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C1398 the style of the eldest lady

Time flies, two days have passed, LAN Yanxi is finally going to work in the general office. She reviewed the work contents that Ling Mo Feng did for her at home these two days, so she has the confidence in her heart, but she didn't feel that she had changed her new job, what's the worry.

LAN Yanxi's identity has been made public. The blue family's father's eyes are bright. Naturally, she doesn't have to pretend to be poor anymore. Therefore, she finally has a chance to drive her car out for a walk.

LAN Yanxi has just driven to the parking lot behind the office. It's just like this. Her car just stopped next to Yang He's car. Yang he just stopped. When she looked sideways, her eyes were straight when she saw an expensive royal blue sports car.

No way. Women just love these luxury goods. The more snobbish they are, the more they love them.

The glass window of the royal blue sports car is dark black, and you can't see who is sitting in it. Yang he thought, is there any rich young master who came to work in the general office?

Just thinking about whether to have my hair cut, I saw that the car door opened to both sides like a wing, and what was sitting in it was LAN Yanxi in a neat suit.

Yang He's eyes suddenly changed from fright to anger, and she got off the car with a resentful stare at LAN Yanxi.

LAN Yanxi didn't find Yang He's car next to her at the beginning. She was in a hurry to report to her new post, so she locked the car and left in a hurry.

Yang He's heart is cut to pieces. The whole person is a little bit bad.

She doesn't know why she wants to compete with lanyanxi. She must be crazy.

But a woman's vanity and self-esteem are still very strong. Yang he thinks that no matter what LAN Yanxi is born with, even her future husband is the God in her dream. This hatred is deeply rooted.

LAN Yanxi just walked to the main entrance of the general office, suddenly found that he seemed to forget to take things, and then turned to run in the direction of the car. He ran into the ugly and dark Yang He.

LAN Yanxi was stunned when she saw her. After all, they are now enemies of love.

"Lan Yanxi, I heard that you have been promoted again. Congratulations." Although Yang he wanted to stop offending her, he could see her coming face to face, but he could not help being sour.

"Thank you!" Blue word Xi is a light back to two words.

"Mr. vice president is your fiance? You can really hide it, LAN Yanxi. When you were friends with me, you didn't have a word of sincerity. " Yang he can't help condemning her for concealing her truth and making her laugh so many times.

LAN Yanxi is still indifferent: "this is my personal business, I don't need to inform everyone."

"You know I like Mr. vice president, but you see my joke. LAN Yanxi, you are really gloomy and vicious!" Yang he said that his eyes were red with anger. Fortunately, there was no staff passing by at this moment. Otherwise, I'm afraid it's a good play again.

LAN Yanxi frowned: "I haven't investigated the things that you like about my fiance. How can you still pursue me for concealing without reporting? Yang He, it's enough. We used to have a friend, but we should not be too embarrassed. "

"Shit friend, I've never had such a false friend as you." Yang he was so angry that he even scolded the swearing.

Lanyanxi turns around and walks quickly to her car. She doesn't care about her anymore.

Yang he was really angry and cried, as if he had been wronged greatly. He ran all the way to the office and cried as soon as he sat down, which surprised others.

LAN Yanxi is not willing to admit defeat. Yang He has an excuse for her swearing, and she also wants to return the reason. Therefore, she is fearless.

LAN Yanxi went back to the archives, took away his personnel list and went directly to the new Department to report.

In an office, she saw the boss to work with in the future, Wang Xinyi, a woman with short hair and a serious face. She was looking at the information and heard a knock on the door, so she looked up at her: "your desk is the third one on the left side of the door!"

LAN Yanxi is stunned for a moment and wants to introduce herself. Wang Xinyi raises her hand and interrupts her: "call me sister later. If you have any work, I will arrange it for you naturally."

Lanyanxi is the first time to see such a crisp woman. She guessed what she thought and said it.

"Yes, sister Xinyi!" LAN Yanxi laughed at once.

When she was about to turn around, Wang Xinyi asked her, "I heard that you are the fiancee of Mr. vice president?"

Lanyanxi's back bristles with sweat, and her expression is tense. She doesn't forget that she and Ling Mo Feng are going to perform a life and death love drama.

"This marriage was arranged by my grandfather. I don't like it!" LAN Yanxi immediately explained in a low voice.

"Are you blind?" Wang Xinyi immediately stood up from his desk, shouldered his hands, and looked around LAN Yanxi: "I think your eyes are normal, Mr. vice president, you can't even see it? Do you have to raise your eyes to the sky? "

LAN Yanxi looks stunned. It turns out that Wang Xinyi suspects that there is something wrong with her eyes. It's really interesting.

"I I prefer small fresh meat, which is the type of small dairy dog. " At this moment, lanyanxi had to make up a story against her conscience.

"Ah, it's really like the style of the eldest lady. Can't you really see Mr. vice president?" Wang Xinyi immediately lowered his voice and beat her to ask.

LAN Yansheng is afraid that this is another pit. Of course, she has to answer cautiously: "he is too mature. Anyway, I don't like the man with his temperament."

"Then you're not engaged to him, are you?" Wang Xinyi also has a weak heart of gossip.

"It's not a fake. My grandfather forced me to be engaged to him. I can't make up my mind!" Blue words is to pretend to be a face of disdain.

"Well, let me say, none of the men are good. If we women want to be independent, we will have nothing to do with them. Work hard and I'll take good care of you." Wang Xinyi came and patted her on the shoulder to show her appreciation.

LAN Yanxi's face is covered in circles. Ling Mo Feng said that Wang Xinyi is difficult to get along with? How can I be so friendly to her?

"Sister Xinyi, I don't have any work experience. I hope you can take care of me." LAN Yanxi said at once.

"Build up your experience, talk less and do more." Wang Xinyi immediately said seriously. "Well, I remember!" LAN Yanxi nodded quickly.

"You are not allowed to move out of your old lady's work here. I know you have money and power in your family. But since you have chosen this job, you'd better restrain your character and work hard. I won't forgive you for any mistakes." Wang Xinyi reminded her immediately.

"Yes!" LAN Yanxi bowed his head and answered.

Now everyone knows that she has money. Hehe, maybe this is the feeling of returning to self.

LAN Yanxi is not a formal diplomat at present, so some of her work is just to help Wang Xinyi. The workload is not too large.

In the president's office, Wan Qianqian lowered her head and dared not say a word, let alone look at the dignified old man on the chair. She knew that she had lost the use value, and she was also very guilty.

”Miss Wan, you really disappoint me. I have worked hard to arrange it, but in the end, it's in your own hands. " The old president spoke with anger and sarcasm.

"Mr. President, I'm sorry. I didn't control my emotions. I'm too headstrong. I didn't fulfill your expectations. I'm really sorry." Wan Qianqian's face was white with fear, and she apologized with one strength.

"Well, since you can't help me any more, just leave as soon as possible. The farther you go, the better. Don't let me see you again!" The old president pointed angrily at the door and said with gnashing teeth.

Wanqianqian where there is a face to refute what, red eyes, hurriedly went out.

She knew that she had no chance to see Ling Mo Feng again. She couldn't help but smile bitterly. It's really hard to have a pure feeling.

Ling Mo Feng refused her, but one of her heart was lost in him. Wan Qianqian left in a loss of soul.