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Bai Yiyan looks at Ji Yueze in surprise, and her eyes are filled with gratitude. Of course, she knows that Ji Yueze wants to fight for her grievances, but she really feels that there is nothing to argue about.

Although she felt that life was tortuous and sad, at least she got it. Before she knew the truth, she never felt that she lived a miserable life, and she was optimistic about striving for a comfortable life in the future.

Moreover, the God also let her meet Ji Yueze. He brought her too many surprises and happiness. Today, she is very satisfied and dare not ask for too much. "

I really don't need it. Let him. I will forget all of them. Now I just want to be selfish and live my own life. I don't have the energy to manage the rest." Bai Yiyan is very tired. She just wants to return to peace.

"Well, since you say so, I will not touch him for the time being." Ji Yueze is not afraid of trouble. He just wants to ask for her advice. As long as she doesn't like things, he won't do them. What he does is just what she likes.

After lunch, Bai Yiyan took a look at the time and immediately said, "I have to go to the airport. I bought some presents in the car. Please give them to my aunt for me. I won't go to find her."

"Why not? When I come back, I have to meet you before I leave. I don't know when I will be back next time. " Ji Yueze can see the struggle in her eyes. She must want to see Bai Wanqing.

"I Am I really going to see her? " Bai Yiyan sighed. "

I'll make an appointment for you. Your plane in the evening. I'll see her now. There's still time." Ji Yueze whispered.

"Well, then you can call her for me!" Bai Yiyan was persuaded. Once, she regarded her as her own mother, and her feelings were deep.

When she made an appointment, Bai Yiyan went by car.

When Bai Wanqing answered the phone at home, she was a little excited. She immediately arranged for her two sons and drove out in person.

However, she didn't know that there was a taxi following her soon after she left. Pei

constantly urged the driver: "keep up, don't lose it. I'll pay you twice the fare!"

"Miss, who is that in front of you? You are in such a hurry! " The driver's eldest brother was very gossipy and asked. "

it's my stepmother. She steals wild men with my father on her back. Be sure to help me keep up with them. Don't lose them." Cheng Ying hasn't acted in any works yet, so she doesn't need to wear a mask or anything when she goes out. No one knows her.

"Well, then you are really a bad woman! Don't worry, elder brother will help you follow her. " Seeing Cheng Ying's pitiful and aggrieved appearance, the driver's eldest brother immediately overflowed with sympathy and followed Bai Wanqing's car to the door of a high-end coffee shop.

Cheng Ying starts to sneer from the corner of his mouth. He thinks to himself, Bai Wanqing, secretly. Who is this to meet? Cheng

Ying's eyes show an anxious expression. The reason for her to do this is that she received a phone call the other day. Someone asked her to meet and make a deal with her.

Hearing the voice of an old lady, Cheng Ying boldly went to see her. It was only after seeing her that she saw the legendary empress dowager, the old lady of Ji's family. She dreamed of marrying Ji Yueze as her wife one day and meeting Ji's old lady, which was a big step closer to her dream.

At that time, I couldn't excite her. I carried her in front of the old lady, dressed as a lady and a virtuous woman. I spoke in a quiet voice and didn't smile.

However, the old lady didn't take her too seriously. She only said that she would make a deal with her. If she helped her, the old lady would give her a chance to play the heroine.

Cheng Ying listens. This is a great thing. Of course, she should take advantage of this opportunity. When

play, she agrees. Later,

the old lady told her to stare at Bai Wanqing's whereabouts secretly to see if she would meet Bai Yiyan in China. If she did, she would tell her immediately. If she did, the old lady would help her finish the opportunity. Although Cheng Ying didn't know why the old lady asked her to stare at Bai Yiyan, she was still lost in her heart. She always felt that the old lady attached too much importance to Bai Yiyan, which was not a good thing.

However, Cheng Ying still feels that the deal is very cost-effective. Old lady Ji is Ji Yueze's grandmother. She has promised that she will play the heroine.

At this moment, Cheng Ying is very excited. While hiding from Bai Wanqing, she follows her up the stairs in the elevator.

Bai Wanqing's vigilance is not high. She was in a hurry to see Bai Yiyan. She didn't find anyone following her. Cheng

Ying followed her all the way up the stairs. She sat down at a card in the coffee shop. It turned out that she wanted to keep up with her. However, she found that there was a woman in tights standing at the door of the box. The woman was very alert and stared around, frightening her. For the sake of safety, she could only hide in the card seat and pay close attention to that side Xiang.

Bai Wanqing pushes the door in and sees Bai Yiyan. Her eyes get wet and her tears fall.

"Xiaoyan, where have you been in the last few days? I can't get in touch with the phone, but I'm afraid it's broken! " Bai Wanqing hugs Bai Yiyan and asks nervously.

"Mom Don't worry about me, auntie. I'm fine. " Bai Yiyan comforts her with a light smile.

"Can I not worry? You've been kidnapped twice before. I'm afraid you'll meet another bad guy. " Bai Wanqing wiped his tears and sighed.

"Auntie, I settled down in a foreign town. I have a good life and applied for a job as a teacher. I will come back to see you when I have a chance. Don't worry about me any more!" Bai Yiyan didn't want Bai Wanqing to worry, so she told her story. "

really? That's good. Just settle down. Do you have any contact with Mr. Ji? Last time he forced me to tell him your whereabouts, I also told him all about it. " Bai Wanqing blames herself and feels like she has betrayed her.

"It doesn't matter. I have contact with him. This time, I want to see my mother's situation. My plane in the evening. Now I have some time to see you." Bai Yiyan said, and put the gift she bought in front of her: "thank you for taking care of me for many years, auntie. I don't have anything to send. I just bought something casually. You must accept it."

"You're welcome? I've treated you as a daughter all these years, but I still treat you badly. I've been very guilty! " Bai Wanqing bowed his head and said reproachfully. "

No, auntie, I still appreciate you, really!" Bai Yiyan said sincerely.