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All the rectification is still going on in an orderly way. Ji Tingyan can't help her. Everyone is doing their own work. Cheng Yue has to take Ji Tingyan to sit on the chair and watch them busy.

"Cheng Yue, I'm sorry to involve you this time." Ji Tingyan looks at Cheng Yue and blames herself.

Cheng Yue couldn't help laughing and said, "xiaonai, if you want to say that, then our work contract is just like a piece of waste paper. From the day we started bodyguard career, we looked down on death."

"Listen to your understatement, but death is a very heavy topic. Do you have any brothers and sisters in your family?" Ji Tingyan asked her curiously.

"Yes, there is a brother above. She is married and has children. My little niece is only two years old. She is very lovely." Cheng Yue said with a smile.

"My brother also has a son. He's almost five years old. He's very cute." Ji Tingyan can't help but think of her little nephew. With him, there are more laughter and laughter at home. Her parents are much younger.

Cheng Yue smiles and turns to look behind her. Suddenly, she sees Wang Cheng on the balcony on the second floor, focusing on her work. Her eyes are stunned.

Ji Tingyan also looked over and couldn't help asking her, "aren't you going to be responsible for Wang Cheng?"

Cheng Yue looks at her in amazement: "why should I be responsible for him?"

"Didn't you sleep together last night?" Ji Tingyan said with a smile.

"We just lie together, but we don't do anything bad." Cheng Yuehong explains, blushing.

"We can see that Wang Cheng seems to like you very much. Don't you really think about him?" Ji Tingyan said softly.

"If we can survive, I'll consider him." Cheng Yue thought for a moment and joked.

Ji Tingyan suddenly thinks about life events. Yeah, it's not dangerous. She doesn't feel that life is precious. She needs to be awed. She looks at the guy who is standing beside the car talking with him. Before that, she still thinks about the woman's Jin holding. She feels that some things need time to be given. In fact, if she likes each other, even one day's time can be given Give in both body and mind.

In a hurry, everyone was tired. After lunch at three o'clock, everyone went to have a rest. Ji Tingyan was also lying in bed, while she was still sitting next to the computer. Ji Tingyan couldn't help but stretch out her hand and pull at his corner. The man looked at her gently with his side eyes: "why don't you sleep?"

"I want you to sleep in your arms." Ji Tingyan sees that he is so gentle, so she wants to bully him and give him a problem.

Tie Ting chuckled, got up, went to the bedside and lay down, put her whole body in her arms, and patted her gently with the back of her hand: "so delicate, I'm afraid I can't support you in the future."

When Ji Tingyan saw him saying this, she blushed with rage. She pushed him away and refused to let him hold him. "If you say I need your support, I will work myself."

Tie Ting saw that she couldn't play a joke, Junlian was stunned, and the next second, she was encircled in her arms again: "I'm afraid that I can't raise you well, and I won't let you down."

"If it's you, I'm happy to be aggrieved." Ji Tingyan had to stop struggling, whispered.

Tie Ting was moved by her words. Thin lips kissed her in her hair: "OK, we are together. For you, I will work harder."

Ji Tingyan couldn't help laughing: "how can I feel that I have become a burden to you?"

"Of course not. It's my driving force." Tie Ting corrected in a low voice.

Ji Tingyan lies in his arms and sleeps.

On the other side, Tang Weixin's wound was cracked, and a lot of blood came out. She was changing gauze.

Tie Xun stood by and saw that the male doctor was staring at Tang Weixin to take off his clothes. His eyebrows sank. He immediately said to the doctor, "I'll bandage him. You go out."

Tang Weixin's eyes turned to look at him, and he took the gauze and stood in front of her, explaining lightly: "you are not married yet, and your body is looked at by some big men. It will not be easy."

"I don't care." Tang's heart flicked a little.

Tie Xun Mou color startled: "even this does not matter, then your heart can be really big, who will marry you in the future, it is not a loss?"

Hearing this joke, Tang Weixin directly pulled more clothes down. Her fair skin is very healthy and proud.

When she was doing the operation to take the bullet, she didn't find this one just now, because what he admired more at that time was her willpower. Now, looking down from the top, he only felt the heart fluid boiling.

Tang Weixin saw that he turned his face away, and she pulled the clothes down again, covering half of it. She said lightly: "you don't need to worry about my future husband's eating or not. Anyway, you're not losing now. Have you seen enough? You can help me with the medicine. "

For the first time in his life, tie Xun has been teased by a woman.

In the past, some women would cover up their coyness for a while, but in front of her, she behaved boldly, but he dared not look down on her.

"Cough!" Tie Xun coughs and hides his heart: "I'll cut the gauze for you. It's painful. Please bear it."

Tang Weixin's clear eyes lifted slightly, looked at him, and she stared at him. His thin lips were evil. "Haven't you seen such a good-looking man?"

Tang Weixin was defeated by his narcissism. She gave her lips a little curl: "I seem to have seen you in the data."

"What information?" Tie Xun Mou color a narrow, tone sank down.

"It seems that there is your record in the data bank of Saxon. I secretly opened his computer once. I only read it once, but your face It's really discerning. You and your elder brother have records. " Tang said lightly.

"How could he have our information?" Tie Xun's heart had a bad premonition.

"How do you think Exxon got rid of his partner and has been here for more than ten years? When they kidnap businessmen to get huge profits, they will collect all the information of the victims. If they are threatened, they will also find time to secretly eliminate the hidden dangers. " Said Tang only with sarcasm.

"His organization is so powerful? No wonder small countries around him are threatened by him. " Tie Xun was shocked. "He is a cancer, threatening the security of all countries, so I have this action. International organizations intend to remove this cancer. I am the person in charge of this action. Here, there are more than a dozen people in our action team, but some of them betray behind their backs. My junior brother Jack and I will fall into crisis. He plays a reporter. Unfortunately, the plan fails." Tang's heart bowed its head, and it was obviously very low.

"Are you in charge? At such a young age? " Tie Xun looked at her with great admiration again, but How is heartbeat accelerated?