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The rumors were the most hurtful, and Li Fang Fang was also a proud and arrogant person. Although on the surface she didn't say anything, in the bottom of her heart, she naturally hated Tang You You to the bones, and actually caused her to make such a huge fool of herself, and lose all face.

Besides being happy, Tang You You also noticed the displeasure on Li Fang Fang's face, and could only sigh helplessly.

Ji Xiao Han directly headed to the company after sending the two little fellows to school.

The man let out a light snort. This woman actually had such an amiable scene. However, in front of him, she was like someone who had eaten gunpowder. She always liked to go against him. Just thinking about it made him clench his teeth in anger.

Unknowingly, Ji Xiao Han stared at the woman in the photo for a minute.

Even under this kind of distant lens, the slightly blurry Tang You You was still able to make one's heart palpitate.

"What the hell!" Ji Xiao Han deeply felt that he could actually feel her beauty, and immediately threw the photo into the trash can.

He had seen many women that were more beautiful than her. How could such beauty arouse his interest?

Lu Qing knocked on the door, informing him of the schedule for the day and the morning meeting that was about to begin.

Ever since Ji Xiao Han had a child, he had been able to hold his composure even more. After he went to the meeting for half an hour, he suddenly realised that the picture that he threw in the trash can had disappeared.

The bag in the trash can was put into a new one. So someone came in and cleaned up his trash can?

With his heart annoyed, Ji Xiao Han immediately pressed down on the computer on the table and asked coldly: "I still have something important in the trash can just now, please bring it back immediately."

"Quarterly, what is that thing?"

"A picture!"

The assistant immediately rushed over to help him find it. Not long later, he retrieved the photo.

"Quarterly, is this it?" the assistant asked, trembling.

Ji Xiao Han snatched the photo away and said coldly: "Next time, without my permission, do not let anyone touch anything in my office, even the trash can."

The assistant quickly replied, "Yes!"

Ji Xiao Han looked at the lost photos, opened the bottom drawer and threw them in.

The drawer contained some of his personal things, which had not been in it for a long time.

The cellphone on the table suddenly rang!

Ji Xiao Han looked at the caller ID, reached for his phone, and picked up the call.

"Grandmother …" His voice was low and gentle.

"Xiao Han, are you free tonight? Grandmother is coming to your city with some friends to play, and you can come out for dinner tonight. " A benevolent voice was heard.

"Grandma, did you come alone? Your grandfather didn't come over? " Ji Xiao Han was slightly startled, and then he asked with concern.

"Your grandfather didn't come. I came alone. Do you have any business with your grandfather?" Old Lady Ji asked in concern.

"It's nothing, it's just some work matters. If I want to ask him face to face, I'll come next time. Tonight …"

"You have to come. Grandma hasn't seen you in days. I'm an old woman who came all the way here. It's not too good for you not to accompany me for a meal." Old Lady Ji immediately had a wronged tone.

"Good …" Grandmother, let's meet tonight. " Ji Xiao Han did not dare to disappoint his grandmother, so he could only agree.

"Alright, let's talk when we meet!" Old Lady Ji was very happy to see that he had agreed.

After hanging up the phone with his grandmother, Ji Xiao Han's handsome face flashed with a helpless smile. If it was before, he would be very willing to meet with his grandmother.

But now …

Every time grandma came to find him, she only had one purpose in mind, to make a blind date for him!

In the past two years, for all sorts of reasons and occasions, his grandmother had tricked him into meeting more than ten women.

Those women were still looking for an opportunity to meet with him and take the next step.

Sigh, with such a grandmother who was worried about his life, Ji Xiao Han felt that it was unbearable.

Ever since his father went into a car accident and his mother remarried, Ji Xiao Han's personality had become gloomy.

His younger brother had always loved music since he was young. He entered the entertainment circle at the age of sixteen, stirring up the limelight in the entertainment circle, angering his grandparents, restricting his personal freedom several times. Realizing that he was still unable to kill his younger brother's music cells and the determination to enter the entertainment circle, he could only let him do as he pleased.

Then, the great cause of the entire Ji Family would be inherited onto Ji Xiao Han's shoulders prematurely.

From the age of twenty-one to today, six whole years had passed. His put the company's performance had increased by nearly ten times, and he had become a legend in the market.

Many people were guessing how much wealth he had, but no one had been able to calculate the exact numbers.

Ji Xiao Han's actions were low-key, peaceful and wealthy. Others were guessing whether his money had already reached the status of being the richest man on earth, but he never spoke to anyone about it. He only silently earned money from him, and lived his most comfortable life.

In the afternoon, after work, Tang You You called Ji Xiao Han. Tonight, she might have to work another two hours.

"You're a newbie, how are you going to work?" When Ji Xiao Han received her call, he unexpectedly had to work overtime. He was immediately angry, and did not want to accompany the children anymore?

Tang You You was instantly unconvinced: "New people need to work overtime, I am currently developing my career, can you please respect my profession?"

"I can't go home for dinner tonight. What about the children?" Ji Xiao Han had already completely become a wet nurse. If he did not come home tonight, he would have to worry about whether the children would be unhappy or if they would not be able to eat.

"You're not going back? Where are you going? " Tang You You was startled, and asked.

Ji Xiao Han sneered, and said arrogantly: "I am your boss, and the money I earn in one day is something you can't earn even in three lifetimes, don't you need me to go out and socialize with you?"

"Who said that I, Three Lives Three, wouldn't be able to earn it? In this life, I can earn all of your money, do you believe me? " Tang You You really didn't like hearing such arrogant words from him, it was as if he was really that high and mighty.