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Are you doing me a favor?

Previously, he only knew that Luo Jin Yu was the person in charge of the Luo Group. His little brother had a good relationship with his big brother, and he didn't have much contact with the people in the mall.

At this moment, after sizing up Luo Jin Yu, he realized that although Luo Jin Yu was tall, had a handsome face and an imposing manner, he was definitely a person with a cold personality.

Luo Jin Yu's thin lips curled up, and laughed in an indifferent manner: "Why does Young Master Ji like to inquire about other people's private matters?"

"It's like this. I want to introduce you to a girlfriend. Do you want to meet her?" No matter what Ji Yue Ze did, he liked to be straightforward, so he felt that it was necessary for him to help that coward.

The expression in Luo Jin Yu's eyes became slightly stiff, his beautiful eyebrows knitted together: "What kind of woman do you want to introduce to me?"

"The little beauty in my company, Yang Chu Chu!" Ji Yue Ze said.

Luo Jin Yu's expression changed again. Just now, the reason why he came out to smoke was because when he saw the dancing girl on stage, an indescribable feeling emerged from his body. This kind of feeling made him depressed, depressed to the point that he needed to smoke to calm down.

"She's not for me!" Luo Jin Yu said indifferently, there was not a trace of emotion in his voice.

"Why not?" Ji Yue Ze was extremely surprised. How could it not be suitable? I've been secretly in love with you for a long time.

"She's too young!" Luo Jin Yu's answer surprised him yet again. He purposely pretended not to understand: "How is she young? Is it here, or is it here? "

Ji Yue Ze pressed a spot on his chest and then another point on his body as he smiled evilly.

Even such a strict man like Luo Jin Yu was about to be angered by Luo Jin Yu's sneer.

"She's too young. How old is she? Is he grown up? " Luo Jin Yu suppressed the impulse to beat Ji Yue Ze up, and maintained his good demeanor.

"She's already an adult, so why isn't she an adult yet? She just passed her 18th birthday last month." Ji Yue Ze knew that his joke had successfully angered Luo Jin Yu, and he immediately recovered his serious expression: "Tell me the truth, she was crying backstage just now, crying like she's dead. Do you know why?"

Hearing that the little girl had cried, Luo Jin Yu was startled. Wasn't she smiling happily on the stage just now? Why are you crying?

"Because you left midway. You probably didn't know that when you came out, she fell on the stage and broke both her legs." Ji Yue Ze said deliberately.

Luo Jin Yu's brows immediately tightened. It was very normal for that woman to wrestle. Who let her wear such high shoes to dance?

Serves him right!

"Luozheng, don't tell me you are that slow? Can't you see that Yang Chu Chu likes you? Just now, because you left midway, she thought you hated watching her dance, but it hurt her heart. Sigh, how pitiful. " At this moment, Ji Yue Ze was telling her the truth.

Luo Jin Yu's expression became even richer, his eyebrows knitted in thought, "She really likes me? She told you himself? "

"Of course, to be honest, if you mind her spreading rumors with me, I assure you that I have nothing to do with her at all. Our entertainment circle is just like that, they just need to be popular, and they will just mess around, but it's really not like what the world reports say, Yang Chu Chu is a very good girl, naive, moreover, she is kind, innocent, and only cares about taking part, never spreading rumors with other male celebrities. Of course, I am an exception, she was forced by me." Ji Yue Ze tried his best to promote the little girl. He hoped to sell her successfully.

Luo Jin Yu looked at him strangely: "What is your goal? Introduce her to me? are you going to let me invest in the next movie or TV show? "

Hearing his words, Ji Yue Ze felt as if she had been stabbed in the heart, and became slightly angry: "Luozheng, I cannot doubt my intentions, because, I really can't bear to see Yang Chu Chu cry so miserably, if I really need money, I can just directly ask my brother, why would I need to introduce my most proud female star to you? "I hope you will treat her well."

"Ji Yue Ze, I didn't know you were so nosy! I said, I don't think about her! " After Luo Jin Yu finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Ji Yue Ze looked at his back, then turned his handsome face.

Luo Jin Yu's heart was in turmoil, just now Ji Yue Ze said that Yang Chu Chu liked him, was that true?

Just as Luo Jin Yu was about to return to his seat, he saw that the seat beside him was still empty.

Tang You You was still helping the model take care of his clothing when she suddenly heard two voices coming from afar.

"Mummy, Mummy, are you busy?"

Tang You You turned his head around, and saw his own children running in with Ji Xiao Han following behind them.

A group of staff members inside suddenly saw two beautiful children running in, following that, they all called out to Mummy, all of them staring blankly.

Tang You You put down the work at hand, squatted down, and hugged the two little fellows: "Why did you come in?"

"Mummy, we want to see how you work. So, I'm helping these big sisters to get dressed!" Tang Xiao Nai asked curiously.

Tang You You could not help but laugh, "That's right, do you think that the clothes worn by these big sisters are beautiful?"

"So beautiful! I've grown up, but I still want to wear such beautiful clothes. I also want to show off!" Tang Xiao Nai said with incomparable envy.

Tang You You immediately kissed her daughter's cheeks and promised her: "Okay, when you grow up, Mummy will design you an even more beautiful outfit. I guarantee that you will be beautiful everyday."