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C1119 must be sick of heart

Take back the glasses, Mao Rongrong quickly put them on, a pretty face has been angry, she has a feeling of being teased by Lu xuanchen.

"Take your time. I have to go back to work!" Mao Rongrong stands up and is leaving.

Lu xuanchen found that the joke was too much. He immediately pulled his long arm and held Mao Rongrong's hand. "Don't be angry. I apologize to you for what happened just now. I really want to invite you to dinner. I have another thing to tell you." "

What's up?" Mao Rongrong was surprised to find that he had accepted his stay.

"Sit down, I'll tell you slowly!" Lu xuanchen chuckled.

Mao Rongrong just sat back. Lu xuanchen just told her about his lawsuit.

"Since the other side is going to make up with you, you don't need my help." After hearing this, Mao Rongrong could not tell whether he was happy or lost. He felt that there was no relationship between the two people.

"Rongrong, will you be my girlfriend?" Lu xuanchen suddenly asked for help. They were serious. Rong Rong's face turned white with fear. She didn't expect that Lu xuanchen's pursuit of her would be so warm. It was like a continuous fire, burning all her pride and reason. "

you Really not playing with me? " Mao Rongrong woke up like a dream and accepted the fact. Lu

Xuan Chen frowned, and immediately put his hands on his ears: "if I said half a sentence adulterated today, let me go out and be hit by a car and killed by thunder!" "

you Why do you swear all of a sudden? " Mao Rongrong was completely speechless to him and swore such a poisonous oath.

Are men's vows so worthless? Can you just say it? Lu

Xuan Chenjun's face is also a shame. He says with a dry smile: "as soon as I get nervous, I recite the lines in my script. However, that's what I want to say. I'm not cheating you. I really want me to be my girlfriend."

"To tell you the truth, I saw a lot of interviews with you. Your thousands of girls said that you should never find girlfriends, or they will die of grief. Don't you think about it for them?" Mao Rongrong brought a cup of tea. She said modestly that she never read entertainment news before, but since Lu xuanchen broke into her life, she suddenly turned over the entertainment circle about him. "

you care about me so much." Lu xuanchen listened, in a good mood, there is a feeling of being overturned.

"Who cares about you? I'm just bored. I look at it casually. " Mao Rongrong blushed with nervousness. Lu

Xuan Chen nodded and agreed: "well, even if you just spend some time when you are bored, but you are willing to pay attention to my news, I am also very happy. Stars are also human beings. They also need to get married and have children, as well as emotions and sorrows. I just hope they can pay more attention to my works and try to reduce their attention to my private life." "

your popularity is in the sky. Are you sure you want to contact me? I have a strong personality, and I can't stand too many grievances. If you want me to be an invisible person, or to have a hidden marriage and children in the future, I won't agree. " Mao Rongrong said with a serious face. Lu

Xuan Chen was stunned, then he chuckled: "since you have even considered the matter of hidden marriage, does that mean that you are willing to be my girlfriend?" Mao

Rong Rong looked up at him and sighed: "I have to admit that you are a very attractive, long and beautiful man, I do have some heart attack, but it's a big thing to be your girlfriend, I need to think about it."

"Well, I'll give you enough time to think about it, but can you give me a chance to show a little bit while you think about it?" Lu xuanchen asked, pleading.

"How else would you like to behave?" Mao Rongrong couldn't help laughing at him. "

invite you to have dinner, go shopping and watch movies. It's like a normal way of dating. I don't want you to marry me at that time. You will feel that you have suffered too much and didn't enjoy the good taste of love." Lu xuanchen said smilingly, with the expression of a master in love field.

Mao Rongrong gave him a white look: "you can make girls happy. It seems that you are very sure at the beginning. I will promise you, right?"

"70% sure!" Lu xuanchen said unconsciously. "

Oh, how much did you get when you liked Miss Tang?" Mao Rongrong asked lightly.

Lu xuanchen hears her suddenly mention Tang Youyou, handsome face tiny Zheng: "are you jealous?"

"No, I just want to ask, curious!" There is no denying that Mao Rongrong is still a little sour in her heart. When this doesn't make her really hate Tang Youyou, because she knows the order of first come and then pour. She doesn't even have the right to hate.

"Well, I'll tell you the truth, I'm not sure about it!" Lu xuanchen lowered his head and said in dismay.

"Why?" Mao Rongrong was a little surprised.

"Because she treats me as a big brother!" Lu xuanchen smiled bitterly.

"I still treat you as a bad person!" Mao Rongrong hummed softly.

"That's not the same. Don't women just like bad men?" Lu xuanchen smiled smugly.

Mao Rongrong was really misled by his words and could only stare at him angrily. Lu

xuanchen's evil ruffian character makes maorongrong's teeth itch, but why is his heart numb and itching?

Bai Yiyan endured for two days, but did not go to see who Ji Yueze's date was or what she looked like.

Although Ji Yueze said that she would not watch it, and would not believe it after watching it, because it was a fake and a play for the old lady. But is it true that Ji Yueze believes that there is no wind in the hole when she says it is false?

"Xiaoyan, what's wrong with you? What's the sweat on your face? " Liu Xiaoxing pushes the door into Bai Yiyan's room and sees her sitting on the sofa. Her thin pajamas are all wet. Besides, there is a lot of sweat on her forehead. "

I may have a cold and dizzy head. I won't go out to play today. I'll have a rest in the hotel." Bai Yiyan said weakly. "

OK, what would you like to eat? I'll help you. Do you want some medicine? " Liu Xiaoxing has seen the news on the Internet for a long time. Young master Ji has even kissed the rich family. Moreover, she has seen the date. She is really a beautiful, temperament type beauty.

No wonder Bai Yiyan is ill. She must be angry.

"OK, please!" Bai Yiyan raised her hand and wiped her sweat, grateful. "

that..." Liu Xiaoxing took a few steps and suddenly turned around: "Xiaoyan, are you angry with young master Ji?"

Bai Yiyan's face was slightly stiff. She bit her lips and said, "no, I'm not angry with him."

"I believe that young master Ji must have bitter loyalty. Otherwise, you can call him and ask him for an explanation!" Liu Xiaoxing is still worried about what she looks like now. A cold can be cured. If her heart is ill, there is no medicine to cure it.