she was actually giving a present to him, and that this wasn't the first time, his face immediately turned ugly.

Tang You You frowned, but did not understand the man's emotions: "He should be getting it right. Tell me, how about I give him a purse?"

"Wandering, I will prepare our presents. Don't worry, go to work!" Ji Xiao Han immediately rejected it.

When Tang You You heard that he would be prepared, she finally calmed down a little. "Alright then, you can go and prepare.

After Tang You You drove the car away, Tang Xiao Rui stood at the entrance of the hall and tightened his school bag: "Daddy, you can't possibly be jealous of uncle, can you? You really are jealous of uncle, aren't you?"

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face stiffened. He wanted to grab his son and beat him up to make him speak the truth.

The little guy mechanically slipped into the car, not giving him any chance to refute. Soon after, he made a face at him from the window.

Ji Xiao Han felt an extreme headache coming on for this clever son of his.

Could it be that he wouldn't be able to have any thoughts of his own in the future? Would this little fellow see through everything?

Around 6 PM!

Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han drove back to the Ji Family Villa separately. The two little fellows, one upstairs and the other in the living room, were preparing their uncle's present seriously.

Tang You You walked over to his daughter's side to check on her paintings, and discovered that she had actually drawn more than one, with many other paintings.

However, the drawing was too abstract, causing her to look at it for a long time before she realized that it seemed to be a human form.

"Xiao Nai, did you draw all of this?"

"Yeah, Mummy, look, the uncle I drew, does he look like it?" Tang Xiao Nai immediately took out her best work and asked Tang You You.

Tang You You almost couldn't hold back his laughter.

"Don't laugh, Mummy, don't laugh at me. I drew it with a lot of effort." Tang Xiao Nai was immediately shocked, her small face immediately flushed red.

Tang You You had no choice but to hold back his laughter, and said with a serious face: "Darling, your painting is not bad, in a while, show it to your uncle, and help him explain the meaning behind your painting."

"Hm!" I will explain! " Tang Xiao Nai was extremely happy.

Ji Xiao Han held his son's hand and walked down the stairs. Tang Xiao Rui had made a model of a car, it was extremely cool and dazzling, making people's eyes light up.

"Let's go, it's almost time!"

After Ji Xiao Han went downstairs, he carried his daughter up and held his son's small hands as they sat in Ji Xiao Han's personal seat.

"Daddy, will Uncle invite anyone else?"

"I don't know. He said he's only treating his family to a meal. In the entire country, we're his family." Ji Xiao Han gently answered his daughter's question.

"Oh, that uncle is too pitiful. He is our family, but he doesn't live with us. He must be very lonely!" Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian sympathized with Ji Yue Ze.

Tang You You looked at her daughter's innocent face and could not help but shake her head and laugh a few times.

When Ji Xiao Han heard the two words "lonely", a slightly absent-minded expression appeared on his face. That's right, in the past, both he and his brother felt lonely.

Now, he had a pair of children, and a woman he loved. They helped him disperse his loneliness, but his brother was still alone.

However, his younger brother was much better than him. He had a carefree personality and was very good at self-regulation. Maybe, he was the only one who could be by himself. He had always lived the most freedom, the most freedom.

Arriving at the restaurant that Ji Yue Ze had booked, Ji Yue Ze was indeed alone. He sat inside, holding his phone while tearing the game apart.

"You're here? Wait a few minutes for me to finish this game. " Ji Yue Ze stared at his phone with rapt attention, his fingers moving nonstop.

Tang Xiao Rui was extremely curious, he immediately moved a chair over, placed a small hand on Ji Yue Ze's shoulder and followed him to read the contents of the game.

Ji Xiao Han carried his daughter and sat down. Tang You You realized that Ji Xiao Han's hands were empty.

Didn't he say to prepare gifts for both of them?

Why did he carry his daughter up here?

"Damn it!" After losing, Ji Yue Ze grudgingly cursed out, and threw his phone to the side: "My nephew is here, Xiao Rui, come, let uncle hug you!"

"Uncle, you're so bad. I've already cleared this game." Tang Xiao Rui immediately began to strike at him again.

"Pass?" That's impossible! Could it be that my IQ is not as good as yours, you little rascal? " As expected, Ji Yue Ze was shocked, his handsome face turned pale.

When Tang You You heard his son's words, he was instantly angered and asked sternly: "Did you use my phone to play games again? After clearing a game, how long have you been playing for? "

"Mummy, it's only been three days. I haven't played for an entire day yet, but after you left work, I secretly played for a while."

Ji Yue Ze's expression lit up again. The little guy was actually playing on his phone sneakily, and he already cleared the game that he thought was very difficult?

The feeling of having one's IQ suppressed was truly unbearable.