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C1083 want a sense of belonging

Mao Rongrong feels that Lu xuanchen is interested in her. Otherwise, he is a big star. How can he go to nowhere in the evening? "

Mr. Lu, please give me a reason why you want to live here?" Mao Rongrong was worried. She was still very nervous when she lived in a strange man at home. Moreover, she had to ask the reason. Otherwise, she was afraid that she would jump faster if she gradually lost control of her heartbeat. Lu

xuanchen moves closer to her. Her deep eyes make Mao Rongrong blush and instinctively step back.

"Why do you think a man wants to live in a woman's house?" Lu xuanchen deliberately lowered his voice to make people listen, and his heart was pounding.

Mao Rongrong ' Why? You are an idol star. Don't tell me. You like me

Lu xuanchen sees her finally to open an aperture, oneself so obvious meaning, her this aperture opens too late.

"Why not? It's possible to do anything against it, isn't it? " Lu xuanchen saw her blush, and the nervous panic in her eyes made him want to bully in the end.

"Lu xuanchen, this joke is not funny at all. Please leave now. I don't like strange men living in my house." Mao Rongrong immediately calmed down and said with a serious expression. "

I will not leave. I like your family. Let me stay for one night. I haven't felt the warmth of home for a long time!" Lu xuanchen has made it clear that he wants to play the trick and not leave.

Mao Rongrong was so anxious and ashamed that he directly reached out and pulled his arm: "Lu xuanchen, you go now, I can't let you live here." "

you agreed just now..."

"That's just now. I've changed my mind now. Go, please!" Mao Rongrong is really the first time to meet such a rogue man. She can't take him.

"You want me to go out with a bath towel? Isn't that more confusing? " At this moment, Mao Rongrong made great efforts to drag Lu xuanchen to the door, and he would reach for the door to push him out.

Hearing his words, Mao Rongrong's hand was stiff, so he turned to take his clothes. But

Yes, the next second, the man's big palm stretched out and directly pulled her slender wrist. The next second, her back was close to the door wall.

The fresh breath of men's masculinity spreads all over the world, covering the breath of Mao Rongrong.

"You..." Mao Rongrong was stunned. She obviously had not experienced this kind of thing. The whole person was like a fool, frozen into a group and dare not move. Lu

xuanchen's eyes lock on her. Mao Rongrong is short-sighted, so his eyes are dim and wide, which gives people a pure feeling.

"Mao Rongrong, I want to associate with you." Lu xuanchen's face is sincere and his voice is soft.

"Are you crazy?" Don't be too funny when Mao rongjue said this. He is a popular and rising idol star, and she is just a stereotypical and uninteresting female lawyer. How could he ask her for company? "

I'm not crazy. I'm seriously asking for your advice." Lu xuanchen's expression is still serious, not like a joke at all. "

Lu xuanchen, do you think I'm stupid and easy to cheat? I don't think I've made a boyfriend. I can play with him easily, can I? " Mao Rongrong forces herself to calm down and analyze this matter. She can't find any reason to persuade herself. She can't be taken care of by Lu xuanchen. She knows that she has no flash point. Even if someone once praised her beauty, she only felt that her appearance was ok, but her character scared off many men.

Lu xuanchen saw that she was calming down gradually. Her eyes narrowed, and she said in a hurt voice, "I'm not playing with you. I really want to have a serious relationship with you. Besides, I want to get married!" "

if it's not you who are crazy, it must be you who are brainwashed. How many beautiful and beautiful women you have around you to choose from? There's no reason for you to like me. I'm very clear about that. I admit that I did have a little heart attack just now. Your appearance is very good and charming. I do like it, but that doesn't prove that we can communicate." Mao Rongrong pushed him away directly. There was no panic just now. She recovered her calmness. Lu

Xuan Chen smiled helplessly at the bottom of her heart. She is a famous female lawyer. She calmed down so quickly.

"So you kind of like me? Is that right? " Lu xuanchen listened to what she said just now, but he was still inexplicably happy. He thought Mao Rongrong didn't really feel anything about him. Mao frowned regretfully. Why did he admit it just now?

Now, it gives the man a reason to tease her.

"Yes, you look so good. I believe most women will like you!" Mao Rongrong shrugged and joked.

"I know it's a bit presumptuous to come to you today, but I really don't have a place to go now. I don't want to go back to my own home. Although it's very big and beautifully decorated, it's also very cold, which makes me have no sense of belonging. Last time I came to your home, I wanted to live in such a living family one day." Lu xuanchen looks back at her home. It's clean and tidy. There are cups on the table, blankets on the sofa, umbrellas and well maintained flowers and trees on the shoe cabinet.

Mao Rongrong listened to his words, and her beautiful eyes widened in shock. "

don't you have a family?" She couldn't help asking.

"I haven't. my grandparents have left me. My parents have formed their own families. I'm alone now!" Lu xuanchen laughed at himself with a sad expression. "Sorry, I didn't mean to raise your scar!" Seeing his sad expression, Mao Rongrong really didn't know what to say.

"In the eyes of outsiders, I have boundless scenery and I'm very happy, but I'm lonely inside. I've been longing for a woman who can accompany me to form a family!" Lu xuanchen said from the heart.

"Don't you like Tang youyou? You are because she married, so Did you find me? " Mao Rongrong's reason has not been eaten by the dog. She put her hands around her chest and asked him in a questioning tone. "

of course not!" Lu xuanchen's handsome face is in a hurry: "I am a friend with her now, and I will not have any thoughts about her anymore."

"But you liked her. That's the truth!" Mao Rongrong sneered.

"Yes, I admit, but a person will always like several people in his life, and there is only one person who really wants to spend his life!" Lu xuanchen looks like he has seen through life, but he shrugs his shoulders helplessly.