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Just want to buy it for her

She was the mother of her children, the woman she liked. Her name was Tang You You, and she did not have the surname Xia, she had nothing to do with the Xia Family.

The corner of Ji Xiao Han's mouth raised, as he continued to feed Tang You You.

"Eat it yourself, I already have enough." His enthusiasm made Tang You You a little embarrassed, and he quickly smiled as he advised him.

Ji Xiao Han said in a low voice, "I like to see you eat more."

Tang You You's face flushed red. Why did this man say such words again?

Under Ji Xiao Han's attentive care, Tang You You was so full that he could not eat anymore.

Ji Xiao Han went to pay, the two of them went out of the restaurant. It was only 8: 30 AM when Ji Xiao Han suddenly grabbed onto her small hand: "Let's go, we'll go take a look, it's still early."

"What do you want?" We don't buy anything! " Tang You You asked in surprise.

"I want to buy you something. What do you want?" Ji Xiao Han did not loosen his grip on her small hands, his thin lips curved into a charming smile.

Tang You You was a little stunned by his gentle gaze. She shook her head: "I don't want anything."

"There must be! Think about it again!" Ji Xiao Han knew that Tang You You didn't want to spend his money, but today, he just wanted to give her money. Because, as long as he gave her something she liked, he wouldn't feel so guilty.

Tang You You did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"Then let's go and look at the children's clothes. I like to buy things for them." Tang You You had the most primitive nature of a woman. Ever since she had children, she had felt like she couldn't walk anymore every time she passed by a children's clothing store. She always wanted to go in and take a look, even if she didn't buy one.

"I'm going to buy something for you. We can buy something for the kids next time." But Ji Xiao Han didn't agree, he had to buy it for her.

Tang You You was helpless against him, she could only think, "Then buy me a watch, I don't want to use my phone to look at the time, it's too troublesome."

Ji Xiao Han nodded his head: "Alright, then we will go check our watches, and buy a couple watches."

Tang You You's soul was moved by his words again, and her face started to heat up inexplicably.

Did this man really use a couple's watch like hers?

But she clearly remembered what kind of expensive watches he had in the cloakroom.

When the two of them reached the luxury goods area, Ji Xiao Han brought her into a luxurious watchmaker's shop.

Tang You You was dazzled by the wide variety of dishes on the surface of the table. For a moment, he didn't know which to pick.

However, Ji Xiao Han actually made the Buyer take out their most expensive and newest design.

Everyone could appreciate beautiful things. Tang You You looked at the couple's watches, naturally liking them as well.

However, she also knew that the more inescapable something was, the more expensive it would be.

"Try it on!" Ji Xiao Han personally took it and put it on her slender white wrist.

The Buyer s by the side praised the good behavior of Tang You You who was wearing the watch.

Ji Xiao Han also felt that it suited her, so he asked softly: "Do you like it?"

Tang You You nodded somewhat embarrassedly: I like it!

Ji Xiao Han did not say anything else and directly got the Buyer to wrap him up.

Buy it!

Tang You You's beautiful eyes widened in surprise. When she heard Buyer mention the price, Tang You You was flabbergasted once again.

Expensive beyond her imagination.

Ji Xiao Han took out a black card and Buyer excitedly swiped it.

After waiting for Buyer to swiftly wrap them up, Ji Xiao Han picked up the bag and embraced the dazed Tang You You, then he headed towards Walk Outside.

Tang You You said with a low voice: "Are all the things you buy this sloppy?"

Ji Xiao Han was slightly startled as he lowered his head to look at her pair of clear eyes.

"I do like it, but …"

"You should buy whatever you like." Ji Xiao Han had nothing to refute after hearing his answer.

She sighed and laughed, "It's great to have money. There are so many people in this world who like things that they might not even be able to be bought."

Ji Xiao Han had never heard anyone complain like this, because he was born with money, no matter what he wanted to buy, it was just an idea, and it was also because from a young age, everything was too easily obtained. After meeting Tang You You, Ji Xiao Han realized, that there was actually something worth challenging in this world.

"When you have something you like in the future, you can tell me and I'll buy it for you." Ji Xiao Han said in a low voice, but he did not know that these words were what all women liked to hear.

Tang You You naturally liked to hear that as well. However, she was currently scared witless by this man's extravagance. Her mind was a complete blank, how could she know what she liked?

"Right now, it's as if I'm slapping myself in the face. When I didn't like you before, I thought I wouldn't need to spend even a little bit of your money. Now that I like you, you actually buy me some? I truly feel ashamed." Tang You You laughed at himself.

"This is very normal. I like you. I allow you to spend my money. This is the most normal thing for a man and woman to do after dating." Ji Xiao Han caressed her long hair, not wanting her to think too much about it.

Tang You You nodded: "You're right, it's very normal!"

"If you ever need money or like to buy anything, just tell me. I'm afraid I'm too slow to notice what you love." Ji Xiao Han never liked to guess at a woman's thoughts. Of course, in terms of emotions, he was still very sharp, but in terms of liking women, he had neither the time nor the experience to guess.

Tang You You laughed lightly. Somehow, at this moment, she found that this man was somewhat cute.

"There's a children's clothing store up ahead. Let's go in and take a look!" Tang You You saw it with his sharp eyes.

Ji Xiao Han would buy things for his own children, and that would be even more unrestrained. As long as Tang You You said that he liked it, he would basically nod his head and agree to it.

"Do you think your daughter would look good in this dress?" Tang You You's eyes were shining, because the clothes of these children were too exquisite, too beautiful, and she was also a mother who was not immune to this kind of beautiful master uniform.

"It will definitely look good!" Buy it! " Ji Xiao Han answered very seriously. In his mind, he already wore this dress on his daughter's body.

Tang You You pushed a shopping cart and bought a whole cart. When she went to settle the bill, she felt a little embarrassed.