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Seeing his proudest grandson, the old man smiled happily. Seeing that Ji Xiaohan's eyes were red, he immediately raised his hand: "a man should not cry."

Ji Xiaohan put up his tears in an instant. He cried because of his remorse and heartache. However, Grandpa's words made him stubborn all of a sudden.

"We don't have time to reminisce about the past. Everyone is very busy. We have to do things quickly. I won't interfere in how you want to be moved!" Ji Lin stands beside him and hates him very much. He hates the old man's eyes and is full of appreciation and love. Why is he always cold to him? Is he the son he picked up?

Pick it up? Ji Lin's brain is buzzing. Why does he think that he was picked up by the old man at this moment? Isn't it his own?

Ji Lin suddenly wants to get a mirror and look at his face. How many shares does it have with the old man?

This kind of thought is very funny, but Ji Lin suddenly questioned the parent-child relationship.

"Grandpa, are you ok?" Asked the season owl in a hoarse voice.

"I'm fine, Xiao Han. You shouldn't have come. He has lost his humanity. Even if you transfer the equity of the company to him, he won't let you go." The old man suddenly opens his mouth, but what he says is what makes Ji Lin's scalp numb. He turns around abruptly, his face is ferocious.

"Shut up!" Ji Lin roars.

Ji Xiaohan knows that grandpa is worried about himself, but he is more worried about Grandpa's safety. Where can he care about his own life and death?

"Ji Lin, can you tell me now, how did you kill your elder brother?" Seeing Ji Lin's expression excited, the old man made another stab in his angry face.

All the people on the scene were shocked, except for the two foreign men who couldn't understand each other.

"You What are you talking about? " Ji stretched out his fingers to the old man's face. His fingers and voice were shaking.

"Xiao Han, I asked you to trace the cause of your father's death. Did you go there seriously?" The old man turned to his grandson gently.

"I I found it! " Ji Xiaohan's voice also tightened, and his eyes stared angrily at Ji Lin, who was pale.

"Then why don't you tell me? You must have evidence in your hand! " The old man's tone was full of blame and a sigh.

"Grandpa, I......" Ji Xiaohan's voice dries inexplicably. He doesn't know how to explain it, because his heart is in a mess at the moment. He has been afraid to let his grandparents know, but now listen to the meaning of Grandpa's words. Does he know anything?

Ji Lin covers his head, as if his headache is about to crack. He stares at the old man with red eyes: "what do you know? How could you know? "

"If you don't know who you are, unless you don't do it for yourself, you think it's a lie. But you forget that I'm your father, and your words and deeds can't escape my eyes. I've sent you to prison for five years, and I also want you to have the heart of repentance, but obviously you haven't, and you've made more progress. You're sorry for your parents, your nephews, your brother's death. You dare not tell me Does it matter? " The old man stared at Ji Lin like a torch. Every word was like Li Ren. The knife cut into Ji Lin's heart, which made him bloody.

"I see. You didn't let me go to jail because I put medicine in his wine? You are revenging for big brother. You calculated me, but you calculated me! " Ji Lin didn't realize until now that he was like a clown, jumping into a great joke in his father's eyes, but he still felt that he had cleverly concealed everyone.

"Ji Lin, don't you think about it till now? All the things of Ji's family should belong to the two brothers. You owe their father a life, and you have no right to compete with them for anything. " The old man sneered at him.

"Why don't I have the qualification, elder brother? He should die? He got everything easily. He is like a philanthropist every day. He helps me this and that, but he never gives me more. Even if he fills my vanity, I will not want his life. He is too mean. Your parents are too eccentric. Obviously I am smarter than him, but you just don't love me! " Ji Lin seems to be mad at the moment. He is in a state of madness. He doesn't know whether it is tears of regret or tears of anger in his eyes. He is like a madman or a fool.

Ji Xiaohan looks at him bitterly, and suddenly feels that he is extremely pitiful. Maybe death is not liberation for him, just living.

"Old man, shut up for me. I don't want to hear anything from you. Ji Xiaohan, sign the contract as soon as possible. Now!" Ji Lin doesn't want to talk to them any more. His will is on the edge of collapse. He must finish the important things before he can feel at ease.

"Xiao Han, your kindness to grandpa is known by grandpa. In fact, you are doing it right. It's for the sake of the safety of grandma and me. Your grandma can't bear it well. If you let her know, she must be angry. She will spend her whole life in depression." The old man didn't stop. He looked at Ji Xiaohan kindly and continued to talk.

"I told you to shut up, did you hear me?" Ji Lin is roaring.

Ji Xiaohan looks at Grandpa sadly and remorsefully. He has kept it from him for such a long time. In fact, grandpa has always been an insider. He avenged his father five years ago and sent this bastard to jail.

"Grandpa, I'll take you home!" Ji Xiaohan said, and made a gesture to Lu Li: "take out the document!"

Lu Qing did not hesitate at all. He reached for the zipper of his briefcase and planned to take the document.

Ji Lin stared at the briefcase with greedy eyes all the way. He wished he could come forward and help him out. "Ji Lin, I believe it won't be long before you can go down and say sorry to your elder brother in person." The old man sighed inexplicably.

"If you want to talk again, I'll have your mouth shut!" Ji Lin is scared. He is scared to death. Therefore, he dare not listen to any more words. He has been reminding himself that he is a big villain who has lost his humanity. In order to achieve his goal, he can disown six relatives.

The old man made a sound. Suddenly, his hand hidden in the broad cotton padded jacket seemed to move for a while. Then, the old man made a low voice that he could bear.

"Grandpa..." Season owl cold fierce turn to see, the old man at the moment directly pushed away the cotton padded clothes, revealed the clothes he was wearing inside, the white suit, dyed red blood.

A military knife, deep in his chest, blood gushed.

Ji Xiaohan's whole body is dead. His blood seems to have solidified. He even stops breathing. His heart is so painful that he can't speak.

Ji Lin's eyes were also opened, and his face was unbelievable.

"Grandpa..." Season owl cold a painful cry, tall body already quickly toward the old man past.

"Kill him, kill him!" Ji Lin immediately shouted in English to several foreigners nearby.

But before his voice rang, Lu Qing, who opened his briefcase, had already taken the first step. What he took out was not a contract, but a pistol, which quickly knocked down two foreigners beside the old man.

Next second, his gun turned to Ji Lin's head and said in a cold voice, "don't move, Ji Lin. look at what you've done. You've killed the old man."

"Grandpa, hold on, I'll take you to the hospital!" Season owl cold heartache to the extreme, cold all over, even the voice has become difficult, he wants to hold grandpa up, the old man is holding his hand.

"Don't bother, Xiao Han, it's useless. Let go and do what you want, Grandpa Grandpa won't embarrass you! " The old man muttered in pain, as if with all his last strength.

Ji Lin is also stiff, his eyes are fixed on the old man who has lost his strength. He laughs painfully, then laughs, and tears of laughter fall down.

"Just a joke, Dad, why are you serious? I told you to live a hundred years, but you died in my hand. Since you are dead, it will all die. Ji Xiaohan, do you know how many people are still downstairs? I'll let them up now. You can't escape! " Ji Lin's eyes are empty and numb. He can see through life and death.

"Grandpa!" Ji Xiaohan looks at his grandfather and swallows his last breath. His heart aches like a wring. Where can he listen to Ji Lin's threat.