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C1493 successful treachery?

Uncle Yu leaned on his position and squinted. He saw LAN Yanxi staring out of the window with great spirit. He couldn't help whispering: "you'd better sleep for a while, miss. When you get there, I'm afraid you don't have time to rest."

"OK, uncle Yu, go to sleep now, and I'll sleep for a while!" LAN Yanxi knew that he shouldn't think about anything anymore, so he smiled at him, leaned on his position and closed his eyes.

A few hours later, LAN Yanxi was shocked by the obvious feeling. She woke up and saw the sky outside the window. It was still gray and black.

"Big miss, the plane is descending. It's almost there!" Uncle Yu woke up early and reminded her.

"Oh, uncle Yu, put on more clothes. It's cold below!" LAN Yanxi said with concern.

"Yes!" Uncle Yu is a man with few words, but everything he says is reasonable. This is where LAN Yanxi likes him. He feels that he is stable, reliable and trustworthy.

Uncle Yu is nearly forty years old. His face is ordinary, his eyes are sharp, and he gives people the feeling of not being angry and powerful. There is a little child beside him, who is almost scared to cry.

The plane fell to the ground, and LAN Yanxi's box was forcibly taken over by Uncle Yu. She folded her hands tightly to her clothes and felt cold. She shivered.

She thought of the cold, but did not expect, so cold, personally experience, more worried about Ling Mo Feng's situation at the moment.

When LAN Yanxi and uncle Yu left the airport, they took a taxi directly and drove to the hotel where blue fiber is located.

At this time, it was more than 6 a.m., the sky was light, but the window was gray.

LAN Yanxi absently looks out of the window at the scenery, the remote small urban area, the underdeveloped industry, many primitive buildings, which look very dilapidated, unavoidably sad.

After arriving at the hotel, lanyanxi directly knocks on the door of the room, because lanxianxian has sent her the room number.

Wearing a pajama, LAN Xianxian yawns to open the door. As soon as the door opens, she sees LAN Yanxi. Her eyes flash a proud light. But soon, she sees uncle Yu behind LAN Yanxi. Her expression changes. Grandpa is eccentric again. He brings all his bodyguards to LAN Yanxi.

"Uncle Yu, why are you here?" Blue fiber immediately asked with a fake smile.

Uncle Yu bowed his head and shouted without expression, "Why are you here, miss two?"

Because before he came, LAN Yanxi forgot to mention blue fiber with Uncle Yu. Now, naturally, he was surprised.

"Me I came to the rescue, I donated money! " Blue fiber was asked some embarrassment, casually Hu pinched two, avoid strong response.

LAN Yanxi said to Uncle Yu, "Uncle Yu, go downstairs for breakfast. I have something to talk with her. I'll go downstairs to find you later."

"OK! Big miss! " Uncle Yu said, and turned away.

Once again, the eldest lady gave the blue and slender face a black breath. Although it was only a title, the eldest lady was better and louder than the title of the second lady.

LAN Xianxian really hates that she was not born earlier, otherwise, the title of the eldest lady will fall on her, rather than let LAN Yanxi take advantage of it.

In the eyes of blue fibril, blue Yanxi directly shut the door. Next second, she said nothing and slapped blue fibril in the face, waking her up.

"You..." Blue fibril didn't expect blue Yanxi to be so violent, and even hit her again. Angrily, she said, "blue Yanxi, you are crazy. Why do you want to hit me again?"

"Dare you hit me? If you dare to be rude to me, I'll ask Uncle Yu to throw you directly into the mountains and forests to see if you have any life to come back! " LAN Yanxi sneers. She is totally successful in momentum. She can't help it. The sky is high and the emperor is far away. At the moment, LAN Xianxian's morale is also weak. Who let uncle Yu not be close to her since he was a child, but recognize LAN Yanxi and the old man as the master?

"Well, I'll give it back to you ten times and a hundred times." Blue microfibril still wants to show off his eloquence and stare at blue Yanxi with hatred.

"You really should remember that if I don't come to clean you up, you will be able to stand up to heaven. Even my men dare to spy on you. I'll let you know that I'm here to wake you up!" Lanyanxi doesn't want to tell her any truth at the moment. She just wants to make lanxianxian understand simply and roughly. Her character of death is not a lesson.

LAN Xianxian sneers: "I didn't let you come here. You came here with your own eyes. LAN Yanxi, you said, if Ling Mo Feng knew you would come here without his consent, would he be angry?"

"Why do I need his consent? We're not engaged yet. He can't control me! " Blue words that left a corner of the mouth, arrogant and unruly answer.

In a few words, I choked on the blue fiber. Yes, LAN Yanxi's character has always been in her own way, and no one pays attention to it. Is that her attitude towards Ling Mo Feng? That's a dead end. She wanted to see how miserable she would end up.

"I'll rent a car to the disaster area as soon as it's dawn. Dare you join me?" Since blue fibril has designed this trap, of course, it is necessary to push blue Yanxi to Ling Mo Feng's face, and let Ling Mo Feng teach her a lesson in person.

"Go, since I'm here, of course I'll go and donate a sum of money!" The purpose of LAN Yanxi's coming is to keep an eye on what LAN Xianxian says and does. Therefore, where LAN Xianxian goes, she will follow her. Moreover, she will take uncle Yu with her. With Uncle Yu, LAN Xianxian's mouth will close more tightly.

Both of them have their own goals and thoughts, but they have reached a common goal. Go to the disaster area and see Ling Mo Feng.

"You go out, I have to change!" Blue fibril drives people away with cold face.

Lanyanxi turned around and left, slamming the door.

"Damn little bitch, hit me again!" Blue fibril hurriedly ran to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, carefully checked her face, and saw that the white skin was still red. She fiercely bit her teeth: "blue Yanxi, you are so arrogant, sooner or later someone will clean you up!"

LAN Yanxi is very angry. When she was playing blue fiber, she was very happy. Who told this woman to step on her bottom line all the time? Teach her a few times. I hope she has a long memory.

Downstairs, uncle Yu also called her a breakfast, but lanyanxi hurriedly ate a few mouthfuls, so she had no appetite. Then, she saw a supermarket opposite, she immediately got up, went in and selected some commodities, and put a handful of candy into her pocket.

Uncle Yu followed her silently, without saying a word, just watching.

Blue fiber ate breakfast, but also changed a delicate makeup, this came to them and said: "each car, I don't want to go with you!"

LAN Yanxi naturally had to ride together.

Two people rented a car and drove in the direction of the disaster area.

Along the way, I met many dangers, but I also passed them successfully.

When I arrived at a small town, there was a mess on both sides of the road, as if there had been a war here. In the early morning, a police uncle was cleaning and taking care of it. Seeing a car passing by, he immediately called for a stop, and a police uncle came to question me for a long time.

Lanyanxi and lanxianxian both have office documents, so they are released naturally.

"Uncle Yu, what do you see? Do you know what's going on here? " LAN Yan hopes to see Uncle Yu staring out of the window and immediately asks curiously.

"There were so many holes in that oil barrel just now. It should have been caused by bullets. There was fresh blood on the wall. Maybe, just last night, there was a gunfight here. Someone was injured!" Uncle Yu pointed out something outside the window and explained to lanyanxi.

"Ah?" Blue Yan Xi's heart suddenly a smoke, and pain up, anxiously asked the driver ahead: "do you know what happened here?"

The driver shook his head: "I don't know, but this town has not been peaceful. It's not once or twice when there's a gunfight. It's hard to avoid casualties. You're from a big city. If you don't make trouble, there will be no problem!"

Blue words hope to caress the forehead, the breath that only feels changes is dull.

Last night, did Ling Mo Feng's motorcade also pass here? Will it be that his team is in danger? Lanyanxi slaps her forehead hard. She doesn't dare to think about it. She is afraid that her mood will collapse.

The car continues to drive forward, and the more it goes in, the worse the road condition is. The top wave of the car makes lanyanxi want to vomit, but she can only bear it forcibly.

As long as she thought that this road was also passed by Ling Mo Feng, she was eager to go further and reach his side.

It took more than 200 kilometers and more than five hours to get to the help station. There is a vast flat land with many white tents built on it. There is also a busy scene of cooking with fire.

Lanyanxi's car and lanxianxian's car were stopped. The person who came to inspect them was an adjutant beside Ling Mo Feng. In the dangerous event last night, the adjutant came to inspect the volunteers. When he saw that lanyanxi was coming down from the car, his expression was shocked.

"Blue Miss blue The adjutant's eyes were unbelievable.

Blue microfiber immediately came forward and smiled, with a gentle expression: "is Mr. vice president here? We are here to help! "

"Sir, just a moment!" The adjutant immediately turned and left.

Lanyanxi's nervous heart was a little bit sluggish, and her beautiful eyes were looking forward to the direction of the adjutant's disappearance.

It's about time to see Ling Mo Feng. She feels uneasy and distant. She said goodbye last night. Now, how could it be that she seldom met after thousands of obstacles?

After the adjutant passed by, he said to lanyanxi soon, "Sir, I hear that you are coming, and you are angry. Do you want to go to see him?"

Listening to blue fiber, she felt very happy. Ha ha, the result she wanted came. It didn't take her to calculate.